My Ex Girlfriends

This is a general slideshow of my ex girlfriends, in that cool internet sort of way, where you'll never find out who they really are. Some good, others not so good - but as Hemmingway said, maybe we were not so good when we were there.. :-) Married now, not talking to any of them.

Elizabeth.. Lived together, but not what you think. California girl. Taught me that if you put someone's back to the wall, they can't shoot a basket. Stole her from a guy who was building a mars rover, and she left me for a guy named jeeves. ask him. Oh yeah. One other thing. She was rich. I guess.

Chris. A classical pianist. Taught me the Czerny exercises. Nice catholic girl. She introduced herself to me. Had a twin brother in the Mafia. Sent me hate mail with glitter letters..

Jen. Thought Jim Morrison was God. Went out looking for him. Believed he was still alive, in Laurel Canyon. Florida girl. We quoted each other William Blake..

Betty. A page from the book of lesbians going straight. It was pretty fun to see a ribbon dance with her, and her ex girlfriend. Had to go away to college. She became an artist. Great with a ... pencil.

And one other one, who went to work for the phone company. Quoth the raven. Nevermore.


M@ said…
I like the Asian phone girl.
Yeah she was actually from Kuwait, or rather from California by way of Kuwait.

I miss her the most. We dated for like, two years, which was a long time for a certain age.

She changed her name to something French and moved somewhere.

Its hard to track old girlfriends down..
Oh Hey Matt. Dude. That is actually a pencil drawing. From the Artist girlfriend.

Look more carefully. Its not a photo, its a drawing.