Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dog Days

She sits outside, waiting for me to comb her out. I keep a lighter ready. Whenever a flea is caught in the comb, I quickly light the small bit of undercoat caught in the teeth and the flea stops moving. All you really have to do is burn their legs off and seal their mouth.

Some days it seems as if they know what I’m doing. They feel better after I comb them. I wish I could just put a spot on them but it no longer works. Evolution.

The day is hot, and long — and lonely. I struggle to deal with how it started — how my wife refused again to go to dialysis. The screaming that woke up my son. The memory of her locking me out of the house last night as I, covered in gas, hiked my way home from a car that had cut its fuel line, and she, blaming me for being late and refusing to let me inside.

I remember how tired I was walking around through the gate in the stone wall to the workshop in the back, filling up a backpack with tools and walking back to the car, fixing it with a piece of old aquarium hose.

I remember waking up at six, with her walking across the kitchen, mobile phone in hand. She was telling the dialysis clinic she could not go. I told her I’d fixed the car, and I could take her. Then I turned on my phone, having been charged overnight off — and found that my taking my son to dinner and a movie had been rewarded with 19 angry texts demanding where I was, and one confused friend whom she had called. I remember being afraid that her skipping dialysis again, would mean she won’t be eligible for a transplant. And I tried to convince her to go. That’s when she began screaming. She told me I was cheating on her. She called me Count Olaf, after the film “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. My son woke, crying — and begged her to go. She yelled at me for making him cry. I was in the other room. Nothing I could say or do would convince her to go.

The Dialysis Clinic called, wondering where she is — she will be very sick if she does not go. I told her about how my fuel line had been cut, and that I had fixed it and I could take her. But she refused to go. I feel a dark grey shadow cast upon me like dogs come running.. I know I will have to lie to them later. I know they will not give her the transplant from me if she does not keep her schedule.

Then comes the free form worrying. It’s the middle of the day now, and she’ll sleep. She gets tired, now. The failed organs within her gradually poisoning her until she can no longer move. She won’t tell me if she has completed the paperwork so that I can give her one of my organs. She spends her time looking around to make sure I haven’t bought a beer. I can only drink one in my home, but she will throw it away if I put it in the refrigerator. She was Hindu, but now she is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I desperately want the beer.

I try to help her make it to the clinic one last time. My worry increases. And then another. 3 hours pass, and she still refuses to go. I hear her call me any number of profane and obscene things. I walk away.

My son knows she has chosen to die like this. In the hot moments of the day, while I am outside, fixing the fuel line — it comes to me again. The shame . The helplessness. Seeing my son awakened by my wife’s angry accusations. Hearing the soft sobs of his crying, pleading her to go.

But she has the internet now, and it tells her that she can become healthy again. And she learns about strange diets and half muttered ideas that collect and cloud up like fleas on a dog near a cut by its tail.

They lay black eggs to hatch upon the thousands. I comb them out one by one, burning them as I go.

I scatter their black bodies on a white piece of paper and then put it in her compost heap in the backyard and burn it. The corn husks catch fire and burn out against the ground in the summer sun.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hyper Light Drifter

Friday, June 17, 2016

A Venusian Proposal

Venus currently sports a 0.9g gravity field and an atmospheric column 90 times that of Earth. Here is an economical and realistic long timescale terraform.

0. Deflect an asteroid into orbit around Venus. (cost: the rocket pack and computer controller)

1. Deflect a comet to strike the planet's surface, on a timescale that will coincide with the end of the bioterraform. (see cost, 0)

2. Genetically engineer a blue-green algae that is hydrosulfuophyllic by basing it on vent life out of the deep pacific. modify the bloom color to white.

3. Seed the upper atomsphere with that algae.

4. Using Material from the Asteroid, 3D Print and Install a solar sail at a stationary point between venus and the sun, in synchronous orbit. Shield should allow for at min. a 10 percent shielding.

5. Farm an ice moon from the far outer system and deflect it into collision with Venus.

Once the cooling cycle begins, CO2 will be easier to sequester. The key to continuing the terraform is to then use the comet strikes to re introduce
water and increase tectonic activity. Finally, cap the supply with an ice moon collision. Let the planet recover from the impact.

Continued bio engineering of hyperthermophilic life should allow continued sequestration of CO2, significantly reducing the atmosphere.
The timescale for this operation would be approximately 300 to 500 years., with habitable environment occuring around 150 years into the terraform.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Struggle Continues

The 20th century is over. All of the big leftist projects of the 20th century failed. Most of the countries where communists are still in power like China, Vietnam – appear to be the most efficient managers of a very wildly productive capitalism. American neo-Keynesian leftists, Krugman, Stiglitz - Keynesian welfare state model is passé. In the conditions of today’s global economy it no longer works. For the welfare state to work you need a strong nation state which can impose a certain fiscal politics and in a global market it doesn’t work. And the third point which is most problematic - the idea of critically rejecting alienated representative democracy and arguing for local grass root democracy where it’s not - you just delegate to the others. Your representatives to act for you, but people immediately engage in locally managing their affairs and dark money rises.

In this model we were fighting for less racism, women’s rights, gay rights, economic and social jusice. But if there is a lesson of September 11 and of the current events of the triumph of voter suppression and DNC fraud - is that not only is liberal democratic capitalism not the universal model and is just a time of slow historical progress for it to be accepted everywhere, but take the example of Singapore and other examples of very successful economies today demonstrate the eternal marriage between democracy and capitalism it’s coming to an end.

What we are more and more getting today is a capitalism which is brutally efficient but it no longer needs democracy for its functioning. The problems that we are confronting today we can list them in different ways but they are all problems of commons. Ecology is clearly a problem of commons. Nature - our natural environment is our commons. Finn's house of Political Pancakes, freed of people engaging in all caps stuff, is a problem of the commons.

Everyone knows some type of regulation is needed... example, the big banks. Rational capitalism no longer works. So called Intellectual property is approaching a kind of weird communism. You download everything, and generally - the so called intellectual property is communist in its very nature. It resists being constrained by private property. Direct contact between the human mind and machine / biogenetically implanting these devices and utilizing them for social control - is on the near term horizon. Concepts of income inequality, popularized and brought into the public discussion by the relentless work of Bernie Sanders - will play heavily into the regulation of society not only physically but intellectually. The amber alert system will become the amber remote car shutdown system. Drones will proliferate. United States, Mexico, West Bank, South of Spain - how to isolate Europe from Africa - will not so much become a problem of building walls but rather the overall modernization of Apartheid - the fact that there are arrogant financial elites who are separate but not equal, and the concept that they can be regulated - may be a game that is over.

Our Genetic Commons / and the common social space, are all problems of downloading, and commodities which no longer follow the market models - bring out new problems. Wikileaks should not be used for simply cheap anti-Americanism, but rather as a common source for a stronger standard of journalism. But in a society where the people no longer control their own government, whatever monied interests are threatened, be it military industrial complex or news media entertainment - that commons will be attacked - it's network neutrality threatened, and controlled and regulated but without us being aware of it. People like Julian Assange and others will be put upon a secret list.

Unfreedom experienced as freedom.

But the example of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and my battle against it - is a good one. Most people I have spoken with, in the early days of the fight - were deer in the headlights. But the TPP is incredibly important: it will radically define the basic coordinates of our economic life. But these negotiations are all done in secret. And people were purposefully kept uninformed by the news media entertainment.

So freedom is a problem. Perhaps more a problem for the black money of our system - but a problem nevertheless. And the business of news media entertainment is manufacturing consent. They want you to be happy with unfreedom.

Yes, we have freedom of choice. You can shop. But for me, freedom has to be more. It also has to mean the freedom to regulate the basic coordinates of our life.

The struggle for what we understand as freedom. Continues.

- gnu public license: many passages adopted from Slavov Zizek, and he's a good read! Please look him up!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Weak and Powerless - A Perfect Circle

What Am I to You?

I admit I don't know you
and I admit that you don't know me.

I'm out of shape.
I'm not as cool as your husband.
I'm not as cool as your girlfriend.

What am I to you?
A mormon?

A man on the street who wants to share his opinion?

Am I just another reason to pretend
That true love waits

Can you hear the sound
that the mother makes

Can you hear the sound
of my heart
as it breaks

Again and again and again
like a wave
upon a Californian shore

I admit that I don't know you
and I admit that you don't know me

But maybe where we are now
both of us
is a place that we can both feel free

To become who we need to be
Time enough
Space enough

To get things done.

I will return.

I know you are in love
with a city that is worth every feeling you throw at her

I know that you love
your children

I know you love your children
every one

I ask for permission
simply to be here

And maybe, once in a while
add a little fuel to a fire

of an old flame
that still burns.

A woman so beautiful
so sweet

She's worth learning new technique.
And skills.

So let's get it on.
You and I.

Because the least thing I could be for you
is a reason why

And why not?
I love you.
You love me.

And if you let me come over.
I can build a pretty dope tent fort in your living room.

P.S. I'm allowed to have sleepovers.

Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice
see how they run
see the cat chase after them

Three blind mice
their tails were cut off with a butcher's knife
their fur is infested with fleas and lice

Three blind mice
in the bottom of drum
in the iron sights of a gun

Two blind mice
colors of grey and white
color of red

One blind mouse
crawling over the bodies of his wife and son
crawling up the side of the barrel he's in

Three brass shells
hot out of the gun

See how they run
See how they run

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Burn the Witch - Radiohead

Burn the Witch - A Song Review

The song "Burn The Witch" By Radiohead, is properly experienced in the visions of Bosch
and the wild imagined landscapes - kiwis with funnels for hats. And it is also a
silly harlequin story held in the soft glow of the reading light of a bed too big
for one.

Thomas Yorke has long been gifted with the ability to find health and beauty even if
it means grasping it from the iron hand of the more Werner Herzog elements of our reality.
This song would be a perfect soundtrack intro into some of the footage of "Grizzly Man",
specifically the last moment, when Tim Treadwell nee Dexter sees the low flying jet
stream push him back and his every instinct shines, mere hours before his death - to
stay in the frame of his selfie. The ability he has to sense the danger to step too
far to the right, too far to the left.. the expression of whipped dog on his face.

The bear that would kill him was close. And it was not responding to
the warm effusion of kindness that an entire village can offer, if you
simply sacrifice yourself within a large Burning Man.

We feel alive. We feel together. And we all stand in the shadows, trip
the gallows. This is a roundup. A warning shot

That the album they are releasing is their best one ever. What a bunch of wise asses.
Listen to it six ten, maybe twelve times. It gets better and better and better.

Then kick your own ass.