Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Monday, August 03, 2015


In the beginning
the earth was without form
and so too space
and time

And then
we began to learn.

The darkness before
and the criss cross paths of those against
Were like black waves
on a quiet, open , holy
without edge

And then there was light

But how? Why? Not by chance
because chance has nothing in and
of itself

Which is to say
Chance is a non entity, obviously enough.
But more so, just argue from the reverse.
The constants, laws, and model
perhaps one out of billions
simply matched

just as we simply landed here
in the habitable zone

There are so many worlds Lex
so many places

And I am now
on one
with you

But I am like the man
who having lived in the desert
his whole life

A person in a black and white desert
who becomes an expert
in water
and knows its molecular weight
the degree between interpolar bond
the spatial properties
as a function of entropy
and enthalpy
surface tension

But never drank a single drop

takes a sip of water
let him know

sing to him
like a woman
from the Piraha
near the Maici

A mura

the rose
and thorn

Thursday, July 30, 2015


The Secret Gift of Lebanese Kitty

I am a liar
there is no disguise
I work as a shadow
in a dying office

Everything I do adds to nothing
and in facing the task of writing
I threw up
the taste of vomit in my mouth
works to elevate me
just enough to bring me down

And so I relate
in the only way I know how
the gift that was given
and my humble thanks

For once there was a film
named the Secret Life of Walter Mitty
and a person who wanted me to see it
that was truly a friend

And I cut it down
because I was high
and I knew that if she trusted in me
she would fall with me
and maybe I was just not used to being high
because it was the first time in 15 years

But I attacked this beautiful film
and left it , like parts falling from a car
stranded by the side of the road

The gift of gold
from a lebanese woman

And tonight, even if by symmetry
I happened upon it
and realized
just how good hearted it was
and how sweet the gift
and the giver

And I free myself from myself for just a moment
and realize how thankful I am
that you were my friend
and I made a secret plan

To Show this Film to My Son
For he is a dreamer, like me
and he is strong

And all at once I remember your beauty
and your mind
and who you really are

And my dick gets hard
Let it go.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stand or Fall - The Fixx

Food and Water

Food and water
are essential to life

One without the other
is hard to find

Food can be caught

It can radiate down
touching your skin
turning it brown

Water can take any form
like the wonder twins

Salt and clear
fresh and clean
It grows on you

And it's free

And the people of the earth stood waiting
Can you hear me?

That piece of bread
caught their food stare

and one by one
their eyes opened
as the bread
became a festival

And then there was a fish
who split
and it's tuna clubs

Hey Sandwich Artist
Fill these bags
we have to make our way back into the mountains

We all made a run
for food and water

Eastern Daylight Time
floating endlessly
we become mice
we break the speed of sound

And slam into a sandwich
and drink like dwarves
and clean up afterward

And then we're ready to go

Saturday, April 18, 2015

No Quarter

We wake in the middle of the forest
all silent
except the sound
of wildlife in the distance

The midnight sex
in tents

We became slowly aware
of our breath
in the cold

We felt safe
even though
we were in many ways


Pressed against each other like ghosts
in a grey midnight 1960's talk show
And sing by the fire
that grew so low
We sang songs
and told stories
and then went, one by one

to a place where we could be alone

Sometime before dawn
it rained
embers dying from red to black
winnowing into smoke and steam
the fire vanished into the night

The memories of our bond
a secret smile
we sometimes share
Best friends forever

And we've gone through life now,
you and I

The years strip away
the different awards

And we return
to the forest

If only in our minds.

I close my eyes
and feel the damp ground
my fingers pressed into
soft wet resistance

The moss

You and I
If but for a moment
in between
the dawn and dark of night

I give you no quarter

I tear into you like a wolf

Your mouth
your hips
the curve of your breasts
A noble love

You smell the rain
and with it pain

red against white
white against green

Leaves falling
sleep comes strong

Pressed against your hair
Mouse brown
dyed red
to sleep

Frisch weht der Wind
der heimat zu
Mein Irisch kind
wo weilest du?