Wednesday, September 28, 2016

There, There - Radiohead

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Imagine the Factory as a Machine

Imagine the Factory as a Machine

Design the Machine from the First Principles of Physics

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Energy is always conserved.

Set the entire factory in CAD
Every cell
Everything that makes the cells

All the connections.
Route your cables carefully, name them, label them, and
keep them sorted.

Label everything and catalog it all with bar code set
on the side of the edge of whatever it is that you are labelling
so that a robot can fly by and scan it.

so that a man can program the robot
so that people can learn how to become a clean energy superpower
and you get, kind of , good cheap student labor

And then you pay them more than 15.00 an hour.

A sense of fatalism really helps
When you are achieving a former impossibility

Optimize Speed and Density
The key

To consider
The phone in your pocket didn't get bigger, to get faster... it got smaller and more dense.
More powerful.

Think of a factory
Like an integrated circuit

Imagine the factory
as a machine

Monday, September 26, 2016

To Live and Die in LA / Wang Chung

To Ex and Present Girlfriend. To My Mistress. To My Wife.

To My Future President, Hillary Clinton

Dear Hillary,

Or should I call you HRC? Tonight's your night. Tonight you will stand up to the bully. You are
effectively standing there at your mother's porch. You will not enter into this home unless you go
right back there and stand up to him.

And in this home, waits wonder and the kind voices. Gentle words, cheerful acting, and its innermost depth a shrine to the greatest virtues of mankind. And you, always first, always last, as your running mate...a public servant. Nothing more. So. Just a few things.

1. Listen to the Cocteau Twins, "Iceblink Luck" and "Aikea Guinea"
2. On stage, tonight, champion the end of Cannabis Prohibition. Complete blindside. Entire Millenial vote yours.
3. Listen to Mark Cuban.


Monday, September 19, 2016

I know you'd rather see me gone

The way that I am
what I am
and the life
and the way

Next door's TV
flashing blue
frames on the wall

It's a comedy of errors you see,
it's about

Taking the fall

To vanish into oblivion
it's easy to do

And I try to be
but you know me
I come back

when you want
me to.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Banana Brain - Die Antwoord

Just Wanted to Ask You A Question

Do you ever have those painful moments when you feel like your heart is breaking apart, and you can't breathe? When your eyes shake full of loose eyeball nectar/ to a place I'd seen in a magazine... that you left lying around...

I don't have you with me , but I keep . A good attitude.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saint Pepsi - Enjoy Yourself

The Devil's Feet - Azure Ray

Against the Fence (for a dog)

You lie by my side
breathing quick
I look at the ceiling and think

Of the animal we both chased down
and its teeth

And how you bit it to bleed
and how it felt when I kicked
there on the ground

It lay still
I reached down

And threw it free
its tail wrapped around
my hand, gave me a squeeze
as if to say


I know you're only a pup
and you're half asleep

Your first taste of blood
and you dream of the fur
and the sound of the angry growl

I make the sound
just to play
you wag your tail

But for our prey
it was high water or hell
to make its escape

I lie on the ground
your eyes closed
your paws pressed against the floor
your neck close to mine

And I watch the ceiling
through wreathes of smoke

And feel at peace
I hope
wounds will heal

and the memory of the touch
of the animal's fur
will keep you from hunting
a wounded mother

I kept your secret
as you kept mine

Behind the fence
waiting quietly

the pretense
of stillness
and the smell
of rotting flesh

Your only defense
safe from the teeth

of my puppy
lying next to me
breathing fast

his legs twitch
as if to say

The hunt is still on