Tuesday, August 23, 2016

As Though Everything Was Okay.....

World of Tomorrow - Don Hertzfeldt

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Individuality. / Songs of the Marsh - Sidney Lanier

SAIL on, sail on, fair cousin Cloud:
Oh loiter hither from the sea.
Still-eyed and shadow-brow'd,
Steal off from yon far-drifting crowd,
And come and brood upon the marsh with me.

Yon laboring low horizon-smoke,
Yon stringent sail, toil not for thee
Nor me; did heaven's stroke
The whole deep with drown'd commerce choke,
No pitiless tease of risk or bottomry

Would to thy rainy office close
Thy will, or lock mine eyes from tears,
Part wept for traders'-woes,
Part for that ventures mean as those
In issue bind such sovereign hopes and fears.

--Lo, Cloud, thy downward countenance stares
Blank on the blank-faced marsh, and thou
Mindest of dark affairs;
Thy substance seems a warp of cares;
Like late wounds run the wrinkles on thy brow.

Well may'st thou pause, and gloom, and stare,
A visible conscience: I arraign
Thee, criminal Cloud, of rare
Contempts on Mercy, Right, and Prayer,--
Of murders, arsons, thefts,--of nameless stain.

(Yet though life's logic grow as gray
As thou, my soul's not in eclipse.)
Cold Cloud, but yesterday
Thy lightning slew a child at play,
And then a priest with prayers upon his lips

For his enemies, and then a bright
Lady that did but ope the door
Upon the storming night
To let a beggar in,--strange spite,--
And then thy sulky rain refused to pour

Till thy quick torch a barn had burned
Where twelve months' store of victual lay,
A widow's sons had earned;
Which done, thy floods with winds returned,--
The river raped their little herd away.

What myriad righteous errands high
Thy flames MIGHT run on! In that hour
Thou slewest the child, oh why
Not rather slay Calamity,
Breeder of Pain and Doubt, infernal Power?

Or why not plunge thy blades about
Some maggot politician throng
Swarming to parcel out
The body of a land, and rout
The maw-conventicle, and ungorge Wrong?

What the cloud doeth
The Lord knoweth,
The cloud knoweth not.
What the artist doeth,
The Lord knoweth;
Knoweth the artist not?

Well-answered!--O dear artists, ye
--Whether in forms of curve or hue
Or tone your gospels be--
Say wrong `This work is not of me,
But God:' it is not true, it is not true.

Awful is Art because 'tis free.
The artist trembles o'er his plan
Where men his Self must see.
Who made a song or picture, he
Did it, and not another, God nor man.

My Lord is large, my Lord is strong:
Giving, He gave: my me is mine.
How poor, how strange, how wrong,
To dream He wrote the little song
I made to Him with love's unforced design!

Oh, not as clouds dim laws have plann'd
To strike down Good and fight for Ill,--
Oh, not as harps that stand
In the wind and sound the wind's command:
Each artist--gift of terror!--owns his will.

For thee, Cloud,--if thou spend thine all
Upon the South's o'er-brimming sea
That needs thee not; or crawl
To the dry provinces, and fall
Till every convert clod shall give to thee

Green worship; if thou grow or fade,
Bring on delight or misery,
Fly east or west, be made
Snow, hail, rain, wind, grass, rose, light, shade;
What matters it to thee? There is no thee.

Pass, kinsman Cloud, now fair and mild:
Discharge the will that's not thine own.
I work in freedom wild,
But work, as plays a little child,
Sure of the Father, Self, and Love, alone.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ohhh Fuccckkk Yeaaaa. Or was that only three letter A's in that Yeaaa :-)

Yes, this is a job app.

The Apotheosis of how I feel about the world. I was once the fourth ranked Mage in World of Warcraft, precision arcane single target dps. Q: What's the difference between a Syrian Middle School Playground Slide and a Taliban IL Levant Uranium Enrichment facility? A: Shut up and fly the drone. Who knows where one's next target might come from? Three years back, adjusted, draft and unadjusted. Plus a full backup of that .. vendor... who happened to get stiffed on that deal. you know the one, Donald. Just ask Chris. ... Well. It would appear.... that one might have ...... the returns. Pledge my loyalty to defend the united states constitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic, I pledge my undying (and will probably end up dying) loyalty .. To Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton, of whom I , a former Bernie Sanders ...guy who was operating a mirror or two in the smoke and mirror of a well fought and well won primary that now stands , with the end of cannabis prohibition #endcannabisprohibition , the world is round and #vaccineswork (nice alliteration .. , clean, to the point... just like the thimerasol bullshit that was just the product of someone's overactive imagination as to why a conference had to be moved to an atlanta suburb ... ran out of floor space, man... that'sit... ... err.. where was i ,... oh yea.a...and nice move on the public option .. god , this is the woman who authored the fucking battle plan of healthcare reform............... anyway, this me ans ,ok, ok... laying my sword down at your feet Hilz. _*\o/*__/\___ throw a brother some paypal lol

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dearly Hillary

Dear Hillary,

The conflicting interests of multinational corporations and the competing interests of those that have structured this country into a plutocracy now meet an informed electorate and the influence of internet based communication that , even though a corrupt system continues to intermediate them - will not allow blatant policy decisions that conflict with the people's will. You have forged a progressive platform, there is the horizon of Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR - Thomas Jefferson , and Abraham Lincoln. In my field of software, we have to create products that are 100 percent better than their predecessors. Consider the word processor... how much better would another be, to get you to switch? 100 percent.

Hillary, you will have a permanent place in history. In honesty, you have released your tax returns, showing that 60 percent of your wealth comes from corporations seeking influence. You have also shown honesty, paying your fair share, and giving much to charity. Know then the corporate wars span national boundary lines and they are not democratic in nature - 'benevolent dictatorships' and create a GMO breed of ruthless cult of capitalism. The laws we see passed today, the actions of our government all too often reflect ahistorical competing interests that the sands of time will turn to dust. The confusion of the action of a principled government with that of a government controlled by unprincipled - the one percent - is one that is highly unpredictable in nature and erodes your place in history. Your task now is simple. Connect to a national electorate. And though we think we know you, you can connect ... minds and hearts can open. Because you will live on there, and not in a corporate accounts receivable database.

Look, we get it. You're a lawyer. Where we see black and white, when it comes to the law - you see shades of grey. Not that kind of grey, the other kind of grey. Obsession with money and power comes only from those who have only one, or the other, but never truly both. Good corporations exist, good people exist, but the nineties approach has sparklers attached to it that are now dying and will soon just be untouchable hot metal. Where there was once shadow, now there is LCD light that never goes off, and requires no power... let's not pretend we are all moving around in the half light where black is grey and red is white. We know which is right. And which is the illusion.

Fuck yea! I just incorporated the lyrics from a Moody Blues song into a political essay!! Viceland, where are you now?

Abraham Lincoln had a favorite saying.. "Will any of this matter a hundred years from now." ... Towering genius distains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.

You're the first woman and you're breaking a glass ceiling. But those who attempt to control our democracy against the will of those who elect you were the ones who built it. They misused power. The good lies within the salt of the earth. Teddy Roosevelt, a republican with which you could probably easily collaborate - once said "All contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law". Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that the only limits of tomorrow are the doubts of today. Please banish these doubts , most importantly within yourself - but also within us.

There is great benefit in what you plan, and even more benefit in your scope of work and actions but the treachery of passing control from your current direction to those who garner your attention through the false pretense of speaking fees and contributions will only add to a continual spiral, the likes of which has created a geometry of destruction for the commons - we are losing our ability to feel, to share, to even respond ... the great masses being led by sales prophets ... please know that there is a season, a time for everything, and the time is now to plant the seed of trust. It is planted within the dark earth of truth, and candor . We cannot see it beneath the loam. We water and care for this seed. But just as faith is the bird that sings while the dawn is still dark, so too, with America - we will follow as you lead - you are a president for life. Though you serve only two terms, you will be forever remembered for this work - and like those who are appointed to life terms, you will soon have a freedom you have never had... you worked within a system, and a leadership council - but your fate does not lie there.

And yes, we also get it. The republicans have spent 275 million dollars to drag your good name through the dirt. We remember. We want to move on.

We can do this, if you can lead. And that measure of bravery comes not only in the path where those stand waiting for superman, but also the oracle. You will be the one consulted before war. You will be the one consulted in peace.

Shut it down. The DLC had its day, the money/power thing worked for its time -- and we broke away from the 80s, into the 90's ... good things happened, it had its day .. but like it - a new response is needed. This is a new era. We can reach for the stars.

And if we are to build starships, let's make sure we bring along hot sauce. I bet we could live on anything if we had it onboard.

Thank you. And , Sincerely Yours,

Someone who just incorporated lyrics from a Moody Blues song into a political essay.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

They say life carries on

And on

and on

The news that truly shook

is the empty

empty page

While the final rattle rocks

its empty

empty cage

And I can't handle this

I grieve

For you

And you leave


Let it out and move on.

Missing what's gone.

They say life carries on.

They say life carries on.

And on.

And on.