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Out of the Blue (and Into the Black)


Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush


Every Me and Every You - Placebo


Anna Eccentric

Hates limits
loves friends
spends memes
collects things
builds love
fights hate
spins in the sun
dances late
loves her man
loves her woman
loves her son
and daughter

The light falls
on the fighter wing

Every you
Every me

turning in the sun
carved your name into my heart

The Finest Worksong - R.E.M.



We fly through the sea
without wings

fifty million years
a runner
stretched lizard arms
to fall on me, beating them against the sky
to escape up the hill
and sense the fear
you taste
the air

the runner
learned to hollow
his bones
the runner
learned to flap
his arms
the runner changed
web footed
to glide

Buy the sky and sell the sky and lift your arms up to the sky
glide below the ocean waves
the light plays

upon your arms

as high above the ground in the deep sea
as the lizard
and the eagle

Father, Son - Peter Gabriel


Rocket Man - Elton John



Form and defend a unified front
against the forces of entropy and trump,

enjoin the battle against mass hatred
forces of evil.

Especially double coupon days.
Take us to where we are

A place in the past. We've been cast out of.

I can't stand this indecision paired with a lack of vision
Everybody wants to rule the world.
And when they do I'll be right behind you

Now I'm back in the fight.
We're back on the chain gang.

Circumstance beyond our control.
The phone, tv and news of the world.
Got in the house like a pigeon from hell
Threw out the sin from our eyes
and we ascended to fly

The russians forced us to pick Trump.
And push us to the the back of the train.
Back on the chain gang.

I found a picture of you
would hijack my world at night

Like a break in the battle was your part
and the wretched life
of a lonely heart

The powers that be
that force us to live like we do

bring me to my knees
when I see
what they've done to you

Well I'd die as I stand here tod…

Mistress of the High Sea

Mistress of the High Sea hath set sail.
Left her harbor to slow decay
One goes west, and one goes east, both from same gale
- beyond the horizon she hail

And sleepwalking back again,
a time crystal's bright glistening
setting of the sails and not the gale
tell men's way to go.

And her eyes stray to the horizon
flying across the waves
Running before time
and before dreams away,
she left the myriad creatures
fighting upon the ground.
to dawn's slow gray

The mistress of the high sea has gone away.