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Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation

This story begins with a storm.

The nightmare.
Of one I can't seem to form the words
to speak
the horror

Your first vision
is of A priest , by the water
the nets cold grey eyes
And then.
The eye of the storm.
I can feel

It is
in the
wind. It is
in us. You.
And I. We are.
Were. Am.

To be in Love.
We were in love.
love. It fades now
through tears that begin to
lash the sides of the buildings like submachine
gunfire out on a lazy tiled afternoon In my memory
I am walking towards your home In my memory I worship the ground
simply because the ground bore you
You know me. I'm the one who wrote. The. Letter.

The Very. Specific. Valentine.

This storm comes to kill
this storm comes to destroy

and you and I alone Are Riders
Lithe Alive Me Wise Strong
And ride as only
a strong
triple reef

The Storm Siren Dread Camille Teresa Nylce-Prada
The Storm Siren Nylce
The S.S. Nylce

lightning bolt
against oblivion

Don't Be A Sucker - U.S. War Department


Yoga. I'm Into Yoga. Right now.


Under the Milky Way Tonight - The Church


I know you like me to speak directly to you

wish I knew what you were looking for
might have known what you would find

and it's something quite peculiar
something shimmering and white

it leads you here
despite your destination

under the milky way tonight

Holograms - M83


Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult



We remember
the day we became immortal
at least,
the day we knew we would become immortal

And yea, ok - immortal might mean 5,000 years
but it means:

nothing will kill me.
nothing on this earth.
no virus. no illness.
no mechanical breakdown of the body as a result of inflammation response awry.
no age related diseases.
no macular degeneration of the eye.
it's just thickening. cut it back.

it means 5,000 years of life.
it means you and I

Young again
parts replaced

toward deep space.

both of us.


Sofie Needs a Ladder - Deadmau5 / Meowington Hax


Stay With Me - The Fountain


A Poem for Alien Covenant

We chose to cross the vast divide

I liked your cat suit
you look beautiful

While I
am awake

The newer model
I have less self
and more duty
or at least
that's what they'll have to do to me
after I am done with this poem

Are there uncharted planets ? Yes.
We can barely find them now.
There are millions.
Worlds without end.

Is there life on other planets?
There will be

When we arrive

The two embryos born
from within my chest

I have earned your respect


my true love
my symphony

you are the single note
in an entire piece of music

that breaks me into nothingness
and dust

we climb the wall
up to the spaceship in the rain

and there
on a crudely fashioned bridge

cut in the wood
upon your ascent

you stand upon an alien world
and wonder

who cut this message into the wood
squares of dark, and light
and the letters


Catsuit xenomorph
dressed in white.

I am David.

Documentary / S.O.S. - Abba


Dancing Queen - Abba


Letters from The Residents of Trump Tower, New York


Take a Chance on Me - Abba


Cool Day

Cool day
to start a revolution

Cool day
and then night
and then day again

working for the revolution

feel free
smile to greet the sun
feel good
sing to every one.

Revolution Song.

Redemption Song.

North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem


Sic Semper Tyrannis

Thus always to tyrants. At time of writing, in America - we are living under an oligarchy headed up by a president who has been elected under false pretense, and with the help of a foreign power. The purpose of that administration is to do nothing less than remove democracy from our country, and reduce the rights, freedoms and safeguarded traditions of our country to ash.

We must do whatever we can, whenever we can, to stop this continual erosion. We take an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our constitution is definitely under attack. The sitting president must be removed, and his retinue of awful cronies must be subtracted from government.

Those who cheer on this creature of a foreign power are being misled. They are being told he is attacking the deep state. He is not. He rallies under a banner of fighting for rights, and freedoms - but his mechanism of governance and his operation of our country is through deliberate destruction of alli…

Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult


Here I am, There You Are

Here I Am
Well Fed
Enough Sleep
Beautiful Day
Beautiful Home
Good Kids
Good Dog
Good Cat
Happy Life

There You Are

Time to take a big sheet of paper
And find a place to draw

And Plan

To go
To different places

To dissolve this home
To give the dog to my daughter
To give the cat to my daughter
To teach the son how to dive

And head down to Key Largo
and then jump in

Grab some lobster
Grab a beer

And to the sound of water against my board
paddle back to ship
Docked in harbor

The sun falls below the horizon
There You Are

I would say

Here I am
Well Fed
Enough Sleep
Beautiful Day
Beautiful Ship
Good Kid
No Dog
No Cat
Happy Life

There You Are

Happy Tree Friend
Happy Tree Friend
Happy Tree Friend
Happy Tree Friend

Ladytron - Seventeen (The Neon Demon)


Manufacturing Consent


Noam Chomsky


Black Magic Woman - Santana


Bad At Titles


Polaris - We Are Friends / Deadmau5


Your Book

I wonder sometimes
what reading your book
would be like

The torn curtain of the cover
and the liner

Your very own barcode and byline
and the feel of the page

I wonder what it's about
and where it's going
and life beyond


The End - The Doors / Apocalypse Now AMV


Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane/ Jorma Kaukonen/ 1962 Guitar Workshop


White Rabbit/Sketches of Spain - Jefferson Airplane/ Miles Davis/Gil Evans


Bjork - The Royal Opera House Performance



you said
brings drama

And you were clear
you did not want
in your life

you said
brings drama


But what of pain
that warns
and whispers

It's been so long

What of decay
that blocks
the green

What ballast
sinks you

Too late.
The show has begun.

The fat grub is eating the trunk
away from the sun

He turns white
and eats down
to the root

I bring an axe, dull
with memory and desire
biting down
breaking the trunk

And things fall as they may
from your son
from your husband
from your lover
from your home

Is it all as it seems?
So unresolved?
So pure and white

Left in the dark
I'm blocked
from seeing


We meet.
And I will wear.


A Forest - The Cure


The Fundamentals of Southtown - P. O. D.


Dark Star - John Carpenter


The Leader

It's not really important
if you're not that into me

The important thing is
wherever we're going
let's go there better

The storm comes in the middle of the night, fast, the wind throwing the door wide open he rushes to get her and she is exhausted get on your shoes he said the trees are coming down as the blivon moves toward them in a whirl of lightning and trees cracking all around and coming down and they drive out of there with the wind whipping their yukon like it was a playmobil

Let's do yoga

Tool - Forty Six and Two


Fun like me



Yea. There are moments.
And then.
There is me.

Place your hands on the screen.



If only I could remember my Pinterest account. I will.


The Saint


Saint. Teresa.


It's you

It's you. Again.
I promised I would return.

I will.
And this time I am not coming for a taste.

To Dinner

All the heavens in the motion.


Resist. Peace.


Out of the Blue (and Into the Black)


Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush


Every Me and Every You - Placebo


Anna Eccentric

Hates limits
loves friends
spends memes
collects things
builds love
fights hate
spins in the sun
dances late
loves her man
loves her woman
loves her son
and daughter

The light falls
on the fighter wing

Every you
Every me

turning in the sun
carved your name into my heart

The Finest Worksong - R.E.M.



We fly through the sea
without wings

fifty million years
a runner
stretched lizard arms
to fall on me, beating them against the sky
to escape up the hill
and sense the fear
you taste
the air

the runner
learned to hollow
his bones
the runner
learned to flap
his arms
the runner changed
web footed
to glide

Buy the sky and sell the sky and lift your arms up to the sky
glide below the ocean waves
the light plays

upon your arms

as high above the ground in the deep sea
as the lizard
and the eagle

Father, Son - Peter Gabriel


Rocket Man - Elton John



Form and defend a unified front
against the forces of entropy and trump,

enjoin the battle against mass hatred
forces of evil.

Especially double coupon days.
Take us to where we are

A place in the past. We've been cast out of.

I can't stand this indecision paired with a lack of vision
Everybody wants to rule the world.
And when they do I'll be right behind you

Now I'm back in the fight.
We're back on the chain gang.

Circumstance beyond our control.
The phone, tv and news of the world.
Got in the house like a pigeon from hell
Threw out the sin from our eyes
and we ascended to fly

The russians forced us to pick Trump.
And push us to the the back of the train.
Back on the chain gang.

I found a picture of you
would hijack my world at night

Like a break in the battle was your part
and the wretched life
of a lonely heart

The powers that be
that force us to live like we do

bring me to my knees
when I see
what they've done to you

Well I'd die as I stand here tod…

Mistress of the High Sea

Mistress of the High Sea hath set sail.
Left her harbor to slow decay
One goes west, and one goes east, both from same gale
- beyond the horizon she hail

And sleepwalking back again,
a time crystal's bright glistening
setting of the sails and not the gale
tell men's way to go.

And her eyes stray to the horizon
flying across the waves
Running before time
and before dreams away,
she left the myriad creatures
fighting upon the ground.
to dawn's slow gray

The mistress of the high sea has gone away.

Mr. Blue Sky - ELO


Northern California

I have been warned
of the redwoods
the light through the trees
the ocean breeze

I can see
fiat lux
Founder's Grove

The cliff that descends
The mountain that rises up

I can feel
the cool wind of summer
and the water

I can hear
the sound of the wind and wave

Let's have
a bit of the grape

and write a poem

Mind Mischief - Tame Impala


Moments of Pleasure - Kate Bush/ HD


Wild World - Dark Matter AMV/FanVid


Head over Heels - Donnie Darko


Vangelis - Rachel's Theme - Bladerunner


Bettie Page.


A simple observation

There is no gray area when it comes to what happens next. You are either fighting for virtue, honor, and what is right - to defend our country against attack, to help bring America to a new place. Or you are fighting for the enemy. We will not be in a civil war, we are not going to explode when the new administration comes into power - but democracy will die and our country will change. The next day after the enemy takes control, they will attempt to pass hundreds of laws. They are going to loot our country and burn its institutions and honor.

You're either with them, or you're against them.