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How to talk so that your teen will listen. How to listen so that your teen will talk.

The first step is to get rid of facebook.
Its blue pages and stiff edits have fallen far.

Most teens that are into anything
are into DeviantArt

The next thing is to banish your fears
and don't be afraid
to punch them in the arm
They're expecting it
They'd do it to you

Talking to a Teen involves high stakes
They're on the front lines
They're the ones that take the hit

So be prepared to lay it down
and keep it short

Don't overexplain
just help them out

So that they'll come back
After all

The most you can hope for
is one or two words
that point them in the right direction

They'll take their own
They keep to their own.



The bottom of the barrel dark and sticky
something within telling me all along
it would all settle at last
to the bottom of the lake

Tell me of my fears
and yours

The ones that paralyze
the terror
close your eyes

And tell me of the dark times
Show me the statue
that still stands
of the blessed Virgin

Tell me of the man
or woman
betrayed with a kiss

Watch it all fall
slowly sifting through dark waters
at last to the silt
bane of cave divers
and treasure hunters

And then the sky will burn
down upon the lake
and like so many others
it will disappear

And the gray stones will come
pushed by the ice
to compress to anthracite
the layers of black
and darkest gray


Be. In my heart.
And follow me.
As I travel through time

Can you hear the sound of the ticking clock?
Its hands unwind?

We are in the long run.
And pressure builds
crashing down upon once golden pond
screeching rock against rock

And it all turns clear
that you are the one I want

And upon the neck of a woman
in any lig…

Chop Suey - System of a Down


Lit Motors

High speed gyro stabilizers are these wheels that spin at unreal RPM. If you've ever grabbed one, the axis has this huge tendency to resist being pulled off its centerline.

Speed, energy and force are all related. Energy is , from a workingman's perspective - the potential for work. It's force times distance. Think of energy as the amount of work you need to do to make something happen. A rock on a hill has alot of potential energy, because it sits in a gravity field that wants to pull it into the center of our planet. You've added energy (distance) to that rock by pulling it away from the center of the earth. The higher the hill, the greater the distance.

Once, I was up on a hill with some friends of mine - near Mount Ranier. Rocks started to cascade down off the side of the hill. Me and my friend ran from the rocks. The girls just stood there. My wife remembers this as the moment I abandoned her. I remember it as the moment I got out of the way of a very big rock…

Lady In The Dark

It was two in the morning
and she was walking
or trying

But we ending up running.

We were not far from the Thirsty Scholar
it felt good to hold her
in my arms

We held tight
maybe cried

She was so beautiful
and tall

And too soon.
The Lady in the Dark
said goodbye at Dawn

So he left, tired.
And had trouble
operating the door

With a promise he would return
driving off
he didn't even notice the hours

Secretly disappointed
he figured out the latch


The film "Absentia" is based on the premise that matter itself can be traversed.

We stand on the ground, and do not fall through - because each atom of the molecules that make up our foot - are excluded in orbit from filling the outer shell and either
passing through or bonding with the atoms of the earth upon which we stand. We might be largely water, and organics. With just enough inorganics to guarantee things like blood salt and iron defeciencies that if cleared up make you look like superman on your mile split. Take away life giving water, and it's ashes to ashes and dust to dust. How is it that we simply don't fall through?

Wolfgang Pauli discovered that the substances follow very specific rules regarding how atoms fill out their electron shell. If you think of a Hydrogen atom, its outer shell fills fairly simply. One electron in the outer shell. The shape of the orbit is roughly spherical. It wants one more, but once it gets that, its geometry is complete and…

Dogs - Pink Floyd


Dark Shadows


Your Brain on Nature

I worked hard today
Played basketball
painted a room vintage yellow

My fingers were covered with spackle

I swept the drive
and worked outside
and felt the sun on my face

I suppose
it is kind of like
taking a walk

Except I raked leaves
and carried boxes

And then locked myself into a room
and painted it
until dark

I took the kids to get Sushi

I was tired and happy
And when everything was quiet
I went Outside*

I looked up to the moon

And nature whispered to me
that somewhere in that same light
I will find you

Did you know that all light from the moon is polarized?

It's true.
And there, I was.
And there are you.

We are in some ways, you and I
the enemy of fear and credulity

It is my faith that gives me something
worth sleeping in
on a Sunday

After writing a poem
to a woman

I have loved my entire life
and I will love when I am gone
But fortunately I love now
A woman very much alive

And I am willing to fight

This is your brain on nature
This is the picture

You and I at Niagra Falls


Nightfall Dial

Shabbat is a time
when no work must be done

It is a sacred time of rest
That falls upon
a Saturday

He never really knew why dialing the phone
was considered work by some
but he was pretty sure
it wasn't.

This, of course, by his Rebbi

And so
in the amber light
as the sun set

He calls her number
and gets her voicemail
then hangs up
before the answering machine picks up

He speed dials her again from his droid
the sound of the tones ricochet in his head
and then, connection

And her voice answers again
a shibboleth
then she says
leave a message

And so he hangs up.

There is a moment of silence.
Amber light has faded from the sky.
Night has fallen.

He speed dials her number.
Listens to the message.
Then hangs up.

Outside his home
faintly against the darkening sky
the sound of her voice on the phone

It is her voice.
He is alone.

He hangs up before the tone.

Dials again.
And hangs up.


The voice quits. Just at the last word. Enough to clip
the final syllable. But he hears it.
He kno…

Get Some - Lykke Li


And also because you read this..

Even though it's hard to guess

Almost every move I've ever made
has a logical explanation

With the sole exception of loving you
at all costs
and always

This is not to say
that almost every move I've ever made
was dead solid perfect

Simply that there are reasons
for why I'm either right
or wrong

When we were young
Reward drove us on
not part of our writing
or our worldview
we didn't have one

But now we know
that everything we do or say
has consequences
how we raise children
how we love
how we live our lives

All of these things add up
for lack of a better word
they are karma

and also, because you read this
you know

that there is good and bad karma
and paranoia

and there are scars that never healed right
and wounds that are desperately trying

but because we're grown up
sometimes, just for spite
we don't let them

maybe it's because we are compromised
or stop growing

it doesn't really matter why

what matters most is to realize
some things are not real

Knowing that you read this

It's strange
knowing that you read this

You were so much a part of me
and still are

and now I have to make a transition
from you within
to who you really are

I don't remember every atom
or molecule
I'm certain
a few electrons may have escaped

So I am trying
but I wanted you to know
I remember your face
even with my eyes closed

And I am happy
at last
that the dream came

After exhaustion and fatigue released my brain
from its daily work keeping me alive

and pointing me to where I need to go

I'm no different than anyone else
I am guided by the truth of love
and the love of truth

I would never be a man who would cheat
I will find my way to be

By your side

But I have to tell you
Knowing that you read this

I finally had the dream

No, not the one where my best friend dresses up as a woman
The other one

The one where I say

This here's the TV
two hours a day so you don't miss appreciation
of the finer things

and again, the scene at the end
I know you so…

Rambler house on Eigerwand

Morning light shines

A heart shaped hole in a blind
against the cold

Figures in airborne dust settle
like a cat
upon a dog eared copy
of Sandburg
the book
not dybbuk

There are pros and cons
For example, a smaller yard
and four thousand foot cliff
domestic bliss

It will do nicely
I suppose
As a laboratory

Radio Free Boston

Heavy with her scent
the breath of life still upon my lips
I walked into the coffee shop
the wireless was free

No password
No need

There are alot of things
we can pick and choose from
to solve the world's problem

We might be able to stitch together
building blocks
and fight creepers
crafty, mine

Or drink the juice of a cold orange
and find something
that rhymes long

Boston has an atmosphere that shimmers with quiet songs
and half finished thoughts
that somehow add up

like clouds
and rain
and a thin layer of ions
from which

The skeleton of a carrier pigeon
falls to earth

And attached to his leg
is a simple message
that up until now

No one else has ever read


What if there were a game you could play online, maybe as an MMO and also as a droid app? What if the point of the game were to locate places, a bit like geocaching - but quest realtime with other people that are looking not just for a cache but a clue? What if the game were designed in such a way that it was socially aware - that you weren't just solo'ing the entire thing but you could work with opposing factions, build different solutions to the same problem and end up winning with real consequence? What if the game were educational, and drew you not into a world on an LCD screen .. but out into the real world?

What if you could play it . Now?

Someplace Else Unknown - Brian Jonestown Massacre


Carrry on Carrion

It's just an odor at first
maybe a hangnail
a few stray hairs
it starts when you're little

A demarchist cold town
where everyone feels nothing anymore
your eyes see so many colors
when you've shaken off the mortal coil

Replace your organs
tear off your skin
Preserve yourself

Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Formaldehyde

It's the latest trend

The only problem of course
is when some take the pill
they turn so cold
they never wake

And the odor builds
until you can make no mistake

The cockroach jumps out of their mouth
and into a spaceship

And flies away

Lights - Ellie Goulding


Helium Neon

I am torn apart
and I fall back again

By the lords of lightning
one red
one blue
Throwing themselves against my shell

They call me home
and tear me away again
through basic training
I find locked step

and Morley
one of many
not alive
and not dead
to the target
glowing red

from a sharks head
through the shimmering depth
towards a common target

Not a faisal
not yet a farouk
not a particle
no tasty wave
tempered light's glaive

Skyfall - Adele



Under water grottos, caverns
Filled with apes
That eat figs.
Stepping on the figs
That the apes
Eat, they crunch.
The apes howl, bare
Their fangs, dance,
Tumble in the
Rushing water,
Musty, wet pelts
Glistening in the blue

- Barack Obama, (Age 19) 1981

The Greatest Fear

On the Eve of Halloween

My greatest Fear
is that I am not in love
with an angel
nor that she has guided me my entire life
with gentle grace
and beauty
and that I have given my heart
to someone
who does not love me

As darkness approaches
and monsters come
knocking upon my door

I will hand out baked cookies
and gum
and chocolate

But in my soul
that has been bound to her

I wait

A crown upon my head
a chair
my arms
held fast
to a throne that resembles
a broken chair

White linen cloth
A single light bulb overhead

Does She touch up in the mirror

And then
close the door
Leave me lying here

Your favorite darkness

- and then
a knock upon the door
like the tell tale heart

And I hand candy

to a Christian Zombie

and a half decayed avatar
of a professional Golfer

A faerie
and one kid that looks vaguely




Mathilde,Sara et Marine


For EE Cummings, On The Lord's Anniversary

God's Secret Was Always
That He Had A Wife

They had A Way About Them
That Really Worked
They Were The Only Two People
The first
In The Universe

and so she smiled
and there was light

I Think
A Woman
is always justabitcurious
to know if you really believe she is the only woman in the world

But always happy to find
that she really is


(it makes the pain go away)
(and the nights warm)
(which, if your job)
(is to create the world)
(might be morefunthannetflix)

you see

So much depends
upon initial conditions

Ihavelovedandlostorareyou gone
you beautifulcreativewoman

[so much of a wedding is unique]
[the invitation is written on special paper]
[with special ink]
Lots of special food
and the ceremony really means something

The Last Daemon

voice hunt-group 102 parallel
final 37012
list 44202,44212,44222
timeout 252
pilot 37952

ephone-Hope longest idle

When we set aside which is greater
hope becomes
the last to be saved
first to go
last to know

Hope is a house of cards
that folded when mankind was born
Blown to the wind
and destroyed the million reasons why
you and I
Should not exist

In my mind
I am in a shed
in the backyard
A blue light glows
through the branches of 200 year old trees
that rain acorns down
upon its metal roof
whispering in the rafters full of mouse shit
and spiderwebs

That tonight
You and I spoke
or was it SMS
or a post.

Who cares.
You pulled a piece of my soul out
and left a warm place for a cactus to grow.

I learn not to read
the things that should not be rote

it will be very cold
and there is no heater
in the shed
in the backyard
floating upon a selfless void
that burns cold
in black flame

Like the twisted white hot metal leg cramp
at four am
that throws you out of …

House of Cards - Radiohead


A Poem for A Daughter

I heard today that you scored
one hundred
on a poem you wrote on a blog
for school

I heard today that you wrote it
on childhood
not saying anything another word
so. cool.

For some strange reason I am not curious
I feel like
whatever you've written is good

I guess it doesn't matter
A father
eventually gets replaced

Then again
So does a mother

And the arguments you have with her
mark a time and place
where you're glad not to say

What you've written
or who you are

I heard today
you wanted to become a pediatrician
where before
you wanted to be a mathematician

You gave exact statistics
on how much they make

but when I asked you if you liked biology
you shook your head

I didn't ask
if you could ever visualize
Losing a patient so small

I heard today
you didn't want to go to church with us
but you did anyway

And we played trunk or treat
somehow it all worked out

We grabbed the feet
of a little week old child
and those toes

Made me breathe again
just the feel of her…

Cloud Atlas


Seven Nation Army - It Might Get Loud / Jack White / Jimmy Page/ The Edge


Men Don't Tell


You Love Her. She's Your Passion.

Be tender. Remind her what love is.




I feel
an inability
to feel

Seeing you again
brought something within
something I'd forgotten
curled up dead and left for rotten

I am water
and trace chemicals

But each and every atom
every element of yesterday's triumph
every trace of winning and losing
and delusion
and dust
now lights up for you in the darkness

And when you hang up the phone
I am alone
I have no mouth
and I must scream

You and I
and all of us
are citizen of two nations

our own
and France

to higher beings
is an inconvenience

they gain eternal life
sometimes bear vice
that they no longer remember
how to reproduce

Once upon a Universe

And so they play a game
using the bible as source code
they play an avatar

And there you are

Floating next to you
The torn off head of a barbie doll
that detonates into flame
and burns

We travel on

Set the controls
For the heart of the sun

Virgin Mary
in stained glass
glowing by the spiral arm of a galactic weapon
As if t…

An Hour of Pink Floyd


To All My Friends On Shore

My bed is like a little boat;
Nurse helps me in when I embark;

She girds me in my sailor's coat
And starts me in the dark.

At night I go on board and say
Good-night to all my friends on shore

I shut my eyes and sail away
And see and hear no more.

And sometimes things to bed I take,
As prudent sailors have to do

Perhaps a slice of wedding-cake,
Perhaps a toy or two.

All night across the dark we steer;
But when the day returns at last

Safe in my room beside the pier,
I find my vessel fast.



Island - Heather Nova




The Seventh Seal - Confession Scene- Ingmar Bergman


Wordle for Chloe


One of These Things First - Nick Drake


The Storm And the Ocean

At shore you count the waves
seven fold they rush to shore
carrying board rider
salt air

This is my border and this is my coast
and the wind comes from Mauritus

It spins up dark in the center
and no one ever knows

It is like life unfolding
And it drives me on

The storm and the ocean
The sea and the coast
The wind upon the wave

Blowing smooth against the face
leaving behind a trace
of the sweet smell of salt air

In the church
of the beautiful girl

We watch as waves build
one by one
sets upon
the horizon

The dark storm approaches
and brings with it
the promise
of adventure

And soft rain
against your skin

Pure water
in shining drops
on your lips

A lifetime spins within
the moment we kiss

And at night I can hear
waves against the shore
we are
riders on the storm

Johnny Cash - Hurt


Bettie Page / Deviant Art / Respray


Aerials - System of a Down


One To Rule Them All

Characters glow and fall
cathode ray kanji

They spiral and dance across a field of black
each symbol every number
laden with meaning

They are tracking everything
showing me a new form of reality
an aether
that envelops me
and when I feel its silence
I recoil

I can find a mountain
or a lake
by an Ocean

Where Feng Shui cuts knifelike
through high tension hobbit holes
built inside hive mind
that turns the fourth amendment
of our constitution
into a bright neon sign
saying rest
and grow hair upon your feet

smoke a pipe
and blow rings within ring
of smoke
the quiet pasttime
of middle earth

where dawns the second age

the eye of itunes
blazes atop mordor
ever searching for

my precious

Any Colour You Like


A Distant Ship's Smoke On The Horizon

Why don't the sequence indices
count the terms?

We are all , in the end
Food for worms

So let's begin one and one
and two and three and five

Can you stand up?
We are alive

You and I
Two rabbits on a bright blue ball
at the edge of nowhere

It's a life
inside a shopping mall
a nightmare in shades of blue
and gray

Where we fall
by exhaustion

Perhaps so hard
our core will stop
and the the northern lights will go out
except for a fleeting glimpse

The dark water will flow into my lungs
at the center of the ocean
my hands going numb
icy cold

You and I
float into the Marianas Trench
Like liquid nitrogen

We play bridge
with Cthulhu

And one day the prophecy will come true
a distant ship's smoke on the horizon
will shatter us into diamonds

And the film of our lives
will careen off the edge of a california road
and explode

One of These Days - Pink Floyd


My Password

I am fat
and diseased
the ravages of age
have brought me to my knees

When I pass
you will have
my password

Put a smart code on my grave
and buy an eternal domain
Store a few images of me
when I looked like a man

When at last
I rest
you will have
my smart code

Gather the pictures while you may
gather the songs and keep them
gather the mp3's for years and years

and then
one by one
open up your iphone

and let them go

Loosen your tether
and let them go

Life is Ridiculous

Life is ridiculous
far too short
fraught with pain

It follows a glowing arc across the sky

We find someone we can love
someone who gives us hope
but inevitably they destroy
anything we hold sacred

Still we pray
Still we hold close

The fragments of their smile
their happiness
as proof we can be light
in dark

You me, and the viral
that is killed by sleep
just one more hour

No matter how

Homework is always worse
and if you do it
There will be
for you and me

Days of gold

So I keep a sense of humor
It's something
that fights illusion

And even still
with all the years
I think of you

And so it goes.

On The Turning Away


Brian Jonestown Massacre - Panic In Babylon (A Rough Bounce)


My view of religion

I've been going to a Mormon church for nearly a year now. I've thought carefully about religion for quite some time. I thought it might be fun to write here, what I believe. I'm hoping I can write this in a way that invites dialogue and welcomes the skeptic.

We'll start with the basics. I believe in a universal creator, in some revelation of his will. I also believe in the immortality of the soul.

This is the underpinning of everything else. And it's something that helps me to write out the rest of the details. We start with God.

That said, God is something that needs to be talked about very, very carefully. To have some invisible person to blame everything on - is dangerous to hearts and minds. Many who will loudly proclaim they are Godly - are the first to try to pin this universal creator into the form of a demigod that handles things like parking spaces, and court judgements.

My early faith was strongly influenced by a rabbi who taught me not to pray to have…

Eet - Regina Spektor


Julia ( From Winston's Diary In Orbit)

So many different things can be left undone
by the body
the soul
the heart
the mind

So many things can be sent into the world unformed
the glazed obsequious leer
the half finished beer
a face kept in a jar by the door
the nettles that sting
the claws the catch
glowing red eyes
a partisan debate

What of us, Julia?
Our essence?
Our love?

Passive aggression?

Have you seen my new tattoo?
It's Rotation independent
Easily readable
by smartphone
or down

I pray
the king can see this,
without his glasses on.

Tell me of your father
Who once lived on Earth

Tell me of the chicken
Tell me of the egg
Which comes first

She says. The egg.
It was implanted in the cold
center of cometfall
burning the sky
It fell to the ground
and survived

in the center of the fire

So we warm our hands
Like Frederic the Mouse
Leo Lionni

and then I get the bright idea
That comes from my partly failed career
in the boy scouts

I look in her dark eyes
her beauty shines

Home - Zero 7


If I am the Answer

If I am the Answer
What is the question?

Where are the wild things?
Are they free from sin?

Is God a gentleman?
Does he live without, or within?
Or a galaxy?

If I am the Answer
What was the question?

Did it have the prosody and rhythm
of voices singing with freedom

as if pouring into the universe
all the consciousness of being?

If I am the Answer
What is going to be the question?

Will the galaxies dance in time
to the newfound pattern of rhyme
that unfolds in lolspeak
and the super sad love story

of a playschool messiah
on sixth grade construction paper
bent and folded into nothingness

and swallowed at just the moment
the spy is caught
and forced to hand over the document

But instead bites the poison pill
and disappears by force of will

And takes with him
the unborn

Of the sixth or seventh generation
like a red light on a telephone

Maybe the question was
Do you have any feelings? At all?
Or are you just
Happy to turn on the television
and listen to talk radio
and watch the spirit of …

Holocene - Bon Iver


Something Breaks

I am not the same
a part of me is gone

A right has turned wrong

Pain tells me where it hurts
but feeling nothing is the domain

of scars
that will never heal

There is something that breaks
within me

Something not made of skin and bone
Something that can be broken

Something that isn't gone
it dies screaming
torn apart

From nothing
Ex nihilo
nihil fit

We sunbathe in the light
of a black sky

The sky glows
everything crashing inward
tracing across the upper atmosphere

We cry
in the rain
We drown our fear

Something breaks
I can feel Love
Or Hate

You are
My girlfriend in a coma
My one
The virgin mary
Sees you like I see
Like a rosary
each bead a wrecking ball

I lay down by your side
we share a beach blanket
under a black hole sun

I look into your dead eyes
and feel my own life fade

Life that exists through death
and death that exists in life
building up inside
for I don't know how long
cloud based

I don't know why but I keep thinking something
is bound to go wrong

But then she…

Just Like You Imagined - NIN/The Matrix[AMV]


I Made This Poem For You

I think , at last, I should speak directly to you
because somehow everything I am
is in your hand

And I think, at last, that you should know
that I half expect the world to be cold
to leave me black and blue

Some are born to win
Some are born to lose

But all, in my view
should know the happiness
of a well married man

I know I have told you stories of sadness
And abuse
All of this happened, more or less

But I want you to know
that even though we are apart
we are together

And I love you

Do something wonderful.

Read Tagore.
Run six miles.
Paint a portrait.

Live a life with morals
A life observed
Become who you are
The blessed virgin
offers her protection

And so does Pedro.
You know..

It took me like three hours
to finish the shading
in this poem

It's probably the best I've ever done.

Sweet happy valentine.
My funny Valentine.


Her hands
do not shake

Her eyes
are set calm

But the dark hides monsters
that jump out and get her

Orange hair
Red Eyes

A bullet with her name
Her boyfriend
Threw her upon the ground
pressed his body upon

Eyes closed
Even open

She held him in the dark
Her eyes set calm

She will see the summer's day
She will remember the fallen

She will hold her firstborn
and name him Jon

A Warm Place - NIN/ NBK


A Message for Raven

He held her picture
in his hand
Died in the battleground
Song of Solomon

His eyes looked skyward by night
glazed and bright

Life is so much dying
so many different ways
He remembers her taste
His breath leaves him at last

Then silence
His last moment
And she is there

She was there
She will always be there
And now
He is gone

When she gets the message
in her doorway
it comes by soldier

And she hits the ground
with both knees
her body collapses
into a circle to Zion
the world spins beneath

The soldier touches her cheek
Then leaves

Her eyes look skyward
tears like diamonds

And after the sadness passes
she hates him

Leaving her here alone
Two children
And a home

A Salem coven
building within the seven gables
of a private hell

And just like that
her hear turns to stone

No more feeling
No more love
No cellphone
No long road

The simple chord
of a song
to cover the world

In shades of black
from which no wingbeat can be heard
from which nothing can be said
nothing to be done

But sim…

Do It Again, You're Going to be Famous.

Contest Entry

And now I wait
for the judges to return
I know part of my entry will be flawed
but happy that I entered
and happy that it was good enough to have won

I hope the judges wonder
how much more I can become
and that I do not become entangled
in the reasons I lost

But instead I wonder how to win
every mistake
becomes an opportunity
every problem pairs a solution
no matter how hard to find

it's not the kill
it's the thrill of the chase

It makes you

No man is an island
unto himself
every man a part of the continent
a piece of the whole

Therefore no contest entry diminishes me
I do not ask for whom the bell tolls

The bell tolls for Michael Jordan

The Man Who Couldn't Cry - Johnny Cash


A Novel

Write the manuscript
and then
throw away the first page

It's going to be okay

Keep everything together
and let a little light of creation
Flow through a break

In the forest
for the trees

Lachrimosa - Tree of Life



The dumbf-cks
gave me their registration info

Now I have 50,000 registrations





Escape from Mount Stupid


Introducing Google Input Tools


Peace. Love. And Cocktails.

Bob the Ferret
is like an old jewish guy
the telltale white face
and affect

He leans back
licks your hand
and plays in a box of rice

I love how people
take care of animals

It shows we have the capacity to love
even if we will never
trade it for control

And it's funny , you know
how animal rescue
can give you a parrot

Who occasionally yells out
"You Bastard"

I can only hope
that if I ever had one

He would sing a song

Drink to me
Drink to my health

You know that I can't drink anymore

For what is certain but death
and what is life without it
these little animals live and die
in the blink of an eye
we play their master
they play our pet

It's fun to believe that life goes on

And I just met
a woman
from Craigslist
in a hotel room

Who introduced me
to a Ferret
named Bob
as I touched him
I faintly, purposefully
touched her arm
then petted his head

She wore a faded yellow T shirt
that said

Peace. Love.
And Cocktails.

Sharp teeth
and claws

Your Own. Personal. Google Plus

No static at all
escape from Big Brother
the book of face

at least Google
learns from its mistakes

sometimes you let the first search go
sometimes sift through the page

Not to replace thought
Not to replace faith
Not to touch the earth

Let's run

It's fun to search for something
It's fun to try something new

And now that I've find you
It's a plus

It's not something I have to do
I feel warm, comfortable


In a circle
I didn't make on my own

I write
and read
and share

I stretch my arms
and feel the rain

I see your face
a silhouette
in eclipse

Where the red sun sets
on a railroad town

There is you
and I
through the glass, darkly
My face isn't looking any younger

I touch the place where you were
Where the wind blew through your hair

And checked my phone
then returned
to carbon monoxide
choking me into the dark again

And dreamt
of an app design
and lyric
something you would use

I designed it just for you

And I awoke wondering
what life is like

Leyenda - Albeniz/ Andres Segovia


Teresa Six Twelve

It's the unutterable beauty
of the California skyline
the lights of LA county
like Diamonds in the night

Miss Teresa drives a 944
her catsuit tight to her pores
she has stars on her shoulder
cool marble floors

I of course wear a hideous mask
a dog with strange dark teeth
I read paperback novels
and work until I fall asleep

And then there is you
when I close my eyes
in the space between the dying light
and morning wood
lost and bright eyed
moving through
space and time

Do not ask
What place is this?
Where are we?
The time will come when we ask the conductor

And the grass will cover all

I was once advised
the best place to cry

Is in the desert
so this is where I lid my eyes
and the horizon blurs
and the drops fall to burn
this is where I am
the slight return

I love you
I have always loved you
Voodo Child

The two people
walking hand in hand
To die

They could be us
They could be your island


One day you will tell me of Kuwait
and the oil fires at first light
and I will hold yo…

Mega Remix MEP by TheHorseGrrl

Your daughter works on a mmusic video for seven months, and you find that the lyrics start off with "sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me".
les gentille petite filles vont au paradis - les autres, la ou elles veulent :)

Why Reform was Important to Me.

I suppose, I should relate why reform has been such an important topic for me here. It's really about someone I care about.

I have an employee that desperately needs healthcare but has been screwed over by the insurance companies for years. And years, and years. I write the check for the premiums, and I've not been able to justify paying it. So it hits me on two counts. First, that I'm too cheap to pay this kind of premium, which bothers me. Second, she's not getting the care she needs.

It's clear that the insurance companies are treating me from an actuarial perspective. I can appreciate that. However pre existing conditions are simple statistical entities. Probabilities. Unlike the trend, she's borne her medical condition well and she's a good employee. She works hard, and she's very healthy. A congenital problem caused her to have an issue , a blood vessel rupture in her brain. The insurance companies simply used her as a number and not as a person…

Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie and the Banshees


Tomorrow's Health Care Reform Ruling

Those who would live by the crystal ball must always remember that they should be happy to be fed a diet of broken glass.

The Supreme Court, tomorrow, will rule on healthcare reform. They will in all likelihood strike down the Individual Mandate. What we don't know is what else they'll hit.

But the broader question still stands. Who are we, as a society? Do we cheer, like the citizens of Panem, over someone dying in the hospital or dead, because they have no coverage? Are we, as the only first world nation - who pays nearly three to six times more per person, and ranking 40th in the world, in terms of healthcare - someone who wants to defeat reform ? A country that is the only first world country who has no such reforms?

Get sick in France. You get paid vacation. Get sick in Germany. You get affordable healthcare. Get sick in England, and the doctor is paid to get you well. The better you are in health, the bigger his bonus.

Get sick in America...if you do get care at all yo…

Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush


A Few Simple Arguments About Existence

Human Beings Are Not Corporations
Corporations Cannot Be Made Into Friends
Like is the Opposite of Dislike
Dislike is the Opposite of Like
Form Follows Function
Avoid Overexposure to the Sun

Never Mention Being on a Diet
Remember that all News is Biased

Give to Charity as Much as You Can
This includes old Clothes and Toys and Things You Don't Use

Have Your Children Pay for All of their Auto Insurance
Read the Bill of Rights

Take A Brisk Walk for 30 Minutes Each Day
Write a Living Will
Introduce Yourself to the Bank Manager. It's important
that he or she gets to know you personally.

Rekindle Old Friendships
Keep your Pets Clean

Fight Entropy
Stop a while and visit with me
and leave flowers

When you can

Angel - Massive Attack/Sucker Punch [AMV]


Teresa 10

From the sea
hair tight
salt upon skin
she rose
a perfect ten

To catch a frisbee
that was thrown
just over the head
of a dog
that leapt in the air

and fur
falling into the dirt

we wait
the return

and the earth turns

so here's a secret
just in case you didn't know

If you've ever watched men
watching a ball game

you may observe
that men can be like dogs
attracted by objects
in motion

So now
Here I stand alone
on a beach
waiting for the throw
from a ten out of a score
of a possible nine

till my wet fur froze
and human voices wake us
from all we see or seem

happy simply to be
and to be here

wouldn't that be something?

Wings for Marie - Tool

You believed ...
You believed in movements none could see.
You believed in me

A passionate spirit
Boundless and open
A light in your eyes

Then immobilized.

Fell at the hands
of those movements
that I wouldn't see
Yet it was you
who prayed for me.

What have I done
To be a son to an angel?
What have I done
To be worthy?

Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescent
Difficult to see in this light
Please forgive this selfish question, but
What am I to say to all these ghouls tonight?

She never told a lie,
... well might have told a lie,
But never lived one.

Didn't have a life,
But surely saved one.

See? I'm alright
Now it's time
to let you go.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex


Part Nine

I suppose I am not really writing to one person
but ten
or maybe thirty

Each new mood
is a new being
rising up to the surface
Each passing sigh
Each moment
a point of war

The top seven fight
just beneath the skin

Scary monsters within
defeated phagocytic beasts
dissolved on the leukocytic tongue
like homemade ice cream
with peaches
and a third of a can
of frozen lemonade

their chemical bond torn and converted
into comfort food

gnu's not unix

Interstella 5, Part Chloe


Teresa, Part Seven

You don't need to feel like you're sixteen
you just need to remember
freedom from disease

Protect your sense of wonder
and fight against the onset
of the slow and imperceptible
downward spiral


Until we sleep

Light of Love - Eric Serra


Teresa , Part Six

Editing yourself is scary
it's a bit like reading everything
in those big letters dripping
Like a title sequence from Science Fiction
Creature Feature

When I think of scary
I think sometimes of staying up late
when I was young
in Florida

I think of the movies that seemed always to take place
in a desert
or somewhere near the beach
where everyone was just a bit too nice
and everything was just a bit too clean
and the creatures would come
and destroy everything

Somehow it always surprised me
Gripping my pillow tight

My TV was a Beige Yellow RCA
A window into the black lagoon

Your TV glowed bright blue
and I held you
in love

Somehow everything seemed right
You and I

Transforming ourselves in that blue light
From what we were
to who we now are

I would be glad of another
I would do it again

A man's reach must exceed his grasp
Else what's a heaven for?

Symmetry - Everynone


We create because we exist because we are
we are because we will be
we will be because we are

I am that I am

Gives forth command
onward to find joy
and peace

But joy remains a puzzle piece
elusive, imperfect.
we point fingers
and try to find names
that fall away
one by one
into lukewarm water
and bits and pieces of stuff
we don't know how to spell
but we will eat

the rest of it is medicine
and the only way to find out
which works

is to simply take it

Which one? the blue pill
or the red pill

If you take the blue pill, you will wake up
you will get out of bed
you will believe whatever you want to believe

But if you take the red pill
you stay in wonderland

and see how deep the rabbit hole goes

inspiration is an experiment
there are no caffeinated fingers flying
across a keyboard
there is no paintbrush

Ceci n'est pas une pipe
no tragedy of images

just this metal cage
and you

let's just see how many times
you will press the lever

let's see how many times
the experim…


A pride of lions
stands happily
in Africa

The patriarch having mastered
politics of survival

His roar shakes the very earth

He sends his lioness to hunt
She will return

With prey
The pride will eat
Cubs will play

What is left
of thomson's gazelle
returns to the earth

Lions cannot purr

but they can nip their cub
on the ear

They wash their golden fur
with long pink tongues
and on such a day
will often recline

And of course
My good fellow
upon occasion enjoy
the occasional snifter

Eyebrows, perhaps

And here is how we survive

In the night, the stormy night
we close our eyes

We're good at breaking hearts
and telling lies

Here is how we survive

We break our heart

Dashing it against the mending wall
leaving the edifice of lies
in pieces

And after the age of thirty we learn
that isolation has a cost
cancer is a verb

And our love becomes
a forge
in which the sinew of the heart glows
with the light of a dying star

Angiogenesis minotaur
at the center of algernon
Where we fight on
function and form

We break our heart
against a wall
we build between each other

Out of razor blades
and dust bunnies in the dark
waiting below our desk
to pounce upon our chest

at night the ice weasels come
but that's ok.
you don't need to be alive
as long as you are still warm

one goes east
one goes west
both from the same winds blown

tis the setting of the sails
and not the gales
that guide men's way to home

blown on the steel breeze



I am not sure if you can really see
the pain is hard to perceive

Think of the thing that makes your knee
Feel how good it feels
to keep tapping your foot
beneath your desk

Multiply that by seven hundred and twelve
then add potato peelers
for your eyelids

Slide down a frozen razor blade
into iodine
then slide
underneath a gas truck
and taste your own blood

but don't forget the piranha
attached to the softest part of you
cutting silver dollar holes in your skin
add the candiru
swimming into you
pulled out by bone

Almost home

Let the blades compact and slice your bones
and skin
until pink , rubbery and white
the flesh turns to sausage

And then you'll be ready
for the one
that goes through your spine
dead solid perfect
hammered slowly
into your neck

Now close your eyes and dream
of a storm
that tears into your grandfather's home

Think of an earthquake
and its tender mercy

To Live and Die
in LA

A Day In The Life - Ryan Scheckler

Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana


Thoughts on Love, Emotions, Desire

From a Forum I read this morning:

A little something I’ve learned about emotions in general. It is counterproductive to make them someone else’s fault and then react accordingly. Nobody makes you feel jealous but you, it’s nobody’s fault that you are angry. These are emotions that you have decided need to be surfaced and aired. Does that mean you can help what you are feeling? Absolutely not. No one can. It means that you can control your reactions to it. You can think deeper about where the emotion is coming from and you can do something to either make it grow into a monster or shrink into a minor little thing that if discussed (or fought about, it happens), will recede into nothing. There is also a sneaky little aspect to this that tends to be more trouble than owning your own emotions. It’s the fact that you are not responsible for your partner’s feelings. Yup, I said it. If both parties are committed to making the relationship work, and nothing is done to intentionally hurt the ot…