We create because we exist because we are
we are because we will be
we will be because we are

I am that I am

Gives forth command
onward to find joy
and peace

But joy remains a puzzle piece
elusive, imperfect.
we point fingers
and try to find names
that fall away
one by one
into lukewarm water
and bits and pieces of stuff
we don't know how to spell
but we will eat

the rest of it is medicine
and the only way to find out
which works

is to simply take it

Which one? the blue pill
or the red pill

If you take the blue pill, you will wake up
you will get out of bed
you will believe whatever you want to believe

But if you take the red pill
you stay in wonderland

and see how deep the rabbit hole goes

inspiration is an experiment
there are no caffeinated fingers flying
across a keyboard
there is no paintbrush

Ceci n'est pas une pipe
no tragedy of images

just this metal cage
and you

let's just see how many times
you will press the lever

let's see how many times
the experiment
will fail
if once it succeeds

I know the pieces fit
For I watched them fall away

See them spin
kittens and sunsets
classical music and the Ramones
three hundred years of history and Marcus Aurelius
happiness and a warm gun
the intro to James Bond
Apostacy and revelation
to know and not to know
and nature sweet nature
the wonder we feel
of simply being alive

It began
and it ends
A boring ouroborus

The choice is yours