Teresa , Part Six

Editing yourself is scary
it's a bit like reading everything
in those big letters dripping
Like a title sequence from Science Fiction
Creature Feature

When I think of scary
I think sometimes of staying up late
when I was young
in Florida

I think of the movies that seemed always to take place
in a desert
or somewhere near the beach
where everyone was just a bit too nice
and everything was just a bit too clean
and the creatures would come
and destroy everything

Somehow it always surprised me
Gripping my pillow tight

My TV was a Beige Yellow RCA
A window into the black lagoon

Your TV glowed bright blue
and I held you
in love

Somehow everything seemed right
You and I

Transforming ourselves in that blue light
From what we were
to who we now are

I would be glad of another
I would do it again

A man's reach must exceed his grasp
Else what's a heaven for?