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Narcissistic Cannibal - Korn /+Skrillex+/Kill the Noise


Arab Spring

Spring to summer
Summer to fall

Win or lose
Is at least in part
The first woman
The first fruit

The man who fell to earth

Where do we go when we die?
How do we know we are really alive?

We are born blind
We listen to her heart
And we begin
The normal arc
of life


The most beautiful thing a man will ever see
is the woman who will be his wife

The most beautiful thing she will ever see
is her firstborn son

A path to spring
that will turn to summer
and summer to fall
the cold
like a cat toying with a mouse
plays with the leaves on the trees
and tears them down

But something survives
There is a Book in Alexandria
and deep within the fire
Something comes forth
lashing into the world
the last thing I saw
The last thing I heard

We are
never coming home

Godzilla - Blue Öyster Cult


A Poem for Aliaa

We meet in college
and play games
wearing T shirts
that say things like

time flies like an arrow
fruit flies like a banana

We sleep alone
horniness pervading
the quiet room

To close our eyes
and implode
into nothing

In dream
come slumber
enshroud in thy purple cloak

a mending wall
for all the tears
in the fabric
of time
made out of hydrogen lines

Who are you?
Nature, or grace?
Why does nature vy with itself?
Are there two powers in nature, and not one?
Does nature have some avenging power within itself?

Where do you like to be touched, on your breast?

When the universe began
the band was playing our song
on instruments out of tune
you were unborn

I dream about you and I
coming together

all is fair
in love
and war
space married time
at the altar

At the fall of her wedding dress
an old flower
comes alive
from 32,000 years before Christ
and blooms white
against  russian snow

People come, people go...

Some grow young ..
Some grow cold..

I woke up in between
a memory
and a dream

Staring Blindly Into Space..

Getting up to splash my face..
Wanting just to stay awake..
Wondering how much I can take...

Should I try to do some more?

I Can See What's Happening

We're going to get a rally on Wall Street Today, but it's not going to look like what you think it's going to look like. So what will it look like? Well. The first thing you want to do, is to go ahead and check what sort of stocks were selling well last week - about this time. The idea behind the rally today is , putatively - the removal of the downward pressure that Greece was putting on the markets. The Euro has so far saved alot of headaches and cash for the EU, and improved international trade and parity with the US Dollar and the Chinese. This has been very good for the EU, and its the reason why Germany held on. We're buying Volkswagens, Porsches and Mercedes. They're selling them. The only responsible country in the EU decided it's better to try to work out the differences inside the Eurozone and keep the Euro, than it was to trash it and go back to a fragmented currency. That's the bottom line. But what happened in Greece, was theft on a h…

Identity, the Republicans, and You

First. You. Nearly 40% of America no longer identifies as belonging to the Republican party. You call yourself independent. Maybe you are. Then. Identity. It's part of who you are. You don't like to pay taxes. Who does? You're not into bigger, or less effecient bureaucracy. Who would be? This isn't the plot to a bad science fiction movie. This is your identity, you - your life. You need to be known for what you've accomplished. Whom you love. Where your loyalties lie. You're wearing the shirt. You are someone, and that person has beliefs, values - and allegience. You identify yourself carefully. The Republican party cannot identify itself. Bush was not a conservative. The increase in spending , under his watch - was astronomical. The Bush Republicans held on firmly to their power base. As a result, there are factions within the party that hold allegiance far away from you , and more and more towards the special interest. Admitting non conservative, eva…

Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation


The GOP Primary and Meaning

At last count, Rick Santorum was at or near GOP primary front runner status - having won the Iowa caucus (on recount), three contests in a row at polling before last, and is now leading in the polls. This is where we can begin to understand the disintegration of the Republican in a more complete way. Rick Santorum's rise to power indicates that within the Republican Party - there are factions that are moving to break it apart. Santorum has risen to power by the votes of the minority. He is , by all accounts, a Theocrat. He has publicly stated that he does not believe birth control works, and that sex is bad for society. His view of Christianity is bound to his views of governance, and this does not disqualify him a priori from holding the highest office - however - he is at heart a prude - and although he wears his Christianity on his sleeve, he is in actually a character actor. He is well known for hot button issues, however he has not spent alot of time standing up f…

You Are What You Eat


Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes


You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat
So Eat Color
Dark Green

Bite a clove of raw garlic
For excitement
Don't forget the Lettuce
Honeymooners like

Take a chomp out of an apple for breakfast
Have something that sticks to your ribs
Walk away from the multivitamins
And walk alongside Dr. Esselstyn
You can never be too thin

Wash down a baby aspirin
with a statin
and try your best to follow the advice
of the Holy K'oran

A man should fill his stomach one third with food
one third with water
and one third empty

No, you don't have to worship Islam
or swallow transubstantiated goo
I know it's only you
Dear God.

Take a bite out of crime
Sink your teeth into a good book
Snarf down good exercise
Give the sports illustrated swimsuit issue a long look

The 2012 Edition
Featuring Kate Upton

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen/St. Ralph[AMV]


The Republican Primary And You. Part Two.

The Republican Primary continues to deliver a message, and you should listen to it. It starts off with a quiet voice at first - and then , gradually - you become aware. The Republican Party is dying. The process of death is multistage -and given that we tend to live in a Society of the Spectacle - Death , whether in Video Game, in a film, or elsewhere - is usually considered to be something that can be commutated but past a certain point, it is irreversible. Our bodies and those of other living things have a strange code within them that tells them when to die, and once that process begins it cannot stop. That is where the Republican party has found itself. Consider the differences between the four that are left. Paul, Romney, Gingrich - and Santorum. These men represent such radically divergent views on Foreign Policy, Space Exploration, Social Conservatism. Consider the gap between libertarian and theological conservative. One stands for freedom, and the other stands for l…


has a funny way of ending

The illusion
everything we see or seem
but a dream within a dream

But hard reality crashing
like the elements to change
solute from solvent

What is the nature of the whole?
What does it mean, to change?

The only wealth you will keep forever
Is the wealth you give away

And part of you lives
when all of you are gone

Naked As We Came - Iron and Wine


The Planet GJ 667Cc

GJ667Cc is a planet in a triple star system about 22 light years away from us. Last week, a paper was published the findings that this planet is found safely in the triple point band where water can be found in liquid, solid, and gaseous form (triple point). GJ667Cc orbits a red dwarf - planet is about 5 times bigger than earth, and its entire orbit takes 28 days. The picture below is an artistss rendition of its sister planet, GJ667Cb which is about 6 times the size of earth. The paper that will publish greater detail about its sister planet, will come out later this month.

Science is explored by the arts. The Art of Creation is explored by Science. Find a way to do something wonderful today.

A Funny Thing Happened, On the Way to the Bank..

I got a letter today from someone who could write checks for north of 100k a piece, and I looked inside and saw a check waiting inside - and I suddenly felt sick. For some reason, I didn't want to see money. I felt as if getting a big check from out of nowhere would somehow be a distraction. My mind flashed to what I might do with the check, leaving the letter more or less unopened. I finally concluded that I would play the game to my own rules. That if there was any money in the envelope, it would go to people that I loved but not myself. I opened the letter and then deposited the money in the bank, and plan on spending the money to buy stock for those people. But then it occurred to me, that perhaps that was the point of how I had been raised. I don't think we should feel good about , say - winning the lottery. To have, in your hand - any amount of money on that scale is to suddenly upend your financial picture and most are ill prepared to deal with the consequences…