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I Can't Listen to Vampire Weekend Without Smiling

Ok, fine. I get it.
There is a such a thing as catholic guilt.

Sure, I understand.
You can write a song about someone that you can't even say the name of.

I feel you in my bones.
I feel you in my bones.

I need you to know.
We are not perfect, you and I

I want to be better
I try to find
the weak spots
and hack them away

I want everyone around me to be better
I try to find
their weak spots
and play with them all day

It makes me a passive aggressive asshole
A creep
A person you do not want to know


But it might make me someone who can love
Someone whose head is in the stars
and heart is in the world

The truth is you don't need me to protect you
You don't need me for nearly anything

But I am here
If at least in an image

Because I feel you in my bones
And I'm strong enough
and ready for

A change in my life
that includes you

And your heart
And that means smiling at the things that drive us apart

It means not being a passive aggressive slipknot
around my own neck
It me…

Creep - Radiohead

Killing Jesus

The Feast of the Tabernacle
is eight days long

Jesus has traveled
to Jerusalem

He lets the morning come
in his favorite half light
He speaks in Parables
and the die is cast

Is this the man they are trying to kill
ask the crowd

Is this the Christ?


And the Church responds.
A prophet does not come.

From Galilee.

I am going away.
And where I go.
You cannot come.

The crowd knows
that in that moment
they, the Jews will have defeated Rome

Their lives will be free
and the Holy City once choked with blood
will at last become streets of a gold

The crowd dreams of heaven on earth
their favorite innocence
their favorite lie

And there are those
who wait to be told
he is the Christ

There are those
who wait for him to arrive
riding on donkey

To the Sanhedrin
To Caiphas

We let the fire down soon
And like Kitty Genovese
They will look out of their windows

And say to themselves
Better its him
and not me

Nine Inch Nails
will be driven into him
But not a bone will be broken

And some will say
If y…

In My Room - Incubus

Ode to Gwar

Travelling 43 billion years plus 7
past the speed of sound
you arc across heaven

The slave goes away
David Brockie.

But there was only room enough for one
And even as your carcass peels life
into food for worms

You are across the universe
bending time

Across dark rivers of blood
you are sprayed into the audience
and the dream of peeling skin
and torn flesh

Monsters that eat celebrities
and nails to the cross

Fades into the night
and you're nearly with us

Our mud ball planet is now minus one
plus Gwar

We say goodbye
and it's a clear day

Your mother cries
tears of glass
but your father stands here
in a network of networks
and chaos

And all we see or seem
is but a dream
flowing by our own blood
and papier mache
that stopped your heart

Sitting in your chair
You played chess
and lost

Singing songs
of the town

Destiny - Zero 7

Barely Breathing

The clouds move in
and we can barely see

The mist wraps around us
like a cat curling around a shaft of light
on a warm summer's day
in sleep

to pounce upon us
and fill our lungs

The mask falls from the ceiling
and the lights flash in the aisle

And I know where to go
I know I am falling

for you

Equinox (First of the Year) - Skrillex/Tekken [AMV]