Ode to Gwar

Travelling 43 billion years plus 7
past the speed of sound
you arc across heaven

The slave goes away
David Brockie.

But there was only room enough for one
And even as your carcass peels life
into food for worms

You are across the universe
bending time

Across dark rivers of blood
you are sprayed into the audience
and the dream of peeling skin
and torn flesh

Monsters that eat celebrities
and nails to the cross

Fades into the night
and you're nearly with us

Our mud ball planet is now minus one
plus Gwar

We say goodbye
and it's a clear day

Your mother cries
tears of glass
but your father stands here
in a network of networks
and chaos

And all we see or seem
is but a dream
flowing by our own blood
and papier mache
that stopped your heart

Sitting in your chair
You played chess
and lost

Singing songs
of the town