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Thrift Shop - Macklemore and Ryan


I know what you're thinking.
But take comfort.

Pretty obnoxious, huh? Written here on a blog.
After all, wouldn't the creator of the universe
be a bit more creative?

Why aren't I talking to you by swan?
Like Zeus?
Why do I always talk to one person, alone?
Instead of just using
Televisionary Television?

Hey. Aren't you used to piles of shit by now?
Enough love songs
for that monster child.

I want to speak to you.
I want you to understand why you're alive.

Then the storm spoke. And the thunder said.
You see.
You were made to die.

I didn't do this to be mean.
I just wanted you to know why.

It's a wish.
After all, the universe keeps us going.
Galaxies twist and collide
and wipe out entire sections of life
Like things that grow and multiply
in a drop of water

Not quite like leviathan

And so we killed off planets
before it happens.
You have to, sometimes -
for life.
And, you know
for the wife.

You listen to lyrics.
I am hoping you figure it out


Hi, I'm Your Disease


I'm your disease.
We're going to be friends, today.

Please don't sleep.
Just push yourself.

All day, all night - I'll be waiting for you when you tire
I'm low grade.

I know what you're thinking.
Why shouldn't I just blossom into a full blown fever?

Then you would be leery
and I couldn't cut and splice your DNA
with safety scissors
and a glue stick

I like colors
I know. Let's paint your hair gray
caving in around you
try to look the other way
but you can't turn around

It's ok for you to hate me
for all the things I've done

I've made a few mistakes
but I'm not the only one

But please. Don't sleep.
Don't heal.

Just let me stay inside
where the soft dark things hide

I am so hungry
and so simple

I love you
I've always loved you

I am religion, in my own way
and I know you love to have religion in your own way

My final prayers
are written

I am the ultimate
and I know you like to Dominate

I am

Come and Get it - Selena Gomez

Home - Tina Dico/ Zero 7

Lost in cheap delirium
searching the neon light

I move carefully
sink in the city Aquarium
sing in the key of night
as they're watching me

Take me somewhere we can be alone
Make me somewhere I can call a home
'Cause lately I've been losing on my own

Wrapped in silent elegance
beautiful broken down
as illusions burst

Too late to learn from experience
too late to wonder how
to finish first

Take me somewhere we can be alone
Make me somewhere I can call a home
'Cause lately I've been losing on my own

Won't you take me home?

Wor - Django Django

The Art of Asking - Amanda F-king Palmer