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Any Colour You Like


A Distant Ship's Smoke On The Horizon

Why don't the sequence indices
count the terms?

We are all , in the end
Food for worms

So let's begin one and one
and two and three and five

Can you stand up?
We are alive

You and I
Two rabbits on a bright blue ball
at the edge of nowhere

It's a life
inside a shopping mall
a nightmare in shades of blue
and gray

Where we fall
by exhaustion

Perhaps so hard
our core will stop
and the the northern lights will go out
except for a fleeting glimpse

The dark water will flow into my lungs
at the center of the ocean
my hands going numb
icy cold

You and I
float into the Marianas Trench
Like liquid nitrogen

We play bridge
with Cthulhu

And one day the prophecy will come true
a distant ship's smoke on the horizon
will shatter us into diamonds

And the film of our lives
will careen off the edge of a california road
and explode

One of These Days - Pink Floyd


My Password

I am fat
and diseased
the ravages of age
have brought me to my knees

When I pass
you will have
my password

Put a smart code on my grave
and buy an eternal domain
Store a few images of me
when I looked like a man

When at last
I rest
you will have
my smart code

Gather the pictures while you may
gather the songs and keep them
gather the mp3's for years and years

and then
one by one
open up your iphone

and let them go

Loosen your tether
and let them go

Life is Ridiculous

Life is ridiculous
far too short
fraught with pain

It follows a glowing arc across the sky

We find someone we can love
someone who gives us hope
but inevitably they destroy
anything we hold sacred

Still we pray
Still we hold close

The fragments of their smile
their happiness
as proof we can be light
in dark

You me, and the viral
that is killed by sleep
just one more hour

No matter how

Homework is always worse
and if you do it
There will be
for you and me

Days of gold

So I keep a sense of humor
It's something
that fights illusion

And even still
with all the years
I think of you

And so it goes.

On The Turning Away


Brian Jonestown Massacre - Panic In Babylon (A Rough Bounce)


My view of religion

I've been going to a Mormon church for nearly a year now. I've thought carefully about religion for quite some time. I thought it might be fun to write here, what I believe. I'm hoping I can write this in a way that invites dialogue and welcomes the skeptic.

We'll start with the basics. I believe in a universal creator, in some revelation of his will. I also believe in the immortality of the soul.

This is the underpinning of everything else. And it's something that helps me to write out the rest of the details. We start with God.

That said, God is something that needs to be talked about very, very carefully. To have some invisible person to blame everything on - is dangerous to hearts and minds. Many who will loudly proclaim they are Godly - are the first to try to pin this universal creator into the form of a demigod that handles things like parking spaces, and court judgements.

My early faith was strongly influenced by a rabbi who taught me not to pray to have…

Eet - Regina Spektor


Julia ( From Winston's Diary In Orbit)

So many different things can be left undone
by the body
the soul
the heart
the mind

So many things can be sent into the world unformed
the glazed obsequious leer
the half finished beer
a face kept in a jar by the door
the nettles that sting
the claws the catch
glowing red eyes
a partisan debate

What of us, Julia?
Our essence?
Our love?

Passive aggression?

Have you seen my new tattoo?
It's Rotation independent
Easily readable
by smartphone
or down

I pray
the king can see this,
without his glasses on.

Tell me of your father
Who once lived on Earth

Tell me of the chicken
Tell me of the egg
Which comes first

She says. The egg.
It was implanted in the cold
center of cometfall
burning the sky
It fell to the ground
and survived

in the center of the fire

So we warm our hands
Like Frederic the Mouse
Leo Lionni

and then I get the bright idea
That comes from my partly failed career
in the boy scouts

I look in her dark eyes
her beauty shines

Home - Zero 7


If I am the Answer

If I am the Answer
What is the question?

Where are the wild things?
Are they free from sin?

Is God a gentleman?
Does he live without, or within?
Or a galaxy?

If I am the Answer
What was the question?

Did it have the prosody and rhythm
of voices singing with freedom

as if pouring into the universe
all the consciousness of being?

If I am the Answer
What is going to be the question?

Will the galaxies dance in time
to the newfound pattern of rhyme
that unfolds in lolspeak
and the super sad love story

of a playschool messiah
on sixth grade construction paper
bent and folded into nothingness

and swallowed at just the moment
the spy is caught
and forced to hand over the document

But instead bites the poison pill
and disappears by force of will

And takes with him
the unborn

Of the sixth or seventh generation
like a red light on a telephone

Maybe the question was
Do you have any feelings? At all?
Or are you just
Happy to turn on the television
and listen to talk radio
and watch the spirit of …

Holocene - Bon Iver


Something Breaks

I am not the same
a part of me is gone

A right has turned wrong

Pain tells me where it hurts
but feeling nothing is the domain

of scars
that will never heal

There is something that breaks
within me

Something not made of skin and bone
Something that can be broken

Something that isn't gone
it dies screaming
torn apart

From nothing
Ex nihilo
nihil fit

We sunbathe in the light
of a black sky

The sky glows
everything crashing inward
tracing across the upper atmosphere

We cry
in the rain
We drown our fear

Something breaks
I can feel Love
Or Hate

You are
My girlfriend in a coma
My one
The virgin mary
Sees you like I see
Like a rosary
each bead a wrecking ball

I lay down by your side
we share a beach blanket
under a black hole sun

I look into your dead eyes
and feel my own life fade

Life that exists through death
and death that exists in life
building up inside
for I don't know how long
cloud based

I don't know why but I keep thinking something
is bound to go wrong

But then she…