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Penguin, How would you know?

A male and a female penguin exchange work, raising their young. The male spends four months without food standing in sub zero temperature. When at last winter comes, the antartic penguin exchanges the egg with the female, or the new hatchling one. Both still fit neatly into the male penguin's breeding pouch. Neglect here between parents, given the conditions - is defined as - being unable to exchange the egg from one parent to another, in less than 15 to 20 seconds. There are other factors. But roughly, the parents have to make sure the egg is protected at all costs. There are known instances of the male not wishing to yield the hatchling to the female. The male will walk away, chick in pouch. In these instances the female always carefully and patiently pursues the male until the male finally transfers the chick to the female and breakfast time ensues. And the male can eat for the first time since overwinter. While the males wait for the females to return, they rando…

Loved by The Sun - Yes - [Legend]

Ridley Scott / Director Chronicles of Riddick. Early Film.

Double overhead from the back

Most people who are now reading my blog ( another 100% increase from last biweekly - thank you everybody) - most of you don't know me. This isn't supposed to be about my personal life. This is a shrine to Noam Chomsky and the Goddess Kali. The goddess of dissolution of desire. And her Lover. So I am curious if any of you ever guessed what I did when I was younger. Here's a hint.:
Yes that could have been me. I was a big wave surfer. Mostly tracked hurricanes and surfed them. A wave like this, you measure it from the back.(eh, brah da kine wahini h'ui o' he'e nalu bra) This wave is Triple Overhead from the Back. I've done a Double, about 2/3 the size of this one. When I paddled into the wave, it broke on a point and wrapped around the island. I remember the board. A red Barry Kan'a'pu'ani gun. Walked down onto the beach and the ground was shaking. Tornadoes had spun all the seaweed onshore into tight little balls. The ride down the face, …

Volta Podcast (Nature) - Bjork

The story about Friday

Ok, my friday was messed up. The highlight of it was that I installed a wireless network and it went well. >:) So I am heading over to the stables afterward, and Its a nice friday evening so I'm running with the horse down the pasture and then across the road, all hell breaks loose. Sirens. Cop cars. Fire engines. Fine. So for whatever reason, I ignore this and I decide at that point, somewhere in the middle of the pasture - that the horse needs to get a bath. I am washing off the horse, on a hill by a lake where we have the ties set up - and then from across the lake I hear this unearthly wail, a woman's cry. It was both angry and sad at the same time, very unsettling. I sight through the trees - and I half-catch a view of three or four people at the edge of the lake. She sounds like she is freaking out, but not being hurt. Then, from around the corner, comes the rest of the county contingent. - I finish off the horse and set her into her stall and then I h…

Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

I never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you.

Eros Tense

Eros tense is the verb conjugation which refers to a combination of three tenses - past, present and future. I've thought about it since I'm getting ready to write a wikipedia article on it, and the best possible idea I can convey about this kind of a tense (which was used extensively in the bible) is that this is the present, but with recursion. So for example, you can describe the state of say, someone planting a kiss on someone. You can say "She is kissing that wolf man on his furry forehead". So Eros tense, think of it like the fractal sense (?) , will be that kiss with recursion. Lets say.. "She (is/was/willbe) kissing that wolf man on his furry forehead." Does this make sense at all? A person I know in SL that is a GT professor IRL said that it is common to find words in ancient text to be conjugated without tense, that is, the word "IS" for example simply being the only verb that exists in the finite vocabulary of the primitiv…

3 Delta III

Three. Is a magic number. yes it is. It's a magic number

Bettie Page

Should be able to post a sub 2 hour race tomorrow. Have to make it back to feed the horse... and ... watch this. >:)

Things I need to carry

Tomorrow is the race. I will camp out tonight. List by object class. Illumination class: methods: Illumination.fuelsource(Hatchet) . Illumination.lightsource(matches,candle,flashlight) Shelter class: shelter.Sleeping bag. Shelter.Tent. raceFuel class: raceFuel.race(snax)(hotdogs)(drinx) alarmClock.destroy()(garbage collect) destructor gear class:, shoes, tools, helment, pump), gear.swim(goggles, cap),, heart rate monitor) lastRites class: lastRites.holyBible(phillipians 4:13), lastRites.harryPotter(about page 110, how about you?)

Microsoft Surface - >:)

Why not use.. a device.. the size of a small car..? I think we should try to take a picture of our ass on this thing. like - on the office copier? what would happen?

A personal request

I wanted to say a couple of things about me, personally. Right now I am in a lot of pain. Physical and otherwise. The physical stuff is manageable and won't get in the way for my Triathlon this saturday. Somehow I have developed an amazing ability to trip the circumference of a tire. Not just one lying on the ground, but around the cicumference of a bike tire propped up against the wall. I was trying to walk between the bike , and the tire, to get around to the back of the bike. I jumped. The top of my foot caught the edge of the tire and I spun around the tire and landed both knees flat on the ground. from like, three feet up. I said a few choice words. But more than anything its emotional and psychological stress that is killing me now. The audit flag went off today when I noticed that the barber had shaved off nearly all of my hair. It took me until this afternoon to even see it. Normally you notice stuff like that. Things have been weighing me down far too much. Wo…

Arda and Theme

One of the great gifts of the tolkien legacy was a framework by which the tales of middle earth held together. This consistent framework was begun, in the book known as the "Silmarillion" , a book which for the author - was a point of revision and underwent several draft versions before publication. And yet it still remained as a backbone of all of the great works of Tolkien. A theme by which any land of Arda may be built upon, would of first necessity include a careful consideration of this text . Arda, which is the land before we see the lands of Middle Earth in the second and Third Age, is a world of the First Age and the most interesting of all three ages and of any land ever conceived in the canon. Several ideas present themselves to me regarding Arda, the first of which is the most intriguing - the creative aspect of the land. Things need to be built, all around. We start off with almost nothing but an idea. To conceive of such lands would by first principle me…

You are Here

A year ago Data Mining posted an map of the blogosphere. The way that a point gets on the map, is by number of references. If comments themselves are hard to reference (platform), or your content is not given over to reference you zero out. No worries, this is just a map of references, a way that we all connect: