Verona Beach/ Sycamore Grove Scenes

This is a scene clip somewhat long, from a Baz Luhrmann Film that is set in a modern day Verona beach. The fragments of the film, that work well imho are the ones that incorporate modern visual representations of the films iconography, such as a FedEx envelope that says "Post Haste" mail, the gas station sign that says "Phoenix" gas - the large corporate logos of "Montague" and "Capulet". This clip here takes from two scenes, Sycamore Grove,( where Benvolio finds his cousin and will learn his grievance or be much denied. ) Both lit in day and night. And the humble home of the Caps. The tone that Luhrmann sets throught the entire film is one of putting the camera and action into scenes that complement the general line of the story - as set with old and new together in comfortable accord. Some people do not prefer the language that is set here but for me, the language elements are a complete turn-on and as if to prove Baz right, the language mods that were done in "Serenity" and "Code 46" both contributed to the success of the films greatly. This type of atmosphere is fantastic. Set something in the near future and it becomes timeless.

I dreamt a dream tonight.
And so did I.
And what was yours?
That dreamers often lie.
In bed asleep while they dream dreams true.
Oh? And I see Queen Mad has been with you.