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Diva Plava Laguna - Aria - The Fifth Element


Eternal Life

The exercise of what one would do with a 200 year old woman who looks as if she's 30 is here left to the reader.

Health Care Reform is Constitutional and Incomplete

Health Care Reform is an issue that has been worked upon by nearly 25 administrations spanning over a century of calls to the federal government to institute it. American government, in the past 40 years - changed radically to become a socialist state, with its laws being written by lobbyists and the benefit of them directed toward the wealthy who sponsor and claim to elect them. This is why a group of 48 men have contributed 200 million dollars to the GOP primary, and why Super PACs in America would be funny, if they weren't so sad. Perhaps the struggle to reform our health care system has gone back even farther. George Washington likely died as a result of improper bleeding, but had written fiercely for the expression of government at federal level. However, it was clear he and our founding fathers stood for law and reform represented by such types of legislation that can only be described as socialist. The articles of confederation that were adopted by our young country - had …

Sæglópur - Sigur Rós


Hunger Game

The killing joke
as I lay down
in the forest
that I have never found

Is that one single idea
shining above all else
not love
not hope
but symmetry

And the wisdom that comes from thinking
something no one has ever thought before
and discovering knowledge
that no one has ever seen

Perhaps the future of science is gaming
Perhaps the future of mankind is to be engineered

But the thin space between you and I
is dark
and full of stars
And the ebb and flow of the tide
sounds exactly like
the sussurus of wind through the trees
as an artificial night
falls upon an artificial day

The beauty of your body shines
each trace of your line
carries hope
and love
and a vibrant hunger

And here on this page
you are only one click away
from the entire world
each new word
a pulse
carrying a colorless glow
to our artificial hair
and skin
and eyes

All is fire
the water is wide
and the earth is slow
and the air is calm

No need for meditation
No Letters from Earth
When Moses' foot tou…

Waves - The Maldive Islands, 3/19/2012

This is a real photograph.

The Origin of the Moon

Zaar - Peter Gabriel /[The Last Temptation of Christ]


You, The Owner's Manual

Everyone has a set of injuries. I have scars from when I was a kid, and recent scars from a series of accidents. The way I am looking at my rehab, is that I've got this body - that , like any machine - has a set of operating conditions that help it to operate properly. Some people take a multivitamin, and they adopt a single solution to whatever health issues occur. My view is that the body consists of several complex systems all working together, and you have to be careful about things like multivitamins - because they aren't necessarily what you need. The best example I can give for how this goes wrong - is cancer. No surgeon ever removed a tumor that wasn't hot, bloody and raw. These things throw blood vessels out into your body to take away the resources they need to grow. A one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with health issues might involve spurring the arterial growth that a hidden tumor might need. Another example might be taking a vitamin that would…

How to Use Social Media

Social media is useful, and can help you to become a better person and to make the world a better place. Its benefit comes in the form of a sort of advanced group and network type of thought - and its weakness relates almost entirely to its properties as an echo chamber. Nevertheless, most software will evolve to games, location based services and social networking. They are all a type of interface into us - and we should use them to our advantage. The first step is to realize that all of the sites that are classified as social media - are first and foremost, simply just another website. Most of the technology available to them - is available elsewhere. The best use of social media usually involves setting up your own site. Others would have you believe that hosting is the best way to go with this - which is to say, they'll run your page and make it easy for you to work with their template driven models. This is false. The best way to go, is to make your own site. That's the…

How to Search for Lyrics

Being who I am, I've seen alot on the net. I've been on the front lines fighting junk, unsolicited commercial email. I've set up graylisting. I've shut down black hats. Mostly, I've been involved with trying to make the net work better. I was a member of a focus group that was set up by the US Postal Service - to decide whether or not they should try to put together a stamp for email. I told them not to do it. I've also seen the search landscape change. Some for the better, most for the worst. Much of the change in search, has occurred as a result of thoughtlessness. I say this carefully, because there are alot of different people looking for alot of different things. Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia are examples of people looking for things should probably be sought after. A teenager using the net to cheat on their French homework, isn't. Things tend to get lost in translation. The best type of internet user is someone who, every time they use it - th…

How To Have A Great Day

Simply look at this picture. Things will start going up.

Black Sheep - Metric


Facts About Pacs

If you've been , well.. alive... you'll have noticed by now that lobbyists are holding unprecedented sway over the process by which American statesmen gain office. Thanks to the Bush Republicans, there's even an amendment in place that lets their corporate paymasters spend essentially unbridled amounts of money in super PACS. These organizations are dedicated to the legalization of bribery and the removal of voter's say in the democratic process. They do this in the same way as any other misguided corporate effort. They throw money at it. In Virginia, a Candidate arose to power on the strength of his "outsider" qualities. In fact, he's trained to "go" outside. His name is Hank. Take a look.

But there's a storm brewing in Virginia. A money storm. The pro-dog super PAC , funded secretly by a half-border collie, is running a series of "informative" ads dedicated to bringing this early riser down.