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Stay Humble...


Google's New Privacy Policy, and Me

Google changed their privacy policy. My google plus account now shows, as part of my profile - every nude picture of Bettie Page that I've ever posted. There have been predictable responses from my co workers, and family, and so on. I've decided, however, that being singled out and identified as a man who sincerely appreciates the female form isn't a bad thing. I'm keeping the pictures. I am firm that I plan to airbrush her picture on the nose of my F-16A fighter jet. Or skateboard. Or snowboard. Actually, I'm planning to airbrush her picture onto a model airplane I'm building as well.. Google's new privacy policy isn't really a great idea for an anonymous blogger. But that's what you get, when you let other people host your stuff.

Denis Leary


News Media Entertainment - A Man's Visual Metaphor

I believe I have finally come up with a good visual metaphor, for Men, as to why so called news channels that do little but recycle failed political party talking points - the ones they send out in email every day - just really doesn't do it for me. Or for anyone, for that matter. Women, take heed - you might not really know what we're thinking about all the time. This may surprise you. Ok, so here's the visual metaphor.


News Media Entertainment:

Look, ok. I get it. She does it because she thinks it makes her somehow more attractive. More womanly? More of what she really wants to be? In looking at the advertising packages that the news media entertainment guys put up for sale - to corporations - one says that it "allows advertisers to target (customers) precisely". I'm a man. It may appear, if you've read my blog, that I happen to be someone who's got a thing for Bettie Page. What turns me on most, I think - is the fact that she'…

Tell Us On Facebook - Like This - Friend Us

When a company says "Tell us on facebook!" .. they really mean "give us your personal contact info so we can farm your data for our marketing department". When you are asked to "like this" you're asked to add your name to a list. When any business wants you to "friend" them, they're asking two things. First, believe that corporations should be the same thing as people (last time I checked, I did not have any major, multinational corporation that I could go play a round of thursday afternoon squash with at the racquetball court..). Second, they want to be able to see everything your mother sees - out of your profile. The still-amazingly flat and largely ineffective security model in Facebook is designed for marketing departments to farm data from you. Although the site got its start in hatred, the ranking algorithms at the core of the site's basic code are designed not to deliver data to you - but to store data for a lurker. …

Something - The Beatles


The Secret to Life is 42

I've written alot about my ideas about age. I no longer buy into the concept of forced mortality. The two concepts we need to separate in Aging - are the progression of a set of physical diseases that kick in around age thirty - and the mental process of acquiring wisdom. These two things are what people mean,when they call someone 'old'. The derisive element of that refers to someone who either can't think straight - or who looks like they got hit in the face by a baseball bat. Or so we would be led to believe. We really need to separate those two ideas and reference them differently. The mental side and physical side are separate. You can be in alot of pain, and still be able to think relatively clearly. You might get tired, but you'll be able to work. Then sleep. Wisdom refers to the transformation of information to intelligence and eventually , until its object logic becomes complete and its references and pointers cast properly. This amounts to giving…

Hypnotized - Fleetwood Mac/Skywatch[AMV]


Thoughts on Life at the End

It will , in all likelihood
be a very passionless and helpless thing
to consider life at the end
of life

The spirit hungers for truth and light
in a living body, but as that light dies
a calmness might settle in
and to this
please listen

That the face of death will appear almost as a friend
his scythe cutting the strands of pain
until all feeling vanishes
He is not your friend

Death is a horrible price to pay
An evil act upon a soul
whose purpose is to delete
the living framework of being
where the soul can grow

It is a very simple thing
to be alive, just at the end
after all
elements transmute into element
without struggle
why would death be any different
in its approach

But even as you feel the pain
starting to flood your mind
and glow red
you must learn to hold these thoughts
and remember exactly what hurts
because it has a name
and though different parts of you suffer
you can still remain
and later


the sweet dream
of Morticia
and Gomez
colorless dance

Why The Republican Primary Matters

The reason that the republican primary matters, this year - is that it indicates the complete fracture of what was once its party base. Where once moderate, and independent - rallied under the banner of fiscal conservatism, ecological stewardship, and social and political freedom - we now see a deeply divided group of people almost evenly splitting amongst several candidates representing radically different direction. 2012 is a clear beginning of the end of the Republican part in the United States. Even as we speak, lobbyists are attempting to remove the right of free speech in Chicago. The issue of lobbyism and the Republican party's tacit acceptance of such monied corruption has made it the party of welfare for the wealthy. It can be safely assumed that it will vault to the top of its candidate list - a man who benefits from the same. Where the average citizen pays a strong burden of taxes - the republican candidates will all pay 15 percent or less. The upcoming loss b…

Skinny Love - Bon Iver/Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans[AMV]


Paper Planes - M.I.A./Slumdog Millionaire [AMV]


First Mate

This first mate knows the ropes. If you study this photograph carefully, you can see she has a good firm grasp of the pole. I think it's safe to say that with such fine technique, there will be seamen everywhere... cheering as she passes by.

Auntie Viral

If you are in excruciating, mind numbing
tearing your hair out by the roots
slamming your head against the wall
rolling around on the floor
clawing at your skin

Here's a Clue
No one cares.

As loud as hell
a ringing bell
behind your smile
it shakes your teeth
and all the while
ears will bleed

so fucking what
go to work
there's deadline to meet

And if you can take a moment to reflect
in between meds that don't work
that you can cough so hard that it breaks a rib
and have a cold that doesn't go away
see if you can find a clue:
A virus somewhere grew
into something that keeps makes zombies
instead of killing you

An evil dwarf sits on your shoulder
hammering a number two pencil
into your ear

Your head spins
You vomit in the corporate bathroom
but walk out smiling, again

Into the house of fun
down the hall of mirrors
where a hungry, green woman awaits you with a prescription
in a house made of candy and gingerbread
and leftover antibiotics, blue green and red


I'd Love to Change the World - Ten Years After


2011 Grand Total of Coverage for Climate Change: 32 min.

2011 broke all previous environmental disaster records. The total amount of money lost to environmental disaster - in the calendar year of 2011 - was 58 billion dollars. That's billion with a "B". The total amount of time that broadcast television - ABC, CBS, and NBC - granted on the subject of Climate Change - was 32 minutes. Studies that falsified data were broadcast on other networks - and the usual tactic of bringing on 'experts' who run counter to the broad scientific consensus that global climate change is real - in order that a point of fact might be argued instead of considered (is the sky blue? I say it's not ..!)... was adopted by other cable news organizations. This study also tactfully leaves out the weather channel - which had the unfortunate job this year of having to dispatch their reporters onto scene after scene of natural disaster. In earlier days, I would dive on reefs in the Carribean. These were beautiful , vivid - tree-like st…

The Devil's Feet - Azure Ray



Pieces of comets rain down
the size of a house
every sixty seconds
in our upper atmosphere
we haven't noticed
because we misplace them
sort of like car keys
but that's where the ocean comes from

Abraham's wife conceived
at the age of three score ten and five
bearing a son
Named Isaac
That's supposed to be where you and I come from

Isaac was asleep
against cool grey sky
As Abraham held the knife
he looked out upon
an existential map
that said "You Are Here"
written in every single place
And then he heard a voice inside his head
well done
and well done is better than well said
And put the knife away
Isaac awoke and said
Are we there yet?

raised her children to be strong
and when in the dark
her child fought
a man or an angel
all about them
burning pieces of the sky fell to the ground

Children of Men - The Ark of the Arts / Crimson King


A Funeral for Porn

Pornography died in its sleep
strangled by a comforting
as I passed in and out of a fever dream
helpless to watch
Nobody knew if it was really dead
but we buried it anyway
under its stage name

Later of course, it rose
body parts falling
nails black from earth
coffin shattered
dragging itself slowly across the cemetery
past supposed lovers
moth-like toward a distant light
of innocence

We defend
smashing its head
with maxwell's hammer
a zombie death scene , of course, censored

in the interest of taste
and civilization
Let's just say, dear reader
.. rule number one:
double tap.

At last the monster fell
and the raid was tired
so we decided
to held the funeral at dawn
circled around
and watch it go up in flame

dark circles where eyes had been
nails on its hands
black with earth
hanging by thin pieces of skin
red tongue
and shattered yellow teeth
glowing from the pyre
as the sparks fly upward
into chaos, and eros
and dark winged night

LDS, and The Executive

The Church of Latter Day Saints gears a person well to become a chief executive. If not first for the fact that it promotes amongst its members a sense of sobriety and clarity in personal relation, then it becomes the challenge of what one would do in an all-volunteer organization that represents your faith. Americans are, in many ways - religiously complacent. We are also essentially apolitical, and are almost always caught up on the bleeding edge of some social, political, or technological experiment. Clearly, in the past few years - social websites have exacted a toll on our society. They have, especially amongst the teenagers - promoted an Aspie-like inability to connect by almost negating the need for contact and real , emotional interaction. This type of soulless existence is exemplified by the rise of such trends as cyber bullying and online games. But it points to a deeper trend of the loss of even consideration of that spark of the divine within. The past does not point …