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Wuthering Heights


Markos Moulitsas

Markos Moulitsas calls himself Kos
and he pivots
at just the right time

Hillary Clinton calls herself a progressive
who gets things done

Are getting in the way

Have nothing left to say

That the republican trope
that bends and shapes itself
into an ouroboros
shaped like an albatross

that smells faintly of Dog
soft, and brown
in your backyard

From Here On

Can be a progressive

Who Gets ..Things


Bitter End - Placebo


A Farewell to Kos

I think it was the weather radio
that alerted me
to the storm

You made it rain for your person
You sold out

And the loyal and the good
were cut out from your midst
You made a pivot

And you fell like Icarus
drawing ever nearer
to the terminal velocity

You clapped your hands
and turned on your living room

You did it for the kids

Angel - L'Agent / Penelope Cruz - Massive Attack


Efficient Friend

The prevailing definition of efficiency is whatever makes the corporation you are bound , a better financial outlook. You work harder, are paid less. The definitions of pain that go along with it are clear - a pain point, in technology - is something that presents a problem to be solved. So , for example, it may be considered 'painful' to reach into your wallet and pull out a credit card to pay for something. It's more efficient to simply pass your cellphone over a contact-free method of payment. This is good at transferring money out of your account, to a corporation - but it doesn't really help you with your savings plan.

Most people don't stop to realize that efficiency seems to pervade our lives - that we are bombarded by marketing plans that do not include our best interests at heart. We have suffered the medical ad that seems to want us to make an end run around our doctor and take some kind of new drug, or our provider charging three hundred percent more th…