Efficient Friend

The prevailing definition of efficiency is whatever makes the corporation you are bound , a better financial outlook. You work harder, are paid less. The definitions of pain that go along with it are clear - a pain point, in technology - is something that presents a problem to be solved. So , for example, it may be considered 'painful' to reach into your wallet and pull out a credit card to pay for something. It's more efficient to simply pass your cellphone over a contact-free method of payment. This is good at transferring money out of your account, to a corporation - but it doesn't really help you with your savings plan.

Most people don't stop to realize that efficiency seems to pervade our lives - that we are bombarded by marketing plans that do not include our best interests at heart. We have suffered the medical ad that seems to want us to make an end run around our doctor and take some kind of new drug, or our provider charging three hundred percent more than the world standard - we carry the burden gladly, we no longer see the world in terms of what is in our own best interests. America has submitted to rule by benevolent dictator , our laws , our culture - now fall in line to consumerism,
and a never ending pursuit of whatever works best for the ruling class. This includes the efficient elimination of the American midddle class, the destruction of integrity in American politics, the disastrous citizens united Supreme Court decision that opened the door to unbridled influence of the political process by the arrogant oligarch.

We now live in a system that sustains taxation without representation at a level unknown even in pre-Revolutionary war time.
And we are slowly becoming aware of just how pervasive that influence has become.

Children are especially susceptible to marketing tricks. Many kids spend over 10.7 hours per day connected to some media device, and the modern campaign directed at the hardened adult often destroys the children as collateral. They seem to moor their connection to others through a constant connection to the internet, and that connection seems to be tied to a constant need to "review, post" comment. You can have a discussion with a child, and say something and they'll treat it as a topic post and they'll comment on it.

The comments are often directed away from you, and toward an imagined audience. They see this as an efficient way of communication - as they carry childhood notions of status to a circle of friends. Concepts of local communication, touch, and wide range of feeling are alien to them - they exist in a pre-built , pre-made world of happiness and feelings that are largely artificial in nature. And if you take away that connection, many will feel a sense of panic. They have efficiency in their circle of friends, as long as there is an intervening medium.

How would you feel, if someone called you an 'efficient lover'?