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Let The Day Begin - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


A Short Poem About God and Love

God is not love
Love is not God

God is something that creates universes
and gives an encouraging word
to stars of all colors
not to die
and burn
all life

Love is a life affirming response
that creates human beings
and keeps dreamers dreaming
and workers working

And you
and me


Because without Love
one cannot live.

No Puede Vivar Sin Amar

Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins.


Upper Middle Class. A warning.

This is a warning for whoever bends their philosophy and ideology to justify comfortable feeling despite the fact that the upper middle class is a very dangerous place to be. The lower middle class is gone, shoved below the poverty line. The middle class is gone. But you're ok, right?

You live in a biosphere the overlords built for you - a themed you-will-have-fun 3,000 square foot home, the cool driveway and the neat toys and the fun vacation you can optionally take when your corporate overlords allow it. Never mind that they're overdeveloping residential so they can get head count on per capita county tax allocations, and wrap it all up in fake mortgage backed securities derivatives... take your heroin shot into the arm, it's really pure - sharp needles make it so you can't feel it. You'll want more. No after effects, so you don't get sick. And maybe you don't go to jail, because you can afford the entry level legal bribes.

The stench doesn't…


Here is the Diary , in full, that got me banned from Daily Kos. It should be now apparent just how far the Clinton Democrats are willing to go. They paid off the administrators of so called "progressive" blogs. The title of the post was "I have some serious questions now that Hillary has won it all"

I have some serious questions, now that Hillary has won it all. I hope you can help me to answer them, because they are really important to me.

1. If your toenail looks grody, but there’s a thin sliver of good toenail right at the base, is there a way to grow your toenail out so that the new toenail looks nice and pink and normal?

2. Why did Bernie Sanders phonebanking platform suck so bad on the last Super Tuesday? I mean, seriously — I logged in and couldn’t even make a single call. Super suck. Does anyone know the answer? We gotta get that thing fixed, I’m going to be seriously upping my phone bank schedule pretty soon.

3. Are the Clintons poly or just open? I…

Hillary's Ghost

I am a small businessman, and I live or die on the basis of real deals and product development that is incredibly risky. For example, this year, I am very proud to have recruited a kid from Apple Computer, and I am likely going to make it to market first with a product that will play in a big market. I have successfully beaten some big dogs. Small business is a gloves-off enterprise, and I am a survivor. I live or die on the basis of my ability to win in both dealmaking and product development. I've successfully sold computer hardware, even when my own supplier put up a website that undercut my prices right as my product line was rolling out. We've done alot over the years, but we're not this giant company and we've got room for improvement, and hopefully everyone will soon be able to see what I've been cooking for the past year, year and a half and you'll like it.

Speaking from the perspective of a small businessman, I feel there is a parallel to statesmen.…

The Gutter

There are days
when you open the bag of dog food
and you find that little string
and pull it once, and the entire thing

Comes undone

There are moments
when your heart beats in your throat
and you know you cannot trust your partner
and you find that little hope
that keeps you going , so you get to work

And move on

There are people
who don't know how to fix the problems
they cause for themselves others
and you can't fix them

But they are your brothers
and your sisters

You take care of them
You live each moment
You fight each fight

One at a time
You are always just on the edge of disaster
Everything is in a whirl
You and I are not alone
It's a mistake to think we are safe
when we are not

The best we can do is to plan,
to hope, to carry out what we know

And to build upon every good thing
we can both accomplish

Without tearing down the accomplishments of others

But here is a warning
And I hope that you take heed

We are alone
in this vast corner of the universe

Zero gravi…

A Thought for A Sunday after Meeting Two Men Carrying a Dobro The Night Before

If we do not dwell on the risk of sudden disaster and pay a price for our innocence, it is because reality comprises two cruelly confusing characteristics: on the one hand, continuity and reliability lasting across generations; on the other, unheralded cataclysm. We find ourselves divided between a plausible invitation to assume that tomorrow will be much like today and the possibility that we will met with an appalling event after which nothing will ever be the same again. It is because we have such powerful incentives to neglect the latter that we must consider fortune.

The ancient goddess Fortune was found on the back of many Roman coins, holding a cornucopia in one hand and a rudder in the other. She was beautiful, and usually wore a light tunic and a coy smile. She had originated as a fertility goddess, the firstborn of Zeus, and was honored with a festival on the 25th of May and with temples throughout the land, visited by the barren and farmers in search of rain. But gradually…

A Message to Americans

If you support donald drumpf, it's ok - you're a drumpfuck. We can work with you. We're not going to be that passive aggressive person who thinks that they are better off because they made one less mistake than you. In the end, as I write this, I still feel the same yoke of slavery to the arrogant financial elites - I still feel the slow and creeping police state coming upon me. I, as a Bernie Sanders man, am simply saying - let's talk. First, let's start off with the first amendment. First. * All puns are completely intentional.

The first amendment guarantees , among the promise of a secular government, the constitutional design of a United States free from Theocracy - and the free press , that somehow misses the now national and widespread rallies of tens of thousands of people while they air their news media entertainment propaganda - until 86,000 of them happen to show up from "out of nowhere, and all they want to do is stop someone from speaking&quo…

M83 - Wait



There is an illusion
of Apex

He is locked in a black and white police car
Or is it she?

Sometimes, with dogs. It's hard to know behind bars.

We regard the outside world
within the trained response

sort of like riding a train
we tend to fall in line

And then along comes someone
without pants

And we must set our dreams
where our bodies are

A part of us breaks apart
light fills us
if just for a moment

Everything is so messed up

But it is something that we can work toward
Our body temperature rises and falls

White blood cells move around
the thing that moves through the air
and water
and touch

Sets us to sleep from exhaustion
The virus

is the dominant

on earth
and now it cycles slowly down within me

my head
my heart

a dying fire

Right in Two / Tool


Confession: I need you to understand something


I need you to understand something.
I need you to understand faith.

My faith is my faith in you.
My love is my love for you.

My life is my life lived for you.
My heart. Is your heart.

This is an eternal golden braid.
A skein woven of space and time and light and spirit.
Shimmering in the dark.

It is a mystery.
It is hope.
It is despair.
It is darkness.

The kind you think is not a part of your life.
The kind you feel at night, in the quiet.
The kind that whispers of the immortal now.
The everpresent then.
The past that never left you.
The future receding to the horizon.

This is a confession of hatred.
A confession of love.

The hurt in my heart that I wanted to drive away.
The drive itself, long, boring, uneventful.
The point at which you throw yourself awake.

The strange reasons for why you live.
Thankful that you did.

This is a confession of faith.
That all life is sacred.

That your heart . Touched my heart.
That my life. Touched your life.

This is creepy action …

Terrence Malick Tribute


For Immediate Release - Hillary Clinton's Speech Transcripts


H. R. Clinton speech to Goldman Sachs, October 12, 2013
"Let's look into Dodd Frank and see what works and doesn't"

Flint, Michigan, March 8, 2016.
In an abrupt change of course for Hillary Rodham Clinton, today Madame Secretary released her transcripts of the speech made before Goldman Sachs, in October of 2013. This bribe acceptance speech, amongst a few others, was met by a total of 675,000.00 in campaign contribution, and was a glowing review of the diversity of the workplace of Goldman Sachs, and its operations. No single critical word was spoken of the institution, in regard to its role in the catastrophic collapse of the American financial system in 2008, or any mention of strengthening regulation against banking.

" First let me say - I'm a progressive who gets things done. Now, the banks didn't really cause this problem - we know that you have been playing fair, and we need to look at Dodd Frank and find out what works, a…

Two Little Cats in a Doll House


Mary dark of night sky

The joy of seeing
a star crying
bleeding light across
a far horizon

The simple jesuit two thousand three fifty
to the place where a supernova
left a planet dying

buried deep within the surface of the small and burned earth
a record that you could read
that said

Don't forget us
And that jesuit priest, astronaut
falling to his knee

Or perhaps as I
standing in the cold dark night sky

Asking Mary
or praying

Why should an entire planet die
so that only one night sky could light

two thousand three hundred and eighty seven years ago
december twenty five

why did they have to die,
he wondered

but maybe. he just turned his head to the sky
and said

hail mary
full of grace
the lord is with thee

blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of they womb jesus

holy mary
mother of god
pray for us ,
sinners now and unto the day of our death.


Blue Eyed Hexe - The Pixies

The Republican Debate 3/3/2016 - Thoughts and Conversation

There is something very important you need to learn about ideology. The way that ideology is sold and delivered, is alot different than the way you think it is transmitted. You were taught that ideology means big block letters, soviet work posters saying all hands for socialism now. But as a Democratic Socialist (huge difference from socialism. huge! ) we know that ideology is actually delivered in human moments. Tonight's delivery was life or death for the news media entertainment criminals, and this last republican debate was a crucial one for a news media entertainment channel to succeed in their attempt to define and manipulate the race. The front runner in their debate constantly talked about polls, and how they were so important. If you listen to a clip called "morning joe" you can hear the front runner saying just how important he thinks the polls are. But Bernie Sanders teaches us that polls go up, polls go down, the issues are what's important. Tonight, th…

I left my medical clone. In San Francisco.

In 1890, a few years before Friedrich Drumpf, Donald's real name - came to America , my ancestor was hard at work in the beautiful, alluring siren-city of San Francisco. I , personally, left my organ transplant 3 d printed heart in San Francisco and am currently hoping to transfer more of my organ backups there as well. But to continue.. from the mists of time... Friedrich Drumpf, after arriving in San Francisco, turned northward to later open and operate houses of ill repute, opium dens, and saloons in the Seattle red light district and thus the Drumpf family fortune was founded. This intergenerational wealth came from an awareness of beauty, and perhaps goes a long way to explaining the successful branding, but not deal making - of the Drumpfs. A branding strategy that today centers completely around the repetition of a false name that Friedrich Drumpf invented for himself the year before.

My ancestor, Madame Rentz - began her career 20 years earlier with Madame Rentz' Femal…