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Sony Go Pro 3

This camera fascinates me. I got a camera for christmas, I want to take shots like this.

Live for the Chase ( Christmas Bells Are Ringing)

Every poem is just a guess
I guess

You write whatever is best
and the old lines and edges
of words and sounds
fall in line

Every poem takes alot of concentration
and luck

The thoughts and feelings within
move around and shift inside
words and sounds
falling in line

Some men are born underneath a lucky star
Some women give birth beneath a lucky star

The child coming forth into the hay
the sheep goes bah
the cow goes moo
the horse goes neigh

Dark riders and three wise men
stopping on the side of the road
for a cheeseburger
and a shake

Live for the chase

Art of Life - X Japan

For Lord Oda Nobunaga

You do not look back anymore

You do not look back anymore
I go on to the endless future
The walk down this road
you have to believe ...

Glow Back Over Scars - Signal

I Pray

I pray
you can still feel

There will never be enough skin
for this ink

Save across my heart the words
Do Not Revive

Regardless of what they say
even things I have seen
in italian films

I pray
that you realize
you were beauty to me
and truth and love

You blew like a wind through my life
and helped me to see
the eternal golden braid

A tree turned in on itself

the thing that hurts you
always hurt me

I look over all I have done
I find dust

The words cut like a knife
but I must speak them to myself
until we both make them false

A virgin mary falling over by herself
A bolt of lightning to the uterus

You're there
you're alive

That's enough

It was always enough.
Fuck the caffeine.

There was drama
I could have avoided
And Love
That I could not

But a life lived
stretches limits
sometimes to incoherence

given me this moment
where I can feel
and see you again
before we all
go under

Your taste
your touch
the words
half formed in my throat

God …

Roads - Portishead

Inner Struggle

It's dark
but warm and loving and safe

A thin sheen covers my face
and my eyes are closed

I do not eat
but I am not hungry

I hear sound
but mostly

I float dreamlike
waiting for the moment
when I can tear the veil
and the water rushes out

I will hurt you.
In a fledgling and eminently real way

The kick inside

I wear the face I had
that was given to me by my parents
it is the face that I wear
before I was born

In mind
I can see south florida
although I've never been
I feel
a warm wind touching the palm
although I have no skin

The sea level goes higher
bit by bit

The weather
like two coiled springs
moving back and forth against each other

I imagine in the darkness
a shark circling the dock

And so I kick him in the teeth

And Again.
And Again.

Ode to A Pop Song

Have you ever heard a pop song
when you have a fever
or while seeing a beautiful sunset
or at the moment you held someone
that you loved for a long time
and finally touched again?

Have you ever heard a pop song
at the moment of award
when they had the coveted
(insert trophy/medal/plaque here)
to you and the crowd cheers?

Have you ever heard a pop song
playing in your mind
when you just barely held the line
between driving fast and losing control?

Have you ever heard a pop song
slickly polished and targeted
to mass audiences
when you stood in your front yard
and watched your children play?

Have you ever seen a pop star
standing there at bandorrah
waxing their board and paddling out
to seven foot waves?

Have you ever been to a concert
where pop music was played
and a mosh pit appeared in the center
whirling away?

Have you ever thought of a pop song
echoing in the operating room
when you were operating on
someone's brain?

Have you ever felt a pop song
when you pulled back on the c…

Radiohead - David Byrne/ The Talking Heads

Robot Clowns - Bob Wilson

I know you don't believe me
But the thoughts they never leave me
Push them down down down
To the bottom of my sea

(An incubus in grease paint)

And there they lay until this very day
Yes they've held their breath
But now their violet eyes
Slowly break the surface

Why did I try, why did I try
To watch that movie again?
Why did I think that I was immune
A little more now than then?
Cause now their rusted fingernails
Are scratching at my door

The robot clowns are coming soon
To sip lemonade in the afternoon
But their faces change at the cusp of night
To maniacal smiles and a mechanical bite.

Just because you don't perceive it
Doesn't mean that it's not really happening
It's a painful thing when your antenna's
High above the clouds

Turn out the light, turn off the phone
Turn off my mind , leave me alone
But now the robot clowns are scratching
At my bedroom door.

[You see, what you have Mr. Larrabee is
A garden variety psychosis
It can be treated with some therap…

Pale Blue Dot

Today I saw a pale blue dot
from Voyager

It was photograph taken about
1990 in December

The picture was of a planet
with which we've all become familiar

And even though it was small
barely visible

It was beautiful

A bright pale blue dot
for you
for me


I picture the Voyager spacecraft
alone in the dark

Listening to the Beach Boys
and dreaming of a naked cowgirl

Floating across the ceiling

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Beyond The Horizon

My eyes are weak
the light brings endless transition
shadows and puppies
spin in the distance

I cannot see
if the world before me
is real

There is no measure
no sense of distance
You can be close
or far

I reach to your memory
and my hand touches thin air

My heart fades
each beat measured

One day my heart will stop
and play its final beat

One day I will go beyond
the things I cannot see

I suspect
even though I do not know
that day

Will be a day where I can be still
The people that have never been able to look me in the eye
Will stare
as do all

It might be a cool gray day
or heat
and sunshine

I am sure they will say
that darkness follows night

But I will see
a flash of light

and move in silence
beyond all horizon

Until then
If it's okay with you

The remote control is mine.

The Horizon

It is not so difficult to imagine
that a man can talk to shadows

Foras he nodded nearly napping
when silently there came a tapping
gently as if a rapping
rapping upon his chamber door

Edgar Allen Poe and a black raven
had a conversation
about a woman named Lenore

It's not hard to understand
that a man
can fall into an event horizon
defined by a woman
carried by her form
her shape and smell

We have all been to Paris
at some point
and remember
recent or far distant
the sound and feel of places that are alive

We can all belong to something
greater than ourselves

It doesn't have to be anything that makes sense

A soldier carries a picture of his sweetheart into war
A man who lost his female dog calls the new boy pup her
A priest kisses the statue of the blessed mother
A man caresses the metal of his beautiful old car
The assassin polishes his thirty odd six
The doctor remembers the names of the kids

he delivered
fifty years ago

All of us know the moment
our heart broke
for the f…

Streets of Philadelphia

I was bruised and battered, I couldn't tell what I felt.
I was unrecognizable to myself.
I saw my reflection in a window, I didn't know my own face.
Oh brother are you gonna leave me wastin' away
On the Streets of Philadelphia.

I walked the avenue, 'til my legs felt like stone,
I heard the voices of friends vanished and gone,
At night I could hear the blood in my veins,
Black and whispering as the rain,
On the Streets of Philadelphia.

Ain't no angel gonna greet me.
It's just you and I my friend.
My clothes don't fit me no more,
I walked a thousand miles
Just to slip this skin.

The night has fallen, I'm lyin' awake,
I can feel myself fading away,
So receive me brother with your faithless kiss,
Or will we leave each other alone like this
On the Streets of Philadelphia

High and Dry - Radiohead

A Simple Observation

A simple observation
that our spirits are bound to matter
and matter is bound to space
and space is bound to time
but you are timeless

A simple observation
that life is bound to the living
and our souls are dyed by the color of our thoughts
and you kill yourself every time
you fall apart

A simple observation
that men and women are a thing
and that thing lives inside
and when you touch it

It screams

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

October Eleven Twenty Thirteen

Tomorrow as you wend your way home
You will hear at twilight a train come
And dying leaves fly to the loam
The dark carnival comes to town

Your steps will echo on empty street
The trees , one by one, their leaves
Like men in graves will turn to peat
And voices will echo of Hallow's eve

Then you feel the cold hand of doom
Yours to fear and face alone
No hope that saves nor faith drawn
The fates at last call back their own
And whispered in a cold wind warn

Something Wicked This Way Comes

How to Read This Blog: A Primer

This is a collection of writings, essays, image, film and verse. Much of it has been broken, over time, and there is much to read. It extends over the course of nearly six years, maybe more. Early posts included images and music that have been content removed by people who believe that they can own what's inside your head.

Some posts are political in nature. They represent a concern for the world as it is, and my personal voting and activist considerations taken to change it for what I feel it should be.
Some of the work done in the early years of this blog were dedicated purely to that aim, simply because I felt that we were on a bad vector. America engaged in War of Convenience, massively grew the federal bureaucracy, and enveloped much of what was done in levels of secrecy that were and are still unprecedented in our history. The attempt to implement a unitary executive was something I opposed.

Some posts are sexual in nature. They reflect a sensibility that I maintain, being…

Welcome to Tokyo - World Order


We leave our imprint
on matter
We carry our spirit
in matter
We are all made of starstuff
Every Decision
Every Moment
Every Person
Every Love
Every Pet
Every Action
Right or Wrong
Every Breath
Every Flower
Every Death


Clarity - Zedd (ft. Foxes)

Dom and Sub

Below the sea
red is removed
and all is blue

Above, drawn against Haiti
A republic of Dominica

The sub approaches the shore
and surfaces in the harbor

And the Dominican Republic opens her arms
so the ship lays down her armor

The hatch spins open
and El Capitan

Sees the sun for the first time

For every woman
there is a man

For every man
comes a woman

It's good to be home

Health and Care

The 500 Percent

In America, with 15% of the population living below the poverty line, and 1% of the population holding more wealth than nearly all of the bottom 25% combined, there exists a structure of paid off politicians, corrupt corporate rules for leaking insider information, stock trade, and institutionalized bribery. It is an attempt by those traitors to our cause, who sided with the British during the great American revolution - to reinstate the monarchy and reward themselves. It is taxation without representation - the hidden fees, the not so hidden extra work for no pay, the bills that kill.

But within this same group of people, there are those I call the 500%. They are the ones who take most of their information from television and radio, talk radio, or video clips.

I call them the 500% because I recently learned from someone who did a study, that information you gather in this manner is 5 times slower than if you read it. A good example might be found in reading law. If someone spends th…

Street Spirit - Radiohead

Heureux Anniversaire

A black and white film
of a man making his way across town.
faded print flickering
like a whisper from the 1920's
echo of citroen
and shaving cream
and a sunflower decapitated by a sunroof

He comes up to the apartment
and she is drunk
it took too long pour sont arrive
lover of gin , one too many
fade out again

She dreams
talking softly to herself
against the din of rain
and fragments of the sky
burned into the ordinary world
and stolen
like diamonds in the night

I come from a dead place
from pride
from sadness
my body failing
my heart a vacuum

a place where no life could ever exist
a place where I need you the most
a place where passion and coincidence
intersect and tear us all apart
drawn like a moth

She is spinning in the dark
a flapper
pearls against black lace
a black Charleston
set against light we can recognize

And I know at once the sorrow
and joy
I taste the bathtub gin

Mixed by an old man with a halo
and a shock of white hair
and thick glasses

When he says goodbye

Rodney "The Dog" Mullen - TED Talk

Yes, that was our nickname for him. And well deserved. Help take a bite out of crime.

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac/Final Fantasy[AMV]


The ancient greeks had a saying: Every virtue is a median between two extremes. This is to a large extent , true. Americans can be over the top. Everyone can. After 911, we went over the top. We developed some of the most intrusive laws ever created - the Patriot act being the shining example. A government that already held too many ties to corporations - suddenly found itself with a former CEO holding high level meetings to define policy. How do you think they were driven? Do corporations act in the interest of a nation, or their shareholders?

And so it goes. Insurance companies hire people to draft legislation, and take elements of reform that were intended to finally end the medical industry insanity in our country, and instead expand a law - which will soon go into effect - to a level of complexity that defies perception. It's centerpiece: you are required to buy insurance.

And a few days ago, with rain approaching - I decided to head over to an indoor pool and go for a swim.…

Sigur Rós - Sæglópur

Russian Flowers

Perhaps once before night
I kiss your cheek

You smell faintly of vodka
and the black sea

Perhaps once before I fly
I wipe my tears


I close my eyes and say goodbye
and the darkness falls away

I stand in a place we have both never been before
The sun rises white
Its light blue

And our eyes tuned
to azure ray

I reach up and out and into my own heart and dispel the blackness there
and find that I can breathe the air

And you and I are strong again
We turn and touch each other's skin

And once before the night
the blue light of our star
catches the fall of your hair
and I remember you
as you really are

and flower
that blossoms out of the aeon

a memory of green

Teresa V

A viral revelry
your music wends its way through me
a symphony of memory
wrapped in the innocence
of sleeping children

Your eyes your skin your heart
the flat of your abdomen
and my calm hand
next door tv flashing blue frames on the wall

You and I forever and ever and the
older we grow and the more we know
the less we show

We are who we are
not vampire
made of stars

And at last I admit
that I can do without
your innuendo and my drama so many years driven in between us
cutting through my heart and breaking my bones

Who am I, Teresa?

I am a dragon.
I am a song.
I am a man.
I am a fool.
I am a poem that quickly changes its tune.
I am the alpha and omega.
I am a lover.
I am a friend.

What am I, Teresa?

I am a monster.
I am the passive aggressor.
I am the prayer.
I am the wind.
I am the star.
I am the darkness.

Catfish to God.

Dragula - Rob Zombie

Love and Kisses

It's funny how
part of my body
remembers you

My cat wants me to forget
bringing fleas
and disease

Its sharp white teeth into my leg
does not dispel

Memories of Green

I want to feel the cool earth
and the touch of grass
and your scent

To close my eyes and feel alive
and be a part of you again

And so I move next to you
and curl around you
and we sleep
and dream

Thrift Shop - Macklemore and Ryan


I know what you're thinking.
But take comfort.

Pretty obnoxious, huh? Written here on a blog.
After all, wouldn't the creator of the universe
be a bit more creative?

Why aren't I talking to you by swan?
Like Zeus?
Why do I always talk to one person, alone?
Instead of just using
Televisionary Television?

Hey. Aren't you used to piles of shit by now?
Enough love songs
for that monster child.

I want to speak to you.
I want you to understand why you're alive.

Then the storm spoke. And the thunder said.
You see.
You were made to die.

I didn't do this to be mean.
I just wanted you to know why.

It's a wish.
After all, the universe keeps us going.
Galaxies twist and collide
and wipe out entire sections of life
Like things that grow and multiply
in a drop of water

Not quite like leviathan

And so we killed off planets
before it happens.
You have to, sometimes -
for life.
And, you know
for the wife.

You listen to lyrics.
I am hoping you figure it out


Hi, I'm Your Disease


I'm your disease.
We're going to be friends, today.

Please don't sleep.
Just push yourself.

All day, all night - I'll be waiting for you when you tire
I'm low grade.

I know what you're thinking.
Why shouldn't I just blossom into a full blown fever?

Then you would be leery
and I couldn't cut and splice your DNA
with safety scissors
and a glue stick

I like colors
I know. Let's paint your hair gray
caving in around you
try to look the other way
but you can't turn around

It's ok for you to hate me
for all the things I've done

I've made a few mistakes
but I'm not the only one

But please. Don't sleep.
Don't heal.

Just let me stay inside
where the soft dark things hide

I am so hungry
and so simple

I love you
I've always loved you

I am religion, in my own way
and I know you love to have religion in your own way

My final prayers
are written

I am the ultimate
and I know you like to Dominate

I am

Come and Get it - Selena Gomez

Home - Tina Dico/ Zero 7

Lost in cheap delirium
searching the neon light

I move carefully
sink in the city Aquarium
sing in the key of night
as they're watching me

Take me somewhere we can be alone
Make me somewhere I can call a home
'Cause lately I've been losing on my own

Wrapped in silent elegance
beautiful broken down
as illusions burst

Too late to learn from experience
too late to wonder how
to finish first

Take me somewhere we can be alone
Make me somewhere I can call a home
'Cause lately I've been losing on my own

Won't you take me home?

Wor - Django Django

The Art of Asking - Amanda F-king Palmer

Ordinary World - Simon Le Bon/ Duran Duran

Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue,
Thought I heard you talking softly.
I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio,
Still I can't escape the ghost of you.
What has happened to it all?
crazy some would say.
Where is the life that I recognize?
Gone away

But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world,
Somehow I have to find.
And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world,
I will learn to survive.

Passion or coincidence once prompted you to say:
Pride will tear us both apart.
Well now pride's gone out the window, cross the rooftops, run away,
Left me in the vacuum of my heart.
What is happening to me?
crazy some would say.
Where is my friend when I need you most?
Gone away

But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world,
Somehow I have to find.
And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world,
I will learn to survive.

Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed.
Fear today, forgot tomorrow... ooh
Here beside the news of hol…

Go Pro - Kelia Moniz - Roxy Wahine Classic


The Future of the Internet (And How You Can Stop It)

I have a garage
A workshop

It was once filled with water
and mold grows on everything
but like good marriages
it is built now on what isn't
as well as what is

I have a few things I've made
and things I've invented

I have a white board
and a surf board
and a skate board

I surf there
and try to invent things
there are moments where I can focus
on things
But mostly I'm just bored

I spend time
on the internet
most of which I do not
live to regret

I learn
and travel
and feel as if I am somewhere else

I sit still
and grow fat
and soft

My eyes grow weak
I pulse through the sky
with dark angels in flight
across a godless ocean
I adapt
in profound ways

I take time out
to work with a switch
that seems never to die
and make it work better
and connect everything in my backyard
to the front
and wireless to the side
and out to the car
and to my bike
and to connect in other ways

I will watch out
for people who wear the internet on their eyes
and in their phone
and keep it so close

Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend


A Riddle , For Father's Day.

Armored scales never a-clinking
never breathing always drinking

My color of skin
the same as that within
that which has no hinge,
nor key or lid
yet inside golden treasure hid

I come not from
not random chemical
but like a comet to the earth
Knowing well that when I was born
I would need to feed

And one day
I will be saved
from darkness
and basketball

And live to retire
in a clear plastic bowl

For the day at last I abandon my Goal
My goal will be achieved.

What Am I?

Get Lucky - Daft Punk



Some say the world shall end in fire
others say ice

But I have seen the end of the world in desire
and I have seen the beginning of the world in the eye
of a bird
before it was killed

I have heard the pure intentions juxtaposed
between the sharpened claws of a cat
who leapt silently and fell from the world

I saw the moment the air opened wide
and let him in

I heard the poetry of the unerring strike
Its effeciency
The deadly allure of life within uncertainty

The bird thought it could run away
but like the cat
who would go hungry

It was taking a chance

I saw the world fall away
and the beautiful colors fade

The cat takes the head
and like kittens who must be led
and away
from litter
and chairs
and toys filled with catnip

So we can be led
to greatness

Or cold silence.


The Prepared Mind

Ya Hey - Vampire Weekend


Imagine Dragons

There in the mist
just before the dawn
we remember the hiss
the sound of the dragon
deep within our bones

It shocks us back to the living
and gives us sense
to fight together
and make a stand

Dragons can be confused
and they don't know what they're hitting
They burn their food
torn in two
Their approach is never subtle

They do not have opposable thumbs
and cannot build bridges
Their armor is not always perfect
Gold can draw their attention

A dragon knows what from its hoard
exactly would be missing

But all that glitters is not gold
Speak Friend and Enter

New Refinements in Male to Female Surgery


Tearesea' hu' po 7 meter

I don't care about Hawaii
I've got Tahiti.

I'm a cold ass honky.

I've got it all .

Check it out. Three people
That dress up and clean my house.

I've got it all.
Knot agreed juries during

Gnaw Tiffany Mouse

I know the pieces fit. Because I watched them fall
Square, fundamental
Catching an edge and over

The light I find and simple division
carrying me forward through to the end

Tweeze denied beef worker Isthmus
This talking swear unbided Gemini wit cairn

Onward through the storm
Buddy herding explain air hedge rowboat design
Grit your teeth
Keep a stiff upper lip

Move on and through
and onto
a sense


To survive
After all

7 meters is alot of wave

Love is a Stranger - Kate Miller Heidke


Teresa 4

you have to be there

You can't just tell someone
or add a soundtrack
and make it something

And sure, things will worry you
You want others to feel good
and you want them to even - feel
to cut through inhibition
and despair
testing limits

you have to be there

You can't just make someone
into something they are not
and it doesn't really matter
what they believe
or what you believe
love feels sometimes
like religion
you have to follow your heart

And sure, you can collect everything together
all the hidden stories you thought made you special
all the mystical moments , clothing optional
the respect you give
and the respect you have taken

All of it adds up
to nothing

You have to be there

Even if there
is here

It's so hard to explain
how harmless everything
really is
until you face it

All of it.
And make it to the other side.
And hear

The sound
of the faces in the crowd



Bug Light

A dark blue purple beacon
that fills a bug's eye
with possibility

A silver mesh of wire
that fills a bug's mind
with electricity

An eerie light
on a dark night

Lit by the flash
of simple minds

And finding it

Old Man - Neil Young


A Nice Jewish Girl

Let's face it
one testament
is enough

Whoever would climb the summit of truth
to receive commandment
should write in stone
or the Talmud

that whatsoever ye would
do unto others
as they to you

to the chosen
be born
A true Messiah

A Spirit from the Sky
who wields the power of the earth
and will baptize with fire
and more than likely
know what it means
to be broken hearted
once or twice

Maybe an alien impregnate
zombie suicide mission

To A
Nice Jewish girl

The only person
who knows to whom

The voice of the invisible shadow belongs

But enough, already
Let's travel
along the footpath
covered in weeds
that grow
like the word of false prophets

Each tear we cry
Each day when we wake up
And see each screw that we are missing
perhaps tiny
like diamond sparks
The voice of your conscience
Or is it the Shadow..?
That says
Crime does not pay ..

Girls are trouble
But to a Nice Jewish Girl -
Ask her. And she will tell you.
There is a secret.
That isn't a secret.

Trouble does not…

Rockefeller Skank - Fatboy Slim


Teresa II

Over the past few years
to the traditional sound of the drama
has been added a new noise

I close my eyes and pretend I can write
and you can read
and the images on my skin
mean anything at all

Mine are scars

Yours are purple and red and yellow and on fire
Your skin would catch the color everywhere


One day I will read
your memoir

And by love and union
I will at last become
a Daimyo

I close my eyes and see

The pulsing orb that grows
from the center of the world

And suddenly
it is spring

And you and I
are beneath
the cherry and dogwood

May we walk long among their blossoms

Muttu teke motomo fukigatashi

Lights - Ellie Goulding



I wasn't there when it began
at least the way I am

Maybe we were all undersea
like the fossil I found
in the middle of a south Georgia Field

The forest could have been a reef
The mountains an Island
The ridges of the canyon
a channel where we swim

It doesn't always matter
where we came from

As long as we know where we're going
like Old Faithful
who tells us
where we are

And the mountains
if you listen
can tell us where we've been

Like flying saucers
and Jesus Christ
riding a Dinosaur across the eerie landscape

of endless numbered days
that crush themselves like kittens against the breast
biting milk teeth the blue someday
that fell like daggers of hot rain
up yellow stone
and lifted up into clouds
that you and I
named lorraine and salem

and tufts

Weary Memory - Iron and Wine


The Mormon Overdrive

Placed in L5
spinning in axis
The black metal engine
waits for its master

The Laban fires her jets
and moves into position
bringing the overdrive
into the hold

The symbols on the case
are hard to read
so I load a translation firmware
burned in the silicon implants
from powdered stone
that were once my eyes

on Mormon overdrive
to the stars

I am what I once was
and lo my soul has grown
to a lordly compass within

the souls of the ten million

that make me who I am

I can no longer drink wine
the gray suffused into my veins

I can no longer smoke
because I no longer breathe
I eat once a week
or whenever I need
to add new parts

do androids dream of electric sheep?
I wait
in reefersleep
and take care of those within


like comets
on an arc of new life
like the waking limb
pins and needles
pins and needles

and stars and songs
nice to know you


Bettie Page - A Dream



Boston is a beautiful place
where everyone can run their own race

Where people can simply be
and people can be free

It's been too long
since the last tea party

takes a new name
and a new face

Tyranny of the Mind
Tyranny of the Flesh

Schedule in ink upon skin
A Post Humanist World

Set aside grace
Set aside love
like a Seminary

long having changed its name
and forgotten

A fair city

May it help me to remember your face

And to those who travel that way
may God keep safe

It's ok.
You don't have to believe, here
in the ancient of days

Echoes/ Pink Floyd - 2001


Teresa One

Here are my thoughts
that are your thoughts
that have been our thoughts
since before time began
and after it will end

First, dead air rings through the sky
because all of that time
was not when we were alive
the realm of soft illusion
that we never lived
and all the world unborn

And this brings us to music
you play during sex
but it's all just music on hold
maybe like life a bit
you and me

And so we weave our way
into enfoldment of space and time
that keeps a pocket of miracle
left from all the disease
and our soft eyes
and fading senses
return us to the place we came

Plant me in the ground
next to a redwood
or an oak
but never a pine

Let my body feed the world
as I have fed from it

and never be its mistress
but its lover
and friend
the ocean closes in

And the Gryphon rises
with terrible Will
carrying valentine
to twenty nines
that every four years
adds one more day of life

To you.

Violin Music On Hold

On hold
music whispers

Friendly conversation fills the hallway
and the phone cradle set against my ear
feels calm

I take a drink of water
and break an aspirin
with my thumb

The irregular half popped into my mouth
and chased with cool water
as violins play music to my ear

What is it about classical music
that makes it timeless?

Music soothes the savage beast
and gives us a taste of the beyond

While someone on the end of the line
with whom I am talking
runs diagnostics
and sets everything right

The violins in symphony
carrying me forward in time
second by second
minute by minute

In some ways warm
In some ways cold

Younger than my teeth
Older than my tongue

Sigur Ros - Glósóli



Blow the explosive bolts
stage separation
falls to earth
parachute unfold
destined to the water
off the Florida coast

We are approach escape velocity
Opening the engine wide

We design a course to the stars

Full throttle
into the dark

Where no man has gone before

Украина имеет талант 5 - Анастасия Соколова Донецк


Narcissus Wizard

I know
let's say he's a narcissist

Then we don't have to thing about the fact that he's writing about God
or tearing out our intestinal tract
and replacing it nanobots

Let's call him self absorbed
then we don't have to think about the fact that he's writing about Politics
losing friends left and right
mostly right

He doesn't share pictures of children or wives or lovers
He doesn't write about others

He doesn't buy into the holy atheist temple of I, me, my, mine
He isn't sure we can sense all we can see
or see all that we can sense
He believes in the invisible sky God

He thinks tattoos are a way assert control
over our own flesh

He writes about polyamory and he plays Megadeth

Let's call him a narcissist
Berate him
Forsake him

Forget him better still

Biting Elbows- The Stampede


You Have Caused Pain

You have caused pain
and it has been felt by another
it has stopped them from being able to feel
and tainted their love

You have caused sorrow
and it has been felt by your lover
it has stopped them from feeling real
and sent them to another

You have complications
and they have obscured the beauty
of the simple things

You have forgotten
the miracle
and wonder

In its place you have created
and complexity

You have built a resistance
to feeling things
everything is perfect
just the way it seems

Except for a pair of angel wings
that fly you low to the ground
and keep you from harm
and remind you

That life is for the living
and love conquers all

Amor Vincit Omni

The Wizard of Oz / Pink Floyd


In Heaven

I have a great Idea for a game
see if you like it

First, we seed the solar system with comets
and set everything up
so that every now and then
one begins

The long haul down toward the sun
and hits this planet
where water coexists with ice coexisting with steam

Then, we let bits and pieces of stuff
we want
you know, the DNA that smells good
let it find a foothold

Add maybe, what would you say? 3 billion years or so?
And see what grows.

I bet you anything
that we will get sentient life.
Let's put them in orbit
just far enough away
so that they get wiped out every ten or twenty million years or so
but just close enough
so they can adapt and select and know
what it's like
to be alive
before the explosion

And darkness
upon the face of the deep.

In Heaven.
No one can hear you scream.

Nostalgia for Infinity

She was printed
from the core of an asteroid

Each part
lovingly sculpted
and assembled by robots

Near earth orbit at Lagrange Point Three

Ice in her hull
forms a radiation barrier
and a breakaway shield

I took helm
in the last part of the year

But first
I got rid of my intestine
and stomach

And like a Hindu Love God
I added a few more arms

Then, in the weightlessness of space
my ears long removed
I floated toward her
with a bottle of champagne
and crashed it on her hull

The beautiful graphic tracing up along her nose
Nostalgia for Infinity

And I pointed her homeward
to the stars

To The Wonder

We travel from one point to another
in love

From nothingness
to being

From dark
to light

From loneliness
to companionship

And from companionship
to sense
and the vast landscape
that holds our spirit

Where we are all part of a divine dance
that began from before we were born
and continues far after our death

if for a few moments

But remembered

Safe And Sound - Capital Cities


A Possibly Random Thought..

Why does heroin make you lose your sex drive?

US Blues


Into Sunrise

Do you believe? In what you see?
Is it all so simple?

How many things can you name.
How many things have a name?

Do you care?
Is it worth the trouble?

How many times today.
How many, is today times today?

Are you alone?
Connected to the world
and to everyone


There's no question. That I love you.
But I'm living in my own time.

But here I am

Whether I'm wrong
or right

Am I

To Make a Judgement of
Your Life?


Flashing true color
a light
that spirals upward
into the dark

to hide away

for another day.

Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana


Blue Valentine

Sometimes a film can strike a chord that falls slightly out of tune, accompanies an off-tone voice and lights up the sidewalk.

Blue Valentine is film that you should see. I am writing this here, instead of on "Social Media" because I want to explore what things really are. My keyboard feels wrong. My laptop is ultra fast and touch enabled and it is dying to download something else and stream and it just deleted an entire paragraph.

But while my workstation keyboard is cold, I will help it to soldier up the hill of a review. Perhaps its constant inability to ignore
the random off key hit and provide any kind of hammering, happy refrain to my writing - will be an inspiration to just wire myself straight into the ultrabook. Who knows.

The film is about a languishing marriage, and flashes back and forth in time. It is beautiful. It is a valentine. And at its heart, are the blues. Aptly named, but also given over to a simple sense of exploration and growth. See it. Yes, I said…


It's 5 am
my cat waits outside patiently
hidden in a bush
by the breadcrumbs
I scattered
on the ground

breakfast will be served

Santa: The Concept


Cold Rebel

Do not fire
until you can see
the whites
of their eyes

One of These Days I'm Going to Cut You Into Little Pieces


Domme and Domer

He waits for her
as she gets into bed
the sharp look in her eyes
fills his head
with visions
of pain to come

He cuddles up
pulling the sheet to his neck
eagerness in his eyes
and a pink
milk of magnesia

She is so sweet
that is her secret
it makes him happy to be near her
and also to serve

as they entwine
and the inevitable stainless steel
clamping bite
and rope tied tight

she lets her mind drift
to a time
when she could count

Sadness is a Blessing - Lykke Li


Names and Dreams

We walked arm and arm
but we couldn't speak

The dark
enfolding us on our path
Our love
shining bright

At night
the ice weasels come

It was then I spoke to you
and over the times we shared
our words exchanged
you and I

And I realized
I had become a film
screened in the seventies
with flaws
missing frames

And I suppose some could be proud
that they could name
all the actors

But I didn't remember anyone
and just enjoyed the story

And you

Tanzmjzik - Kraftwerk


Search. Evaluate. Execute.

The road bent up around me
and flying above the ground
my wet fur froze
and the wheel released
skidding across the mountain road

Ten miles out
in raining ice
the air cracked open wide
and let me in

I gnashed my teeth
and my body went soft
but the ground did not yield
I rolled when I hit
and it felt like I was coming apart
for the second time

And in the universe next door
a nun's habit flew off
as she rode up the hill
the driver

looking into each intersection
his soft, failing eyes -
at last, reshaping and reforming themselves
forced to search
and once found

to evaluate the danger
that exists in all cars
to someone on a motorcycle

they travel in their shining metal
eyes dull
seeing and not seeing
and all will kill you

But the road holds its own
black surface and pothole
and so see everything
make your eyes focus outward
and strong

you execute
your plan

and in a universe next door
a siren wails
and the torn, misshappen body of a man
that was once a man

And he.
Is not you.


Things to do while Listening to the Ramones

1. Dance
2. Writhe
3. Jump
4. Drive
5. Fly

Hatred. Asexuality. Void.

Most of the universe is a void. Black nothing. It's cold, and not alot of fun. Sure, things happen out there.But to an earth bound species, whose lower tracts still teem with symbiotic bacillus, and are bound to consuming organic food in a 1 g gravity field in order to survive - the void and weightlessness tend to force our hand and make it difficult for us to have birthday parties where you can blow out all the candles on the cake without igniting an oxygen tank somewhere.

Within that void, I am sure the forces of asexuality are alive. Sexuality is an important part of humanity: without it, there would be no Bettie Page.

* shiver *

Hatred, however, is a driving force. Like love, hatred has an agenda, and specifics.
Where love brings people together, hatred drives them apart as fast as it can. It's the manager's special at kroger, gas station sushi of the partially hydrogenated grocery store from hell. There are alot of images that center around hatred. Horned devil peop…

No Cup Is Safe



no matter how much the natural world
with all its rabbits
and birds
and squirrels

can be cute overload
a black snake
wending its way up the trunk of a tree

between you and me


Tiny Dancer - Elton John/Almost Famous[AMV]


Imagining You , With Velocity

I am imagining you
without clothes
I like what I see

I picture you
underneath the sky
stars shimmering white
earth beneath your feet

Sometimes at night I dream
of you without clothes
the faint scar beneath your breast
my imagination tracing your form
recognizing every change

And at high speed sometimes again
I cannot bring myself to look upon you
not so much by form
but from memory
and concentration

the plan tearing itself from its controls
I pilot homeward

The wind pulling at our clothes

Your pants fall to the ground

Where they belong

Moonrise Kingdom


Why I Can

I can
because I try

I can
because I am

I can
because you are

I can
because the sun

shines upon the brave

Sure I make mistakes
who doesn't?

but the good thing about you
and I
is that we try

Freedom Is A Breakfast Food


Why I Cannot

I cannot
let go

I think it is because
as EE Cummings would have said


I know my nerveless grasp
one day
will relax

But not now
It's not safe

With you
There is complexity
and parasympathetic sexuality
a nervous tension I am not familiar with

but you smell good
and you tastevenbetter

and you
are the reason
if anyoneeverneededone
that I am a hopeless romantic
and from eros
and chaos
and dark winged night


and the pilot strong
who knows the waters
carries on

that my soul is

I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
with closed eyes
to dash against darkness

unless you love someone
nothing else makes sense

Yellow - Ken Nordine


From Nothing

Confession is good for the soul
so much of life as an adult
is built upon the shattered ground
where ee cummings
laid down beside the spring chicken
and the red wheelbarrow
covered with rain

honesty brings us together
and tells us where we stand

The will to fight
can be found
in anything
except of course

Never mistaken for urge to kill

We are walking
from Hell to Higher Ground
that keeps a homeopathic remembrance
of people who died taking their own advice
like Walt Disney, frozen in ice
murmuring in his sleep

So vault across the timeless reach
and smuggle my brain
in a genetically engineered uterus
connect me to computers

and social media
that has no way of becoming
Light from Dark
take me to the blind side

and take the time
to look

at where we are going
and how far we've come

And thank God for women
with heart

who save you and me and everyone else
from the nothing

we have become

A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harem