Hatred. Asexuality. Void.

Most of the universe is a void. Black nothing. It's cold, and not alot of fun. Sure, things happen out there.But to an earth bound species, whose lower tracts still teem with symbiotic bacillus, and are bound to consuming organic food in a 1 g gravity field in order to survive - the void and weightlessness tend to force our hand and make it difficult for us to have birthday parties where you can blow out all the candles on the cake without igniting an oxygen tank somewhere.

Within that void, I am sure the forces of asexuality are alive. Sexuality is an important part of humanity: without it, there would be no Bettie Page.

* shiver *

Hatred, however, is a driving force. Like love, hatred has an agenda, and specifics.
Where love brings people together, hatred drives them apart as fast as it can. It's the manager's special at kroger, gas station sushi of the partially hydrogenated grocery store from hell. There are alot of images that center around hatred. Horned devil people with pitchforks. Infidels. Hostess twinkies.

But perhaps hatred, asexuality and the void are all business partners. Maybe they get together and play cards.

If they do, I bet the game is going to be UNO.