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Jennifer Government

I remember
doing bong hits
on the hill
overlooking the factory
behind the golf course
or maybe it was acid

Maybe nothing at all.
I was sixteen.

It was a quiet night
The stars were out

The running lights of the machines
lit the sky sodium arc lamp
and washed the hillside
with an offshade orange

Everything looked perfect
from far away

Industry, and the night shift
helped everyone to get where they were going
within a socio-technical system
of poetry

Helped along.
By Google and Wikipedia.

I guess I was wondering what it was like to work
Being that I was stoned.

I wondered if it was better than what I was doing
above the loam

I guess now I can imagine
Jennifer Government
Barcode beneath her eye

Do Not Revive.
Across the Heart.

For How much could I sell my entire life?
How much you did you get for yours?

I made it home
Cutting Donuts across the Putting Green

In a beat up car
Through seven shades of teenage gray
And the sodium arc lamp haze

I made a B+ that summer
Even thoug…

Number 13, Baby - The Pixies

Because I look so incredibly cool

It suppresses appetite
acting as a mild stimulant

The smoke rises in curls
and helps me to ask.
Where is my mind?

But mostly.
As Woody Allen said.

Because I look so incredibly cool.

Let's get off our white asses.
Or whatever color you ride.

Let's do something worth doing.

The Difference Between A Vocation. And a Job.

He Answers for Her.

He answers for her.
He takes her calls.

He decides what she will do.
What she will say.
Where she will go on vacation.

She is the father of his child.
He takes a photograph of them all.
He puts it on his social media.
This is who he believes.

He is.

She keeps her back against the wall.

One day.
Before her.
He will stop and wonder.
His child will have grown old.
He didn't notice.
Until it was too late.

The day he realized; his children no longer want to go
to Disney World.

Maybe he will come up with a cheap substitute.
Senses working overtime.
But all too late.

He will get old.
His cock probably will not work.
Someone will try to sell him a pill.

He won't buy it.

And slowly, dumbfounded.
He will walk toward the woods.
Not the desert.

And he will face the beast with so many arms.
That he avoided for so many years
It will find him . He will name it Mr. Dark.

He will feel its hot breath
and burning eyes
It will strike
just below the throat
close enough
that …

Blade Runner - 8 Bit Cinema

Clash of Clans

The Drums of War are beating low

The Giants
Lumber across the battlefield
set your traps

Witches cast their dark spell
summoning with black magic
the undead

Black men just broken out of prison
(they've still got their handcuffs on)
riding wild hogs

Archers, Lads.

Will come to breach our walls
Knock out our security cameras
Take our Gold.
Smack up our Elixir.

Open the Castle.
And send in the Dragon.

And when they cross the rubicon.
It will be death they find.

Enemy, mine.

Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27 Movements 1, 2 and 3 - Beethoven

Heart, Broken

I am Temporal
Converging on this space
Then dissipating.

My Heart
Drives me onward

You are Place.

I press myself to your chest

Your tiny heart
Beating like
the wings of a bird


You taste like a peach

And I hear the Mermaids sing
each to each

And Now We Are Free
And all I see

Is something
I want.
to Kill.

I catch

The unnumbered sparks
that fly upward

And hold them in my hand
like fireflies

Until their light fades
and their bodies still.

Their souls
like the wings of a bird
escape this world

Moving upward
And Chaos
And Erebus

Into the dark winged night

I say goodbye.
to Father.

I say goodbye.
to home.

I say goodbye.
To loveless hope.

And hopeless love.

I hold onto you still.

In my dreams.

For you are Living through me.

Like an avenging angel
that turns itself into a sun

You whisper light
and warm

The unending cold of space
which calls me

And then falls away
into a circle

That I now
no longer


A tree girdled by a heart
cut with an arrow


Speed of Sound - Coldplay

Saying it Changes Nothing

I didn't mean to hurt


I didn't mean to harm


I only wanted to stop


Cogito Ergo Avatar.

Live through your eyes
Feel through your skin
Taste with your mouth
Touch with your hand
Bite with your fangs

A dark form sits beside me now

The dude abides

The sound

of the short shallow


of prey.