Heart, Broken

I am Temporal
Converging on this space
Then dissipating.

My Heart
Drives me onward

You are Place.

I press myself to your chest

Your tiny heart
Beating like
the wings of a bird


You taste like a peach

And I hear the Mermaids sing
each to each

And Now We Are Free
And all I see

Is something
I want.
to Kill.

I catch

The unnumbered sparks
that fly upward

And hold them in my hand
like fireflies

Until their light fades
and their bodies still.

Their souls
like the wings of a bird
escape this world

Moving upward
And Chaos
And Erebus

Into the dark winged night

I say goodbye.
to Father.

I say goodbye.
to home.

I say goodbye.
To loveless hope.

And hopeless love.

I hold onto you still.

In my dreams.

For you are Living through me.

Like an avenging angel
that turns itself into a sun

You whisper light
and warm

The unending cold of space
which calls me

And then falls away
into a circle

That I now
no longer


A tree girdled by a heart
cut with an arrow


If a man says something in the woods
and no woman is there to hear him.

Is he still wrong?