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This is How Bad Things Really Are

She was an hispanic woman
her first day working at a title pawn

I walked in, to pay my loan
and she apologized
because she didn't know how to file a payoff

The annual percentage rate
was something like 400%
and there used to be a law against it
But republicans voted it down

And we were talking
about the election

She nodded her head and said something
about the republican candidate
and so I mentioned
that there was a man
who ran for truth
and justice
and reform

And she finally recognized his name
and her supervisor was watching her carefully
as I paid out my loan

She remarked
of Bernie Sanders

"I'm surprised they even let him run"

A Call to Revolution

Let me bring you up to speed. This is a call to Revolution in the context of the American Election Cycle, written Feb. 28, 2016, from the perspective of someone who supports the candidacy and movement of Bernie Sanders. A Democratic Socialist who is running for the presidency of the United States under the banner, but not the support, of the Democratic Party.

I will make the best journalistic attempt to verify each element of this work, and to cross reference and include them in this essay. So, in the abstract - I stated that Bernie Sanders did not have the support of the Democratic Party. I said this for two reasons. First, the Democratic National Committee is headed by someone known as Debbie Wasserman Schulz - Calls for the resignation of Ms. Wasserman Schultz are rapidly increasing in both frequency and intensity. Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s most recent gaffe, accusing millennials of complacency on abortion rights, inspired progressive group Credo Action to petition for her resignatio…

An authentic email

An authentic email will always use
your first and last name

It will have a url
that points back to its original domain

It will have a feel
as if you are speaking to a human

An authentic email
will not have anything you can mouse over
that points somewhere else

But you cannot know for sure
unless you test


And be forever wary
safely assume
the sender is not real
and the message is fake

Because this is the public internet
endless background noise
and you exist
in the radiation
of the glow
of countless worms

and all of the things that sound so perfect.
or forged.
or farmed from a contact database
or too good.

to be true.

And more than likely
you have been bought
and sold

And you are just another entry
in a database

It is not a question of if
but rather when


It is Human
and it will have a way

That it can fool you.

So be wary
of Trojans

And phish
and spam

Spam spam spam spam

spam s…

I have a dream

I have a dream
that one day
this nation
will rise up
to live out
the true meaning of its creed
that all men
are created

The Flowing Light

She has become intoxicated in the contemplation of the noble countenance.
In the supreme power she loses herself
in the most radiant light
she is herself blind
and in the greatest blindness she sees most clearly.

In the greatest clarity she is both dead and alive.
The longer she is dead, the more happily she lives.
The more more happily she lives, the more she learns.

The less she becomes, the more flows to her.
The more deeply she lives, the more open she becomes.
The more forbearing she is.

The deeper her wounds become, the more she rages.
The more loving he is to her, the higher she soars.

The more radiantly she is illumined by his colorless green ideas,
the closer she comes to them.

The more she strives,
the more peacefully she rests, the more she understands.

The hunt begins. And the hunt ends.And she hunts in between.

The more his desire grows, the greater the strength of their bond.
The narrower the bed becomes, the closer the embrace.

The sweeter the kisses taste on their lips

An Open Letter to My Friend

I wonder about you
and I miss you

I know you have children
I'm glad

And a husband
and a wife

and a dog
and a cat

I will risk my life
To save you

If I have to

I will kill everyone that wants to kill you
I will I kill their friends
their love
their mother , father
their brother, their sister, aunt and uncle

If you fall
I will catch you

I think of you
and I love you

I am proud of you
whoever you are
wherever you ware
whatever you have become

I am your friend

Remember this

An Open Letter to My Enemy

You run around in the wasteland
the littered remains

And you hold so close
to your heart the law of god

You're the reason why people are afraid

Here is my open letter
a prayer

That enough of what we are
the virtues we hold in our heart


And I hope you can stop
and just breathe

and see
a world where everything eats
and feel at peace
that I will kill you
and eat you

my hunger

I will crack your bones
then feed them to my dog

In this world, enemy mine
You die.

It's going to be nice
living at last
without you

But I will miss you
it's just the way it works
I've been here before

I will miss your drama
the jerks
the little things

Like how you behead
innocent people

how you put your kid
into a jesus camp
because she was gay

how you went into that party
and instead of getting high
you shot everyone

What's left
will lay in my garden
and pray
make my vegetables green
in dark earth

and all I know is that it makes me feel good now

I have you


I had a dream

We were all in school
still I can't escape the ghost of you

A place in the woods
where concerts
and picnics
play on the hills between trees tall

And then the men in white and black came
and they hurt us all

Broken heart

I sang
The ode to joy

Oh Freunde

feigned interest
in civilized evil
and lies

And then
opened my eyes

and the cold of night
wove its way into the quiet

I wanted to hold your hand
and tell you

That I would give my life

For you
and that I loved you

And that love means
doing everything

You can

And that it means sometimes
giving you the freedom
to do everything

You can

There's no point in sorrow
when something is hunting you

If it catches me
it won't just kill me

It will eat me.

I had a dream.
That I survived.

and you healed.

Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk


How to Read Social Media Comments

In order to be able to read social media comments you have to understand a little bit about life in a small town.

My grandfather's name was pops because I used to laugh and say he was so big it looked like he was going to pop. I liked how he laughed, especially the day I told him that - he smiled and said it over and over again and the name stuck. I think we both knew I was imagining him on a lonely alamagordo test range detonating at sunset. We always tended to keep a wary eye on each other.

My grandfather was my only true and worthy chess opponent. He was a man who strengthened his game by playing the town minister, or maybe it was the local bishop, I'm not sure which. A small town minister can rise up to the papal ranks if he does his job right. I think he was bishop at that point. And apparently , those two strong men would really go at it .. I came to learn that he'll do anything to beat a ten year old kid. Anything. He wants you to memorize the board. But at the sam…

Para Noir - Brian Hugh Warner/ Heather Renée Sweet-Warner


Work In Progress, Part II.

And yes, just so you know. I'm writing to you. I tend to feel like a shadow sometimes, and it feels kind of good so I am writing this from a ghostly place that lives between work and play - right around 12 in the afternoon.

Hmm! I am having an editor look at the democrat socialist manifesto, to help me tighten it up. I am making progress on a few things. For example, I'm working out the positioning of my product launch, I think I've got a really compelling product story to tell.

I'm late on a couple of patent things I'm supposed to do, and I'm not really doing alot of volunteer work for any of the other causes. Today's a special day, alot of what I need to do , needs to happen today. So I'm going to use some planning software a bit like MS Project and lay out some of the important points of progression and then just hit it.

I'm really proud of myself for bringing a really old car back to life, and it serves me well. I'm also happy to be the ag…