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Get Some - Lykke Li


And also because you read this..

Even though it's hard to guess

Almost every move I've ever made
has a logical explanation

With the sole exception of loving you
at all costs
and always

This is not to say
that almost every move I've ever made
was dead solid perfect

Simply that there are reasons
for why I'm either right
or wrong

When we were young
Reward drove us on
not part of our writing
or our worldview
we didn't have one

But now we know
that everything we do or say
has consequences
how we raise children
how we love
how we live our lives

All of these things add up
for lack of a better word
they are karma

and also, because you read this
you know

that there is good and bad karma
and paranoia

and there are scars that never healed right
and wounds that are desperately trying

but because we're grown up
sometimes, just for spite
we don't let them

maybe it's because we are compromised
or stop growing

it doesn't really matter why

what matters most is to realize
some things are not real

Knowing that you read this

It's strange
knowing that you read this

You were so much a part of me
and still are

and now I have to make a transition
from you within
to who you really are

I don't remember every atom
or molecule
I'm certain
a few electrons may have escaped

So I am trying
but I wanted you to know
I remember your face
even with my eyes closed

And I am happy
at last
that the dream came

After exhaustion and fatigue released my brain
from its daily work keeping me alive

and pointing me to where I need to go

I'm no different than anyone else
I am guided by the truth of love
and the love of truth

I would never be a man who would cheat
I will find my way to be

By your side

But I have to tell you
Knowing that you read this

I finally had the dream

No, not the one where my best friend dresses up as a woman
The other one

The one where I say

This here's the TV
two hours a day so you don't miss appreciation
of the finer things

and again, the scene at the end
I know you so…

Rambler house on Eigerwand

Morning light shines

A heart shaped hole in a blind
against the cold

Figures in airborne dust settle
like a cat
upon a dog eared copy
of Sandburg
the book
not dybbuk

There are pros and cons
For example, a smaller yard
and four thousand foot cliff
domestic bliss

It will do nicely
I suppose
As a laboratory

Radio Free Boston

Heavy with her scent
the breath of life still upon my lips
I walked into the coffee shop
the wireless was free

No password
No need

There are alot of things
we can pick and choose from
to solve the world's problem

We might be able to stitch together
building blocks
and fight creepers
crafty, mine

Or drink the juice of a cold orange
and find something
that rhymes long

Boston has an atmosphere that shimmers with quiet songs
and half finished thoughts
that somehow add up

like clouds
and rain
and a thin layer of ions
from which

The skeleton of a carrier pigeon
falls to earth

And attached to his leg
is a simple message
that up until now

No one else has ever read


What if there were a game you could play online, maybe as an MMO and also as a droid app? What if the point of the game were to locate places, a bit like geocaching - but quest realtime with other people that are looking not just for a cache but a clue? What if the game were designed in such a way that it was socially aware - that you weren't just solo'ing the entire thing but you could work with opposing factions, build different solutions to the same problem and end up winning with real consequence? What if the game were educational, and drew you not into a world on an LCD screen .. but out into the real world?

What if you could play it . Now?

Someplace Else Unknown - Brian Jonestown Massacre


Carrry on Carrion

It's just an odor at first
maybe a hangnail
a few stray hairs
it starts when you're little

A demarchist cold town
where everyone feels nothing anymore
your eyes see so many colors
when you've shaken off the mortal coil

Replace your organs
tear off your skin
Preserve yourself

Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Formaldehyde

It's the latest trend

The only problem of course
is when some take the pill
they turn so cold
they never wake

And the odor builds
until you can make no mistake

The cockroach jumps out of their mouth
and into a spaceship

And flies away

Lights - Ellie Goulding


Helium Neon

I am torn apart
and I fall back again

By the lords of lightning
one red
one blue
Throwing themselves against my shell

They call me home
and tear me away again
through basic training
I find locked step

and Morley
one of many
not alive
and not dead
to the target
glowing red

from a sharks head
through the shimmering depth
towards a common target

Not a faisal
not yet a farouk
not a particle
no tasty wave
tempered light's glaive

Skyfall - Adele



Under water grottos, caverns
Filled with apes
That eat figs.
Stepping on the figs
That the apes
Eat, they crunch.
The apes howl, bare
Their fangs, dance,
Tumble in the
Rushing water,
Musty, wet pelts
Glistening in the blue

- Barack Obama, (Age 19) 1981