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L'Avertissement Politique

Don't let the title of this post fool you. Having discovered a a worldwide global haven of anarchy (use referral: aLexanderGraham Bade for 1000L in world ) .... I have been blissfully MIA from the political blog scene with almost all of my spare time devoted to building up the foundations of a business or whatever in there. But RL counts more - so b here in Meatspace (cyber flavored) I thought I'd just post a couple of things from Bill Richardsons way (Dem, NM) and let them stand for themselves. In his race, (Democratic Primary ) the top tier people are involved in a threesome with really - almost boilerplate communications. Which is odd, because Obama should have a movement going by now, Edwards should be laying claim to lots of votes and Hillary should be applying her force of nature campaign machine. None of them are doing much at all IMHO and I can't figure this out. Even more curious is how a state (Georgia) that voted 76% for Bush is now funding the Democratic c…


Clarissa is a spoken dialogue speech interface for use in command situations by astronauts or mars pioneer. NASA did a study on the banter dialog during the sixties and seventies and discovered, much to their surprise - that 80% of the dialogue between houston control and the mission was in fact, centered on discussion that could have taken place within the vehicle itself, or locating things within their vehicle - and not traffic respective of Houston's role in the whole affair. It was all kitchen talk. This poses a distinct problem for the pioneer, because he or she , or they are going to need to connect with their base station. You have not seen lag , until you have seen earth to mars lag. Try 5 minutes one way , and back. The kitchen talk will be no more. But they still need to talk to base. The computer in the habitat will have valuable information not only about their world but about their own systems (They will walk around with a laptop on their back I think). Cla…

Moore's Flick - Preview - Sicko

After footing a 40,000.00 bill last year... this just got me right between the eyes. God. If we can set up our tax system like hong kong, and our health care system like this - we will be +made+. I am signing over my mortal remains in escrow so that I can bring in a new health plan for my company. I ++hate++ the american system right now. Its waaayy overpriced. Good luck Mike, on your film. . One that I will go see at the Tara.

Un Beau Menteur

Un beau menteur vient de loin -nom ambre je pense qu'elle l'un
ni raison -ni facon - simplement que j'ai besoin
mon maîtresse dans le monde d'ombre
trouvaille romantique dominez simple
les yeux de ma maîtresse
ne sont rien comme le soleil


I think I am going through an important moment in my life and its not really happening here with me but instead with someone else. I have somehow - don't ask me how - attracted friends with benefits. One of the most interesting was actually by mistake. She ultimately became the inspiration for really working this blog. I was a political blogger for nearly 4 years, adding to others sites... I saw her expressing sassy, acerbic comments about almost nothing in particular on her blog and suddenly realized, hey - wow - a journal instead of an activists tool. Dear diary. Today I posted whatever popped into my head to seventy thousand internet viewers. Wow. Why bother with fact-checking citizen journalist work that only helps other people with their job? Why not post here , whatever the-f-k pops into my nimble noodly and get it out of my system? So I figure, this blog has maybe one, two years tops before it implodes in its own self sanctimonious weight. Just like hers. She scares me…

My list of things to do in SL

Second life fascinates me in a way that nothing else has, for a long time. I do not fall in the category of people who do not have a first life - if anything, I probably live more some days than many people in a week. Case in point today I will have badged myself to get into a space flight center, set up a trip without any money whatsoever for it, helped a mildly autistic little boy to come to reality - if just a bit, and same for her slightly schizophrenic sister (two children I almost adopted - the little girl, for example, is nice - but walks up to a window and thinks its a door) and set up a chorus for a U2 song to be sung by an entire church. And all the other stuff. Setting up a trip to India... getting a deadline hit. And today (Definitely ) begin training for the triathlon season (I must compete in two, to hold my USATF ranking). UPDATE: Looks like I won't go on the trip after all but sending everyone else including the children. Looks like I'm going to be home alone…

Six Minute Mile

Ok, maybe it was biking 40 miles today but the six minute mile just kicked my f-kin white ass all over the silver comet today. It. hurt. bad. really.really.bad. Marked off a half mile, hid my bike in the woods and bolted. Had a nice, compact stride about the first tenth of a mile then bang - waves of pain. I battle to .4 then I just kill it off. I was at 2:30 on .4. Walked a bit. Ended up .8 Miles at 6:30. Not going to try a sub 20 5k until I can get the six min. mile wired. Did ok on bike pace but nothing official yet. For some reason tho when I Came back from the run my family treated me like a king. They set my plate, got my drink. It was really nice. Everyone wanted to help. I wonder if I actually nice up a bit when I run. It was a nice memorial day, all of us on the porch. Sitting on the bench together. Gonna have to put down 10 lbs and get in shape. First run in over what, a month and a half?

Memorial Day Treyathlon

Alright. Run Bike Swim. I found the pool off the silver comet trail. Its 3675 Macland Road Powder Springs, GA - I found the best way to get to it. At least I think I have the best way to get there... >:) Ok, Its silver comet trail (I live on mile 1.2) to mile 8.8 (i think) or where you see the sign that says wild horse creek nature trail or something like that. Peel north and go around and under the bridge and you have 3 miles through terabithia until you get to surburbiabithia + then about a block and you're right in front of a great big soccer field. Now at this point it gets sketchy. There are two ways to go, and I will have to try both to find the one that is the best to bike. The first way is to head north on hopkins road until you get to macfarland, about maybe two miles I guess then north. So the total bike is only maybe like 14 miles or so, not too bad. less than a half hour. The second way is villa rica rd. but i think that is busy I will post if its do-able. These…

The Happy Sundays

My view is directly in back of the priest, on sundays. I see the light catch on his dark robes. Today three guys - a tenor a soprano and a bass just +riffed+ this solo anthem - it was cosmic- no megachurch multimedia backup support just three guys on perfect key - it was amazing. BTW today was the pentecost, which is actually a really big deal for the christian faith - Hallmark seems to be having trouble printing up their "happy pentecost" cards. C+E (christmas and easter) seem to be ok though so two out of three isn't bad I guess. Today was the second to last sermon that the minister will give, I think he sees his church in danger of dying. We gave him a farewell party today. The new pastor is something of a mystery. A black woman in the land of the conservative white man. Nobody knows here. Some Theology doctorate gal. Hope she's as good as the old minister. My project to do a U2 song for the church came one step closer to reality when today I sold the ide…

The spirit is willing... but the flesh wants it doggystyle

A survey of German Teenagers aged 18-22 showed that 47% of them , if given a choice, would prefer to drink beer than have sex. Now, the first time I ever heard that statistic was when I was hiking up a hill in Berkeley California with a friend, to go rock climbing. As I recall it was my friend Don Perkovich (Professor Comp Sci, SF State) who told me the stat. Don was legend in our small circle of friends that lived near people's park - for his offbeat sense of humour. For example, it was his personal goal to "go" in every restroom on campus. He actually succeeded. Each day he thought out a slightly different route and made certain he'd be in a different place. He ended up joining the Air National Guard and getting tenure almost at the same time. We were having chinese in ChinaTown when he told me the story - it was pretty funny.. it went something like this.. "So, I joined the Air National Guard... I thought it would be a great way to get my social secur…

Raising Arizona

Those who know me, are aware that I have a reaally big film collection and I really enjoy discussing film. I suppose this comes first from going to good schools, and understanding just how film fits into humanities in the 20th century. But it also has alot to do with thinking about how to make them, or set up scenes. Bet you didn't know that Raising Arizona has a message for those of us that like Kinky Sex. I entered the world of soft BDSM came from someone I loved very much, who was into spanking. She was extremely well connected, she came from a very wealthy family. Now I was not a virgin - I had alot of really, really great sex up to that point. It was my great fortune to have lost my virginity to a california girl who loved sex almost as much as I did. I still keep notes on her and love talking to her every now and then. Lets just say we were adventurous. But I was definitely not into BDSM or kinky sex, after all I was pretty young. So leading up to her, I'd been in…


With the GOP being outraised by now almost 30% in the deepest red state of the bible belt and the wide consensus amongst the rank and file of the republican party that the field is disorganized and nondescript, the race is at this point beginning to look like a democratic run to the white house in eight, and amongst the top tier candidates, things are getting interesting. Hillary has seen her support base erode significantly since her debut as the strongest candidate. By nearly 14 points (margin 5) she's dropped to almost third place in Iowa in the latest round of polling. More significantly, Obama has risen across the board while Edwards in a close margin (1 point) has taken the lead in Iowa. The fallacy to be drawn from these latest polls would be that there is a clear meaning to the polling. Far too many polls are taken, primarily because polls are the 'time and materials' of the hourly rate political consultant. Each new poll allows several hours of billing, so the…

Across the Field/ Mane Flying

Why is it that they are all so attractive to me? The soft, friendly nicker when they see you. The pretty, long flowing hair across their neck. Attentive ears. Bright eyes. Long legs. Why do all so willingly give themselves to us. ... Is it that they allow us to ride them. Is it that , they respond so willingly to such a few simple commands? Is it their great , physical beauty. Their flowing mane - strong legs - amber skin? Their sheen in early morning, or glow in late afternoon. How they love to run? How the wind catches their mane as they fly down the trail? The grace and elegance of their walk? ... One thing is certain. They sure do remind me of horses. ;)

Tugaloo Triathlon

Just signed up for the Ga. State Championship/ Tugaloo Triathlon. This thing almost always sells out so I'm registering what, six months in advance. Goal here is pretty simple, to do a sub 3 hour triathlon. Its a tough course, try to clear the middle of my age group. Specific goal of 35 on the swim, 1:20 on the bike and 45 on the run. That adds to what - 2:40. So thats going to be fun. The common approach is to leave 30% in the tank on your run so my run goal is gonna be a 30 min 10k pace. Thats a five minute mile. - pretty good idea of how I'm going to do this I think. I'll pound out 15 minute 5k's on the comet. I want to push the back of the leg closed and let it swing less and arc faster like those kenyan dudes. I am fairly convinced the endurance is there, what with the marathon this year - but its down to like, a sub six hour marathon which works out to a pretty high mile - I just wish there was some way to get this kind of pace up without killing yoursel…

Nestle's 100,000 Dollar Bar

Big bite out of crime. Company line, first shipped order of our 0.5 beta. Voice integrated, just got the driver stuff worked out... Nearly dead contract - need to bring em both back online. Oh yeah and collections too. All on my fukkin head today. I know I can do it . I just .. have to get ready.

Rock on!! Problem solved!!

Rock on! Heres the deal. Boy will be bankrolled from in world again but the people who will bank him are going to do things to him, that I cannot describe.. if he loses. Dominance and submission problem SOLVED. The hooker he spent the night with last night grudgingly decided to friend him and show up but she's looking at her watch all along. She'll get tipped out if he wins... she doesn't like the deal and wants a straight escort fee. Everything she does, she's always looking at the clock... I could never be a whore. I like doing things over, like weeks and then just cashing it all out. I manage RISK. Great news today as well!! aLex made her first sale - good for her. I am going to get her money back to her later today + she will be free of the transaction she made to boy and free to start up her business in earnest in there. Listen to me. I don't know who's reading this blog, hopefully no bimbos. Whomever you are - IF you are a software progr…

The kids are alright..

I just blew away two of my best characters in SL. Played them carefully to this point and now they're just toast. Made like, 100 bucks off them that I kept in world and then just burned it in about 10 minutes while I'm barely conscious at 4 am in the morning at the empress casino. The good news. I didn't get anything into or out of my bank account, I just blew away most of what I had made in there. The bad news: as a scripter, in there, I sometimes need the money to work. I license other peoples software in there. The word Avatar refers to a sanskrit term meaning 'vessel of god' or 'person who conveys the spirit of god'. What spirit did this worthless avie convey tonight? The downward spiral? Yes. It was fitting that he wore a NIN t-shirt of same name while he completely wrecked everyones finances. 19,592.00 - Returned Forthwith. 3,000 paid as interest equally to the first avie and the bank, kept on exchange 25,000 to be made to his personal accou…

Surfing Photos from Laguna Beach

Check out my cousin's surf photography. I introduced him to the sport. At least I sort of did, I was surfing about five years in the carribean before he picked it up on the west coast. My uncle surfs too (father jacks surf camp). My other uncle David shot Blue Crush and damn near won an emmy award for it. It was (is) a real moment of pride for us that the first film that was shown in Afghanistan after the lift of the Taliban from Kandahar was this film. I was kind of stoked to imagine girls in burkas heading out to see this film - it was actually based on an Outside Magazine article called 'surfer girls of maui'. If you've never read Outside,.. do. Its still got pretty decent writing. I guess. I miss the waves... oh well back to work... sigh...

Letter to Camper

With school ending this week, my daughter is out there banking the academic awards. Since this is +my+ blog I get to recall that great, saucy quote attributable to J. F. K. comes to mind regarding his dating habits - thats the way I want her to treat these award ceremonies. This time two out of three isn't bad I guess.. one of them was an award for academic excellence. I was proud of that one. If you can imagine, straight A's. All subjects. All year long. She skyed it. Alright - its the end of the year, and my daughter's teacher has this brainwave that he's going to open up something called "Camp Learned-a-Lot" at the end of the year. The kids are supposed to get a letter from their parents each day, and it will be read aloud. ..
To: Ms. Halle Y. Rentz
From: Mr. Penneyworth, Wachovia Bank
Dear Madam Rentz

I regret to inform you that your entire family has perished in a fire.

Fortunately, a one ms. Allison Rentz has agreed to take you in. You …


I found I am very flexible today. My horse was coming in through the pasture and my daughter was too small to really open the gate. She pushed it open and as I was bareback in throught the gate it slammed shut on me and cut the horse just a tiny bit but locked us in the gate. I backed her up but kept pressure going forward on her. She didn't buck. Nice.. they really do take their courage from you but staying flexible on bareback, gripping her with your legs... thats a pretty nice trick sometimes esp. when she's spooked. I'm posting here I've got two big deals on the table this week. Close them, and I'm made. This is a nice moment. The calm before the storm. Feel like I did when I was a surfer, a kid. There on the beach at dawn. Flexible.

Happy Tuesday


Inside Man

Alright I have decided that this fairly political blog doesn't serve me unless I have been able to capture a bit of my own life into it. I have been inspired by other bloggers out there who've really been able to weave their work into the fabric of their life. This is what I tell myself, in terms of reason, for having abandoned this blog for two years at the base of mount tagaytus, if you will. But I did name it and so it is my child. And so, again, to honor the person who inspired me to attempt to bring this little piece of nothing back to life. We'll start with what the title means to me. Noam Chomsky was asked , at a conference, to give an example of a sentence that meant absolutely nothing. He said. "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously". - N. Chomsky Alright, my goal is to mean absolutely nothing to anyone. I am completely without apology if anyone here thinks that I am going to tell them what to do , or how to live their life. If I strike a chord, the…