Rock on!! Problem solved!!

Rock on! Heres the deal. Boy will be bankrolled from in world again but the people who will bank him are going to do things to him, that I cannot describe.. if he loses. Dominance and submission problem SOLVED. The hooker he spent the night with last night grudgingly decided to friend him and show up but she's looking at her watch all along. She'll get tipped out if he wins... she doesn't like the deal and wants a straight escort fee. Everything she does, she's always looking at the clock... I could never be a whore. I like doing things over, like weeks and then just cashing it all out. I manage RISK.

Great news today as well!! aLex made her first sale - good for her. I am going to get her money back to her later today + she will be free of the transaction she made to boy and free to start up her business in earnest in there.

Listen to me. I don't know who's reading this blog, hopefully no bimbos. Whomever you are - IF you are a software programmer or just anywhere near the software industry you absolutely have to check out Second Life. It is like, a simplified software economy where you can write your own code relatively quickly - clean it up , test it, PACKAGE IT, and SELL IT.

Its every Software Company CEO's dream. No lawyers for EULA, theres no possible way to have someone steal your software - if you set your perms right. And you're good to go as soon as you get there. I am so stoked for aLex. When my avie gets up to speed I'll join her in there. Software is a GOOD BUSINESS.

So aLex is off the ground and Rightside Up by about 1200 L on her first deal! We're throwing a party for aLex for her first sale - anyone who wants to come tot eh party, are welcome to come. Probably about 7 people tonight. Won't make it bigger than that. IM Me (Turner Singh. aka 'boy') in-world around 7 PST (11 ESDT)


we partied but we didn't go to amsterdam. Instead we got the avie to go out and make real money (its possible) and he did a good job. He's at 200L which is good for about 10 minutes of work. Also he (I) are really thinking about setting up or running competitive / professional games like Chess. There was a place in San Francisco I used to love to go to when I was in College, on Market Street, where guys would set up and play chess for money. You would each put in 10 bucks, or whatever, and whomever won, took it. Thats gonna be fun.