I think I am going through an important moment in my life and its not really happening here with me but instead with someone else. I have somehow - don't ask me how - attracted friends with benefits. One of the most interesting was actually by mistake. She ultimately became the inspiration for really working this blog. I was a political blogger for nearly 4 years, adding to others sites... I saw her expressing sassy, acerbic comments about almost nothing in particular on her blog and suddenly realized, hey - wow - a journal instead of an activists tool. Dear diary. Today I posted whatever popped into my head to seventy thousand internet viewers. Wow. Why bother with fact-checking citizen journalist work that only helps other people with their job? Why not post here , whatever the-f-k pops into my nimble noodly and get it out of my system? So I figure, this blog has maybe one, two years tops before it implodes in its own self sanctimonious weight. Just like hers. She scares me though. Here is a recent pic. I am , in this scene, reading her blog. Note the smile.. the self satisfied smirk... the ugly horrid, quasimodo hump on my back.. oh wait a minute (gets out photoshop) there.. all gone!

No I'm talking about the other girls - I am, like, sort of involved with what - three of them? And what I can't understand right now is how I've become more or less emotionally involved in all of their lives. Maybe its just me but I'm really not that much of a flirt. One of them disappeared for the last two weeks - and I really like her - and she returned and asked if I missed her. I told her the truth. What can you tell someone who can tell you what both of her nipple rings look like in vivid detail. We said "How". So with the others, why is it that theres all this eye contact and stuff?

I have to tell you my wife has cornered the market on that. I married an Indian woman.They've got it wired . We're like, as a country, what 240 years old?They're a country - like, 10,000 years old... I think they encode it in secret in their DNA so we can't men find the answer. Lord. The kind of love they can get going, is like, eighth wonder of the world here. Don't get me started.

So I don't get it. Why the hell am I falling in love? AGAIN. Do I NEED another woman? And if that weren't enough, honestly - I don't even know who I'm falling in love ++with++. I am the sailor who fell from grace with the sea. What is going on? There certainly isn't anything +wrong+ with me. My wife is happy, I haven't done any evil (so far) and the fact that there is the scent of a woman in my life doesn't make me a sinner. I'm a sinner in so many better ways that that, after all.. So, still trying to figure this love mojo thing out..

Yesterday, I blew off the pedal of my Trek mountain bike landing a 10 foot jump. Damn cheap factory pedals. I'm running the WildHorse BMX Park Course again, without that pedal - really feeling wierd. And I don't like it, esp. when the whoop-de-doos are so frikin steep they could lop you over the handlebars in a second and I am trying to build up speed over them and take then off the tops like a top turn on a mogul. Then, something in the back of my mind clicked. This is it. Love is a 10 foot jump on a mountain bike. Love is a stack of old comic books. Love is landing the jump whether you are all in one piece, or not. Love is just being you no matter who you are, or where you are.

At this point, before I edited this post (this is 2nd draft, believe me it helps with my writing style to kind of think about what I'm writing and parse the corrections out before we publish!) - I left it with some pompous statement about how cool my family was. My mothers side, a water prospector that found the water for the napa wine valley. And I admire and respect my grandfather. He built everything we are on my fathers side - extremely wealthy but parsimonious. Land holdings on Jekyll. Stuff like that. I am also particularly fond of the fact that within my bloodline is Olympic gold medal. I only figured out all too late that the sperm banks would pay for stuff like that. Could've been paid for spankin' the monkey. Damn. Well its all the same I guess. My kids are turning out ok. I don't really care if people think I'm a nice person and I certainly don't believe that love is genetic. We all had a choice to be the person(s) we worked ourselves out to be. But I do have a cool family.

Alright so I started this post heading off to where I always go every day, to my still ever so slightly (making a shoveling motion in mid air) green broke horse . Today we get her on the martingale and lunge 30 minutes hard in the dust. So I'm sort of getting mentally prepared to do that since I've been kicked seven times - and I'm listening to my iPod and just staring down at the ground - thinking .. wtf - what is this sense about these girls. Going nuts in public spaces? Posting off on CL? Showing me their nipple rings? Damn. Spooky. Something in the water? Then it hit me. I was staring at the ground, listening to U2 - and it started to form itself out of the patterns. I looked carefully and slowly it dawned -

Its obvious really. All of us sense when somethings going to go wrong, soon. We're all safe in our homes now and the AC is whirring and there's nothing happening. But the feeling in the air. Not just wildfires making their way up to Atlanta, or the hurricane season starting two months early for the first time in recorded history. And they're working their way to someone that can keep them well. Not sure if that's me but I'm pretty good for stuff like that. Certainly not a Mr. Mom.

Thats it I thought. They want someone who can be with them when the comet hits the planet. They have the instinct to protect the children. I am fairly decent about things like that. I guess. I try, it sort of shows.

But whats the function of even thinking about how good it would be, to be with these other women? Why bother? I realized how neat it would be if my wife were half the woman this other person was. How my wife has locked up millions in a company in her stock and can't get it out because of her unfinished work (she's a DBA who wasn't able to finish our product out) - how she seems to be so completely unreactive and unresponsive (she sleeps every day at 8, out like a light). Its not her fault. I told her to take care of her high blood pressure, she refused - had a massive stroke last year. Thats part of why she gets tired. But she's cool I guess. If you can live without sex, and ambition, and all the things that make us human. All of the women are equally cool in their own way - I was wondering if somehow I could help them to borrow traits from each other... well , really my goal is to rrange things so that may we'll all learn together at once. On a slip'n'slide ... with large amounts of water based lubricants... on the front lawn (zoy) of our home in abaco... :)

So to settle the question, once and for all, if two adulterous, sinner people are worthy of each other? I think +I+ will try the love calculator. If you're one of the four women I'm trying to have an orgy with .. wait a minute, I mean that I care so tenderly about and am so nobly contemplating the precept of love... just fill out my real name, "Leslie Nielsen" or , maybe "The Naked Gun" .. :D - Here are my Results. I DARE you to verify them. You know who you are.

The Accused Match Probability
otherWoman v.0.1 ALPHA 81
The Little Lady (maiden Name)29
Nipple Pierced Nez Perce63
Shining Blonde Alabaster Grrl21

Conclusion: I am a horny bastard.


The nipple piercing girl spent the last two weeks camping near a river canyon. They got drunk and would spend their time playing a game where they would bet over which kayak would flip, 5.00 in. It was great. Definitely one of my best friends... with .. benefits?