The spirit is willing... but the flesh wants it doggystyle

A survey of German Teenagers aged 18-22 showed that 47% of them , if given a choice, would prefer to drink beer than have sex. Now, the first time I ever heard that statistic was when I was hiking up a hill in Berkeley California with a friend, to go rock climbing. As I recall it was my friend Don Perkovich (Professor Comp Sci, SF State) who told me the stat. Don was legend in our small circle of friends that lived near people's park - for his offbeat sense of humour. For example, it was his personal goal to "go" in every restroom on campus. He actually succeeded. Each day he thought out a slightly different route and made certain he'd be in a different place. He ended up joining the Air National Guard and getting tenure almost at the same time. We were having chinese in ChinaTown when he told me the story - it was pretty funny.. it went something like this..

"So, I joined the Air National Guard... I thought it would be a great way to get my social security money back." (eats a bite of chow mein) "Then the war in Iraq broke out. "

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Goal Result Date Attempt
Sub 20 5k -- 5/26
Sub 48 10k -- 6/02
Pls 21mph 20mile -- 6/10
Pls 19mph 40mile -- 6/10