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New Video in the Assassination of Benazir Butto

A new video was released todayshowing that Benazir Butto slumped after the gunshots rang out - we know that the assassin shot three times at her then blew himself up. The official report showed that the blast of the bomb drove Benazir into a lever on her sunroof and the trauma and impact killed her. However, after three shots were fired at very close range - you see from the first shot, her headscarf flying up. That wasn't the wind. The local police were directed to refuse to allow the local doctors in attendance at the E/R to do the autopsy. Apparently the attending doctors were not allowed to examine the body ... because Al Qaeda did it? Yesterday Bill Richardson has called for the Resignation of Pervez Musharraf. They say that the art of diplomacy is when someone tells you to go to hell, then gives you directions, and you enjoy the ride. How do you tell someone to go to hell, who lives in Pakistan ? I mean, suppose you try to to get to hell from Pakistan? Aren…

Forgetting Ohio

McCain has peaked in recent polls. to the top of the heap. This builds on a previous contention, what I said earlier holds. The GOP is an aristocracy. The fact that Ron Paul can't even get airtime on Faux despite having raised more money in a single day than any other candidate in history lets you know exactly what is going to happen. Indie leaning voters out of the GOP will either head to the dems (60%) or they will flock to Ron Paul. Breaking the 10 percent barrier, Paul will decide to run independent. Faux news being unable to stoop so low as to bring on a guy who has a passionate, loyal following and a large amount of cash - will give the already galvanized supporters yet more ammunition to strike out like Ross Perot. Just for what its worth, let's hope she picks Bill Richardson as the new Secretary of State. Ohio was a narrow race despite a sitting president during wartime running unopposed in his own party - against a boston brahmin ? The fact that McCain is surg…

My Finger is on the Trigger..

The Pakistani government quickly diagnosed the death of Benazir Bhutto, as "accidental/hit-her-head" and then moved to offer a made-for-tv-movie telephone conversation record putatively intercepted by ever-vigilant Pakistani Intelligence Officials (who did nothing to prevent the actual attack). Think carefully about the conclusions that are supposed to be drawn: are you supposed to have a warm, fuzzy feeling in your gut about the fact that governments now monitor your phone calls without your consent? I suppose you think of yourself as a conservative - I guess you're happy to realize that you're paying some government official every time you talk to your mom now. And the second conclusion? That Al Qaeda killed Benazir Butto? That one deserves even more thought. Benazir was taken out by an assassin's bomb - she had been fired at and then the bomber blew himself up. The blast blew her forward into a lever on her sunroof and cracked her skull open. Although the…

St Simons Island / Sea Island

The song that remains the same. Everyone has a place they come home to. I can hear the sound of children playing from the street. The waves. Its not quite California; I've long ago given up hope for four foot walls out here. Its ok. I guess its home. Our next door neighbor named their little girl Rush. That is so cool, if you ask me. Its a great name. There are little ones running around, playing in the front yard. A happy day. There will be a big party tomorrow night, everyone will come by. Its sort of a tradition. Naturally I'm in here hacking on code. Last night I won an argument with my dad. It was easy. All I had to do was agree with him, repeatedly and right up front until he heard me. I think he was kind of in shock. Note to self: leverage the element of surprise. Merry Christmas Everyone. =)

Heaven or Las Vegas - The Cocteau Twins

How to be the strong one

Keep a sense of humour Remember, that its not your life - its someone elses Have faith in something, even if its only yourself Expect pain Sacrifice yourself if it helps. Otherwise, play for keeps Stay heads down even if everyone is going crazy. Kiss away tears Grab the back of the wrist, not the front. You won't get cut Be willing to fight the crowd What they're saying about the people they love, is really about themselves Protect all children but teach them and play with them more Make lists, even things that are soulbound. Plan the work Work the plan Pain is weakness leaving the body Lance Armstrong Rocks "There is no limit to what a man can achieve as long as he doesn't care who get's the credit". - Bob Woodruff. (Coca Cola Corporation). If you can believe it I spent last night in a manger. I am not kidding. We ate s'mores and traded bad jokes; the christ child was a cabbage patch doll. The virgin mary was a chemist. She seemed surprised …

Merry Christmas

Because one day I'll leave you, a phantom, to lead you in the summer...

To Philip Rosedale

How to fix second life: Change Second Life so that there is scheduled downtime from 5 am to 11 am PST (SLT) once per week. Six hours is enough time for the network team to perform scheduled maintenance, and upgrade systems. Aggressively implement upgrades to your physics engines (make sure that you give the network team time to do so, see item 1.) . High end physics engines will help reduce lag. Power consuption on your blade servers has been an issue. Invest in a fuel cell setup to cut your costs and provide clean UPS power. Also, you may wish to look at allowing the server to be licensed to allow people to build their own SL network grid outside of yours. The client browser should be modified to a heavy client. Your client is easy to download, and you have done good work with your updater. A client which offloads terabytes of graphic processing will improve your situation dramatically. It is worthwhile to have a heavier client given the size of the world; clientside graphi…

Repo Man

freddy = the girl , eddy is the guy. I like those two.

Four Days

This is a post about the sanskrit wedding ritual (yes, that group of people that gave us this thing called "written language"). A hindu wedding is at sunset and then that night the bride and grooms friends and family party until dawn. The morning of that second day, in the blue hour, the brides family starts bargaining with the groom's family and friends. They won't even let him go to the restroom. Its a serious proposition: this money is not a dowry, its a sum that will finance a really cool party that the bride's friends and family get to throw later (it can happen any time, a week a month later - no kids allowed - its sort of movie and restaurant money, in some sense). So, at dawn on the first day, the bleary eyed groom agrees to an amount and it is paid to a due representative of the bride's close friends and family who will store and account for it later. The bride and groom will then rest a bit. The afternoon of the first day is the ceremony of…

Nine Inch Nails

Here is a question you get all the time. Is there a god? Does god exist? Do you believe in God? I dreamt last night I looked up at the night sky and I saw part of the milky way. I was on a lake shore with friends. The stars were bright and blue. There was a warmth to our companionship. And there was a band across the sky and I could look and see the center of the galaxy. It was a warm moment, but the sky was so clear. I woke up. Spend time wondering about the question. Do you ever look up at the stars? Do that for questions sometimes. Just the question alone might be worth it. Is god real? Is that the question? All you have to do , to destroy the most beautiful theory is bring up one ugly fact. I was there on the dark shore looking up at the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine. And yet somewhere I knew stars are disappearing at the center of our galaxy - I knew that, at the center. Is the beast. A black hole with a radius the size of the distance of jupiter, to our…

Black Hawk Down - [Parabol-Tool-AMV]

It's not about the Bike

Ever since I gave SL the heave-ho (not really, but sort of) I've been reading again (not really, but sort of). My latest book is "Its not about the Bike" - My Journey Back to Life - By Lance Armstrong. (who started out as a triathlete, by the way..) I have a class of book that I really enjoy reading that I use not unlike a swordsman would use a sharpening stone. I firmly classify Jon Krakauer into this category , cf. "Into Thin Air" , and "Under the Banner of Heaven". I also enjoyed "The White Spider" by Heinrich Harrer. Lance's book fits into this category. There's a passage in the "Its not about the Bike" that I find fairly intriguing. It is his personal account of the first moments Lance awakens after radical brain surgery (removing necrotic tissue, not unlike a stroke, of sorts - stroke survivors weather internal damage without biopsy). Lance goes down for Brain surgery, and he's given three things to remember …

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a good way to get your web development done. I'm considering switching from PHP to Rails; its a solid framework. XAMPP is just ever so slightly glitched.. How cool? Ok, read the documentation and tell me for yourself! - How many development platforms have an xkcd comic documentation team that can teach you how to use it in like, two issues? Have you ever heard about this stuff? What do you think? Was the documentation fun?

Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young

I've decided to stop writing about kinky sex.

I've decided to stop writing about kinky sex. My new topic is going to be... kinky sex! =D Slight variation can have really big effects, given a system that is dependent upon initial condition. Couples, for example, are coupled systems. Things can get exponential. Especially if you have kids. I have always felt personally that grasping the infinite is possible, within the harbor of a relationship because of a simple idea. Think of a number, the largest number you can think of. Now, hold that number in your mind. That number is , for all practical purposes infinity. But it is a number, so its not infinity. Ok, now suppose you knew someone really well and you could share many things with her. Let her walk up. She can think of that number you're thinking of, but, because she can visualize a different number - she can simply think of whatever number you're thinking of, and then add one to it. Alone, you are thinking of a finite number. I don't know if the mind ca…


" Your religion is not the garb you wear outwardly, but the garment of light you weave around your heart. Discover who you are, behind those outer trappings, and you will discover who Jesus was, and Buddha, and Krishna. For the masters come to earth for the purpose of holding up to every man a reflection of his deeper, eternal Self. "
- Paramhansa Yogananda

Damien Rice/ Cannonball

Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt
Still a little hard to say what's going on

Still a little bit of your ghost your witness
Still a little bit of your face I haven't kissed
You step a little closer each day
Still I can't say what's going on

Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to lie
Life taught me to die
So it's not hard to fall
When you float like a cannonball

Still a little bit of your song in my ear
Still a little bit of your words I long to hear
You step a little closer
to me
So close that I can't see what's going on
Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to lie
Life taught me to die
So it's not hard to fall
When you float like a cannon
Stones taught me to fly
Love taught me to cry
So come on courage!
Teach me to be shy
'Cause it's not hard to fall
And I don't wanna scare her
It's not hard to fall
And I don't wanna lose
It's not hard to g…

I am officially addicted to WoW

As of today , I would like to announce my latest addiction. I am completely addicted to World of Warcraft. Yes, the same game I made fun of three months ago. Hey, I wanted to bash my sex drive into nothingness. And besides, I paid a month subscription, darnit. I am going to finish the month. I have leveld up almost 60 levels and they say I'm doing it really fast. I have a talent for this stuff. But I have also noticed that I am hanging out with guys who eat cold pizza for breakfast. Therefore.. I plan to submit myself to the nearest "WoW Anonymous" group, where I will sit in a circle with people who are suffering from the same affliction, in the earnest hope that, by following a 12 step program of recovery, I will be able to get near a WoW client and not end up playing for two hours at a time. At present, I am losing weight, and in danger of becoming a skeleton at the keyboard with cobwebs hanging from me. Late at night, of course. When no one will notice I am gon…

Call Me When You're Sober - Evanescence


Razorblade (Emily) tapped me to be part of the meme (rhymes with "mean"). I thought to myself. Ok. Sure. Why not. I read up on it, and this is supposed to be some kind of art form . At any rate, I will play. Eight (8) facts about turnerBroadcasting ... I am an ex-surfer. Landlocked. This is probably the most important fact about me. Once a surfer, always a surfer. I lived on a cliff / surfed when it was on/ dive and snorkel every day when it was not. Then I lived on the coast, used to sail every day. When I went to college in Florida, I spent a year and a half out into the woods with tanks and dropping into springs and diving caverns and caves underneath the forest. (bumpersticker: Paddle Faster. ..I think I hear a Banjo ). I can find lobsters by the vibrations they make in the ocean. If you give me a set of gloves, a rubberband, a stick and a catchbag I can bring you back a six course seafood dinner. We hunted the big wave - I once surfed double overhead fr…

Green Meteor

At 10:33 tonight, ESDT, I was standing outside near the silver comet rail trail (around mile 1.4) and I heard something. It was really really faint, i couldn't even describe the sound but it made me turn my head quickly. I looked up and just caught a huge meteor burning across the horizon. In the sky/ North by Northwest of Atlanta there was a giant green meteor, it was really moving fast. It struck somewhere near what appeared to be south marietta (?) - it was brilliant, round and green. The trail it left was not persistent. It reminded one of a comet - but it was not quite that. Origin: Lat: 33.848525 /33:50:54.690N - Lon: -084.541582/ 84:32:29.695W. second point would be due northwest of that location. Probably within 30 miles but can't be sure, since the treeline obscured the impact site. So draw your line out that way, you might get it. The meteor was as big as your thumb, if you held it at arms length. I am trying to figure out what to do. I called 911 an…

Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

Origa - (Player) [Final Fantasy Ten/ AMV]. Turnerbroadcasting is currently... ( please choose one):
A) On vacation
B) In rehab
C) Incarcerated
..I will be back in:
A) Five days
B) Ten weeks
C) Six years to life
Colorless awakens december 10th. To: Ms. Lee. Its all about trust. >:)

World of Warcraft/ SL/ Time to Burn

World of Warcraft is way fun. Its a massive, multiplayer online role playing game and birth control device. I have never played anything like it.I caught myself posting on craigslist.. ah ... lets not get into that. Lets just say it works great on two levels. Its a game. And its also one of the most happily violent experiences I have ever had. (ever had one of those days where you wanted to kill twenty people? WoW lets you discover that you're not alone.. ) For WoW, I am warning you +not+ to watch this clip .. (some people just don't have enough to do. lets be honest. these guys have no life.) I sort of wonder what burnout looks like in SL; I wonder if its a function of loneliness? I know what burnout in WoW will look like - you'll notice that you're not really doing anything great, there's no real grand quest or honor its just a person sitting at a computer playing a game. I have never felt that way with SL, its kind of like a really interesting cellpho…

My Favorite Things - Negativland

When Anger Hurts, Part Four

She picked up the book I was reading
and threw it across the room
I had fallen asleep the night before
that was what I did wrong. I should not have fallen asleep
reading +this+ book

It was about someone named Sultana
and her friends are pretty rich
a person in england that I met in second life
told me about this book
she was a young indian woman awaiting arranged marriage
and, in SL, an erotic dancer
in real life, I think, a database administrator
we traded books
I recommended "animals in translation"
by someone who uses autism
to decode animal behavior
and it being so hard to find, for her, as well
she ordered it online
that didn't matter
because to the one who was angry at me
every female is the same
and I am cheating on her
and the book is probably about sex
(it was about abuse)

Anger makes you feel like you are right
even when you are wrong
and thats dangerous
in the film "secretary" the protagonist is methodical
and alone

The Thin Red Line

I wonder sometimes what its like
to be able to see yourself living your own life
like a person can look into the tide pool at low tide
and see the life there swimming around free
its about creation growing out of destruction

what makes us cross the thin red line
that separates us from nature
why does fate hold a subway sandwich in one hand
and tokyoi drift in the other ?
she offers you tastyness
then turns you straight into oncoming traffic
she is who she is
we are who we are

Why is war a part of all living things?
it doesn't come from the dust
it doesn't spring from the air
and yet we are born to it
I suppose you've seen it all before
one goes east and one goes west, both from the same wind blow
its the setting of the sail
and not the gale
that tell us the way to go

So we cross the line, we make our choice
the dragon and the dove - rejoice we have choice
locked forever in eternal conflict (to carry one)
under the banner of heaven

I asked the mormons to come vis…

The Drop - Ozama Tezuku

Sunday, the Day of Rest. Riiight...

What a day today. I wrote out a proposal on Thursday, won it. And then got sick. (Pink Eye - at least part of it. damnit damnit. That stuff is way contagious. You know you have it if you can't open your eyes in the morning. I am sorry if I gave it to you.. ) My friend from Copenhagen came in and I would have done the work on friday but that got shot. Then saturday night I am at this way cool bar - we are talking ebony heaven, and I am still slightly sick. Would have just been slightly drunk as well if it weren't for a girl named Cyan. So that was a nice thing. It always seems for me that I beat any bug I get by just lying down and sleeping it off. And so Sunday I just passed out and it was four hours later, cold sweat and I am ok now. I guess. Had to work late, late sunday night. Grr..
My friend really helped out, he gave me this ginseng extract and somehow that cut the edge off of it all. I think I am better today. We were supposed to meet with this Korean investor on Su…

Secretary - Steven Sodebergh


Part of why I write here is that this is a kind of whiteboard for the sould / a kind of search for equillibrium. Life in the 21st century can be a wash of toxic ideas. Things that create soul rifts. Madison Avenue is populated by voidwalkers whose sole purpose is to remove the connections society forges to resist false hope or perception , and replace them with a sort of constant , driven framework of spend and release that results in making their clients rich. They drive home messages that should be entirely unrelated to selling soap. And they dare us even now to say what that is... its a totally cynical approach ... Another problem , I find, is in the alternate lifestyle I lead. Take for example, skateboarding. At some point it became more important to be seen as a skateboarder than to actually skate. A guy who could do a 3 foot ollie but sang in the choir on sunday was persona non grata. Stacey Peralta used to have this problem sometimes. In the end, of my readers I only ask…