Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously

Origa - (Player) [Final Fantasy Ten/ AMV]. Turnerbroadcasting is currently... ( please choose one):
    A) On vacation
    B) In rehab
    C) Incarcerated
..I will be back in:
    A) Five days
    B) Ten weeks
    C) Six years to life
Colorless awakens december 10th. To: Ms. Lee. Its all about trust. >:)


M@ said…
A and then B. Good luck, man. Dont' forget to LISTEN in group.
WWSD == What Would Sasquatch Do?

You're still messin' with sasquatch.
Emilly Orr said…

YOUR fault, dude, you did mention it.


But feel free to ignore. :)
"I sort of wonder what burnout looks like in SL; I wonder if it is a function of lonliness?"

Couldn't be that lonely with an interesting cell phone in your hand now could it, interesting or not.

In the meantime, I hope you are using the time away to fulfil your obligations.....

/me smiles
Lady Sheridanne - Did those numbers help / that was the premise for automation. Night tole the book so my format is off. And then I will steal it back.

Emily - You fed me to an invisible pink unicorn.