I am officially addicted to WoW

As of today , I would like to announce my latest addiction. I am completely addicted to World of Warcraft. Yes, the same game I made fun of three months ago. Hey, I wanted to bash my sex drive into nothingness. And besides, I paid a month subscription, darnit. I am going to finish the month. I have leveld up almost 60 levels and they say I'm doing it really fast. I have a talent for this stuff. But I have also noticed that I am hanging out with guys who eat cold pizza for breakfast. Therefore..

I plan to submit myself to the nearest "WoW Anonymous" group, where I will sit in a circle with people who are suffering from the same affliction, in the earnest hope that, by following a 12 step program of recovery, I will be able to get near a WoW client and not end up playing for two hours at a time. At present, I am losing weight, and in danger of becoming a skeleton at the keyboard with cobwebs hanging from me. Late at night, of course. When no one will notice I am gone until morning. They will just find me there.. a skele-ton.... I can see it now. Have. to stop . now!

Some ideas for keeping me from playing:

  1. Changing my password on my game machine, and providing it to you-know-who.
  2. Chaining myself to the workstation in my home office
  3. Staring at a candle flame and repeating the words "I am cured", in a dark room
  4. Taking substances for it, such as a cold glass of milk, refreshing spring water, or sweet nectar (this is an inside joke).
  5. Hiring a WoW de-conditioning trainer, who will teach me how to play for only five minutes

I recently duo'd the deadmines, which is supposed to be very, very hard to do and my character is so overloaded with epic loot that I couldn't even keep the existing enchant items I had. I was trying to solo and ended up pairing with a strong character and we annhilated that place. She was a dranei.

The deadmines and VC were just amazingly difficult. There was an art to this place, things you would want to do at certain moments. We made mistakes. I wasn't ready to do it. Every time I asked "what is the plan" she would say .. "Kill". It worked. :) hail kitsune!

Ok now I really know I am addicted. I am talking about WoW to people who could care less. I heard that if you played you might try to use the word "goblin" in a sentence. Please +donate+ to World of Warcraft anonymous. Save your fellow man! Or woman.

I will probably delete this post. I am posting it to remind me that I'd better get something done for someone I know or she'll be high and dry... its a confession. And yes, I really am addicted. But not hopelessly. I think..


Anonymous said…
Delete your account.

but that would mean losing fifteen bucks! (he says after having lost oh, maybe 40 hours of sleep so far this month)

let me explain how this will happen. I will deliver some numbers to a pretty, deserving, kind person .. TODAY and then
I will quietly be happy with my research.

And then I will look at the game workstation.

... and it will look back at me.

.. and then I will look at it..

and then, we'll run to each other .. across a field of milkweed and sunflowers...

"hello, game machine"

"hello, tbs. I missed you... how long has it been... "

"uh. 15 minutes. but i did eat breakfast.. it felt longer.."

" you feel rested ".

"oh. I love it when you say that"

(money back if not completely satisfied)
your dd said…
Am I finally to be satisfied?
We will see.

My arms are empty
While you dally with another.
How sad is that!

/me smiles
Emilly Orr said…

Look, I don't care HOW many people tell me WoW is cool. I don't *care* how many people are addicted. I don't *care* how much they want me to play.


*scampers back to Second Life*

Note from the future. I am yourself, Tbs, from the year 2010... and yes, you quit playing...

You sold your toons for north of 500.00... almost 570 to be exact.

One day. You just stopped. You can do it.