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The Quotable Benjamin Franklin

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.




Layers separate
color dies
bits and pieces fall away
underneath, the part that connects and transmits
the center unfolded
becomes dead
its eyes turn white in its head

the wave disintegrates
crashing against rock
windblown against your face
laughing on the edge
of a cliff

it does not exist
typing any of its sequence
a letter, syllable or word
nothing is left
no index
no search engine

It is gone
but not dead
how the end always is
how things fall apart
how leaves die
colors fade
the music dies away
human was static
nature was the noise
close your eyes
count to ten
the process by which
an object loses cohesion
into interstellar medium

He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions
to her perishable breath
his mind would never romp again like the mind of God.
So he waited
listening for a moment longer
to the tuning-fork that had been struck upon a star
Then he kissed her
At his lips' touch she blossomed for him like a flower
and the inc…

Toy Story 3

There is no such thing as a motion picture. When we watch film, we are seeing static images flashed at us, 24 times a second. Nothing ever really moves. We just tell ourselves it's real. How different, then, a child playing with his or her toy. Toy Story 3 is a film that touches on themes of coming of age, the bond we share as human beings, and the age old story of the triumph of good over evil. There are far too many moments in the movie where a shared smile, or an act of courage - could be related to anything like a fake or static series of moments. It is a continuous, living thing. We accept the still moments, but somehow - within the art of the Toy Story animation - we have sketched into the film - a playfulness, and an investment of self - that equals or rivals the main character - a child who is heading off to school. And although this film is designed for children, it is far from a children's movie. It is a good - perhaps great - movie, and it stands on its own. …

Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb

Jessica - The Allman Brothers

Quote for the Day

The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of their Dreams.

God Had A Daughter

Breaking news from the Onion News Network : Evidence was uncovered 9/23/10 which revealed that God had a daughter. Her name was Tammi. Quote follows. According to the manuscripts, written in Greek on papyrus scrolls, Tammi led a ministry contemporaneously with her brother's. Although she promulgated similar ideas concerning faith, humility, and forgiveness, and appeared to possess the same miraculous powers, Tammi seems to have had more difficulty communicating her message. In one passage, for example, her disciples repeatedly coax her into washing their feet, apparently for a better vantage point from which to observe her "heavenly radiance." And while she, like Jesus, walks on water, the feat is described as almost disappointing to many onlookers, who had apparently hoped to see her run.

Professor Ned McCormick of Duke Divinity School said a complete understanding of Tammi's teachings will require decades of research, with particularly close scrutiny given to t…

More Refrigerator Magnets We'd Like To See

Click on the above to get the full view. $#@*! hilarious. :)

The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

This is the person whom Obama appointed. See the 18 minute mark to 21 minute mark. And if you only have sixty seconds to look at her clip. Go to the 21 minute mark. , Also check out 31:00. Elizabeth Warren is a very, very smart person.

The Election of 2010

It's about Healthcare Reform. Take a look at the primary results of this swing state. Others will tell you its about jobs, or the economy. But guess what. That's just because they can - but the CBER declared the recession over. It's not about Jobs, the Economy, or the Democrats losing their seats. Its about massive, massive amounts of money coming from an industry that takes one dollar out of every six, out of the pockets of American citizens. An industry by which the number one reason for middle class families to declare bankruptcy. A trillion dollar industry with multi million dollar reach into lobbyism. That reach extends into the political narrative that , quietly - each year - is bought and sold along with the advertising content that will be purchased . This content is bought in 'packages'. This year's package is a narrative in which Obama, who by all accounts, is on track to become one of America's Greatest Presidents: A Nobel Laureate, A m…

True Story

I was trying to get someone to recognize that I was a human being, recently. I decided that if they would continue their upbraid - I would just strip naked. The hope was that they would notice I was naked , and then realize there was a lag time between when they could talk about the fact that I was naked - and when I actually stripped. It took them 30 minutes before they actually noticed. Which is to say, they probably noticed I was physically naked - immediately. But their prepared speech continued on unabated. I think we are in danger , as a species, of losing our humanity. I don't think this kind of disconnection from the real world happens as a result of natural or organic processes. Last night my daughter was frantic because she couldn't get a shipping label done. In Alain De Bouton's 'Status Anxiety', we read that in 1972, only 2% of Americans felt that a second phone line was a necessity. Today, 45% of Americans feel it necessary. 11% thought that a …

Ryder Team Captain's Wife

God I love Golf.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy - First Lady of France

Though we consider ourselves a beacon of democracy - we still have alot to learn. Vive La France!!

I'm Afraid

I am afraid. Too many things have happened too close to the whisper of death's footstep, approaching. Too much has touched the dark veil of death's long black cancerous coat. The pale, skeletal face of death looks upon me. The eyes long since rotted out. I hear him approaching. He is carrying a scythe, with which once the long, green grass was cut. And now. He uses it to cut down the bodies of men, and reap their soul. I am afraid of death. I will not go gently. I am not afraid of Death's stench, or decay. The eternal pain in which death comes reminds me I am alive. I am afraid of Death itself. Death is a powerful, almost unstoppable force. He lives in darkness and cold. He is nausea, rotten sickly sweet flesh decaying - his herald, the ant, the maggot - the bacterium. The shredding, grinding, tearing mandibles of the insect. Death comes quickly. It is a payout - a karmic thing - to be able to be in the wrong place at the right time, when he does come. You cannot outru…

Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance

At the Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes



Craigslist Personals Ads

If you're stuck at work on a Friday night, read the Craigslist personals ads sometime. These are people who are posting a one paragraph statement about why they should have their genetic code continue on through the world. It's like listening to the human genome whisper to someone in class or pass notes back and forth - and it is sometimes, truly funny. Sometimes sad. At one point I found them intensely depressing. But they change so much, that it's impossible to characterize them. They're really interesting. Once, I read one that made a reference to handguns. I think that was the best one. After all. Once you make Tenure. It's all handguns, hookers, and blow. But, the bitch was married. Sigh... ;) Ok, you need to be careful though. My rules are: stay away from any website that is marketing to you, or selling your marketing information. In general, it's smart to stay away from companies that tie things to the net, tethering them down - but the hackers of t…

Tentative - System of a Down

Amber Dalton

What is the value of a human life? I have never met Amber Dalton. She's an Oracle DBA, a graduate of a mail order university. I'm pretty sure she's got one child, and that she is married to a stay-at-home husband. But not really all that sure. After all, what can you know about someone you've never met? So, why am I writing about her? Because she is alive. And she is a part of this world. Day before yesterday, I made a decision to go to work early. Along the way, I found a bike by the side of the road. I picked it up, and put it in the back of my car. The bike was nearly brand new. Yesterday, I made a decision to drive my daughter out to the horse a bit early. There was a box sitting in the middle of the road. I pulled the car over to a side street, ran out and picked the box up. It contained a beautiful lamp. A tiffany lamp. Unbroken. These two events were not connected. But in both cases, a decision was made to go do something for someone - to get out into …

How I Spent Last Night

I pulled another all nighter again working on some stuff for these guys. The hardest part was getting over the idea that what I was doing was impossible. We got it done.

Very tired. But happy. How is your day?

Self and Humanity

I am fairly religious about updating my facebook page. I login every six months and hang around there for about an hour or so. It's kind of like smoking a cigarette, or getting really drunk (which I did, last saturday night). It's alot of fun, it helps you to keep perspective - and it doesn't harm anyone. When you do it every six months, and not every day. There's a thing about facebook. Facebook is not social networking, it isn't even a technology. Facebook is just glorified webmail. At its base underpinning - is an embedded chat client, an SMS gateway server, a webmail server and a few other relatively straightforward elements of existing technology. This means that people who are 'users' of facebook , and who are 'adept' at its use - are really only people who are adept at filling out someone elses web form. It is made to be easy to use (with the exception the facebook people extending to you the courtesy privacy against the possibility…

Spiders - System of a Down

As I write this, she is nude..

I helped. ;)Dita Von Teese aka Heather Renee Sweet

As I write this, I am nude

And , to be perfectly honest. It works out. The last days of summer are here. September can be just hot enough to want to take off all of your clothes. And at the same time the night air is now getting cold enough to cool you down. I dreamed of her again. It made my day worth living. I am not afraid to get back to sleep. I am going to stay up and read 'Already Dead' by Denis Johnson.

How Are You Feeling Today?

Hi . Did you have a good night? Feeling ok? Good. File this under Carpe Diem: Last night at 2 AM the earth almost got blasted by an asteroid. It was a near miss that together with its pair (passing close today) missed us by less than 20% of the distance from here to the moon. Please think of it as a brought to you by hurtling-through-the-darkness-of-space reminder that we live on a planet that's been wiped out, oh- about eight times?

The size of the asteroid was about half the size of a football field, and yeah, ok, we would have survived it. Probably.

Another big asteroid is going to pass by at 5:12 Eastern time today - that's 2:12 Pacific - a little less than 2/10 of the distance from the earth to the moon. It would have been a huge event - a big fireball across the sky - had it hit us. Instead, it's just going to snuggle up close and play Japanese Tourist with a camera around the neck. My vote is that we see this as a sign. The message is clear:

Be. Excellent…

The Lords of Acid

In like a lion (play this one full screen)

Theme for 2011 Burn

A keener and more poignant meaning can attach to unique instants in the private life of every individual: moments of crisis and frisson, as when a cri de coeur informs us that we've somehow crossed an inner threshold and are changed. Thus moving from one state of being into an unknown other can be frightening. This is not a facile transformation; it obliges us to face our innermost insecurities, and it requires faith, a willingness to leap off the ladder of ordered existence. The theme of Burning Man 2011 invites participants to join with others in creating rites of passage. The content of these rites may be as various as life itself. Whether such performances are ludicrous or solemn, their aim is to remove us from the context and the cares of daily life, confront us with our vital need to be, and then return us to the fellowship of a society.

How Triathlon and Golf Work Together

Yesterday I took la familia to the lake for labor day, and there was a golf course - maybe 3/4 of a mile to the far shore. I swam the lake, dove the lakeside of their par 4 seventh hole for golf balls, filled my swimsuit trunks up with them then swam back. I pulled in 22 balls, and then hit a few back in the lake just for fun. The titleist pro V1 392s distorted physically - a few of them blistered. But the rest of the newer pro V's were fine. I pulled in Titleist Pro V1's, Callaway, Nike and a few other good balls. It was a 1.5 mile swim , with a .75 mile mini jumbo bucket pull across the lake, followed by a six seven woods fired back into the water at or around 220 yards a piece. You generally don't get as tired as you would if, say, you just ran a marathon and then played a round of golf. I think its because you use different muscle groups. I had awful nightmares last night - one of my kittens loves to lick my nose but she licks me for about seven times then …

We Like You Alive

Why do the good guys win? Well, the real answer is I'm not really sure. I'm glad that they do often win. One thing, is that the bad guys have a secret, that they don't like to talk about. No matter what they buy. It's never enough. No matter how many different drugs they take , or drinks they have - they never really get enough. Nothing ever really satisfies them. They are like a cancer. We like you alive, because even though things are more complicated - and yes, the moments are harder to find - maybe with your kid, your wife, your friend - they are still there and they are beyond price. And after all, As Jonas Salk once said - could you patent the sun?

They Like You Dead

Let's start at the beginning, with this post. It's going to be about the origin of the universe, god, heat death, and why people kill off their blog. In short, I'm going to try not to talk about the terrific sex I had last night, that involved an asian woman, a blonde swedish woman, and an indian woman and later on another guy that walked in on all of us. Let's see if I can do it. First, the title of the post. They like you dead. Who's they? Well. Let's start off with what's inside your head. You've got cliques of neurons that will identify themselves as an entity. For example, in my head, I've got groups of them that call themselves the "IRS" and they whisper to me things about whether or not I should really be charging sales tax on an item, or asking me if this purchase is in fact on an academic license. They also fuck with my security cam, but that's a different story - and it involves firmware. We're going to stick with the …