Craigslist Personals Ads

If you're stuck at work on a Friday night, read the Craigslist personals ads sometime. These are people who are posting a one paragraph statement about why they should have their genetic code continue on through the world. It's like listening to the human genome whisper to someone in class or pass notes back and forth - and it is sometimes, truly funny. Sometimes sad. At one point I found them intensely depressing. But they change so much, that it's impossible to characterize them. They're really interesting.

Once, I read one that made a reference to handguns. I think that was the best one. After all. Once you make Tenure. It's all handguns, hookers, and blow. But, the bitch was married. Sigh... ;)

Ok, you need to be careful though. My rules are: stay away from any website that is marketing to you, or selling your marketing information. In general, it's smart to stay away from companies that tie things to the net, tethering them down - but the hackers of the world must fight that battle. That is a front line , high stakes battle. Your best bet is just to stay off the radioactive stuff. And if you ever meet someone , meet them in public first.

P.S. If you see someone named 'SPAMFORD'.... can you give him a message for me? He was busy choking up my mailserver this week. Here's the message. Thanks.