Toy Story 3

There is no such thing as a motion picture. When we watch film, we are seeing static images flashed at us, 24 times a second. Nothing ever really moves. We just tell ourselves it's real.

How different, then, a child playing with his or her toy. Toy Story 3 is a film that touches on themes of coming of age, the bond we share as human beings, and the age old story of the triumph of good over evil. There are far too many moments in the movie where a shared smile, or an act of courage - could be related to anything like a fake or static series of moments. It is a continuous, living thing. We accept the still moments, but somehow - within the art of the Toy Story animation - we have sketched into the film - a playfulness, and an investment of self - that equals or rivals the main character - a child who is heading off to school. And although this film is designed for children, it is far from a children's movie. It is a good - perhaps great - movie, and it stands on its own.

The key thing about my film collection is that I should be able to watch any movie I would add to it, more than once. Toy Story 3 fits the requirement - but I know, even though I haven't yet - that watching it twice will mean something different to me, the second time around. The shared, secret smile we enjoy as parents - that is built into this film - will not get old, nor will the adventure and excitement. This is a great film on alot of different levels, and it would be fun to see again. I didn't see it on 3D , but personally I'm not sure I would want to. The story itself is very strong and gee-whiz 3 dimensionality doesn't necessarily add to the effect. It really is, that good of a movie.

If I did see it again, I know it would be different - like playing with an old toy on a rainy day. And that character of difference, isn't likely better or worse - it's just going to be different. Reaching this high of a standard, doesn't mean there isn't room at the top - but rather, themes of universal goodwill and excellence. And ultimately, trust. After all, movie tickets aren't cheap. Toy Story 3 is worth whatever you pay.