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Be Safe. Be Well.

Be Warm.


What are you doing, for Halloween? Have you figured out what costume you'll wear? I figured mine out just this morning, on the way in to work. I heard 'Don't Fear the Reaper' on the radio. It gave me an idea... :)

The Seventh Guest

The Ordinary World

We are guided by our dreams
our nightmares
our heart is locked in a battle with our head
in the ordinary world

Colorless green ideas
move toward the light
nothing comes from nothing
two wrongs don't make a right

Erebus, love, and dark winged night
brought love, fertility and war

And Astarte was born
fully clothed
With cellphone

She got into her car
and drove away
into the ordinary world
to her ipod

And when she died
The sound of the siren said the ambulance was coming
her heart had stopped beating
but the meter was still running


One thing that's fun about keeping your priority list straight is that if things happen on the low or midside of that list, you end up not worrying as much about it. It just takes time to figure it out. Last night was a good example. I had a problem with a customer. There were these issues with their configuration, and they were complaining. They ended up setting up a meeting with my competitor - at least, I was pretty sure about it. When people complain, you need to deal with the issue. If they're making noise, but you're fixing the problem - then they're probably okay. It's when they get silent on you, that you know you're losing business. They're going elsewhere. So, I was kind of down about it all. I was trying to get with this customer and let them know what I'd done for them but they were 'out of the office'. And then I checked in with my competitor and asked him if he'd heard about anything from these guys. He said he didn'…

World Outside - The Devlins

Nobody Really Knows

The GOP is behind some pretty feverish handwringing, and political forecast second guessing - these days. The Bush Republicans were so blown out of office just one and a half short years ago - in such a complete and devastating manner - that they are anxious to see if they can maintain their now-tenuous hold on power. They've failed in nearly all of their stated 2008 Agenda. This is of course, paid for by the shady people who are paying for big political ads that run everywhere. After all, political consultants have to get money to skew the poll results. Normally, they put money into both parties, and try to play one off the other. So that when the other party makes it into power, they've got just what they need to accomplish their objective. This election cycle, the lobbyists have all their money on the GOP. They've bet nearly 85% of their money on the Bush Republicans. And of course, the Bush Republicans told them that when they win, they will be able to drive do…


I have sinned
and my wage is death

A dark aria played upon four strings
the melody that lifegod sings
comes to end

I have sinned
and the wages of sin are death
the gift of god is eternal life
but my hand closes tight

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Gate.
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

I try to open my hand
they drive the nail through
but still it closes
why have you forsaken me

Looking up I see
through blood upon my brow
the Blue Angels
flying in formation low
scattering my ash to wind

I see them fly straight up into the sky
and my lifedream
reaches further
and I see them flying higher
their blue and gold wings
so high the sky turns black
and then
they return to earth again
flying straight at each other
re-entering our atmosphere like a spaceship
and crossing at the airstrip
the white hot wings passing another
separated by mer…

Arthur C. Clarke on Predicting the Future

Dead Blog

I enjoyed you while you were alive
you were created by a person
I am not sure why you had to die
Maybe you were murdered

This post brings back memories
of all the things you write
It speaks to me of beauty
and reminds me of your life

I never really knew you
We will never meet
I fold my hands in prayer
and touch them to your feet

And walk away
with sadness
knowing you have crossed a line
where life and death are shadow
and nothing is defined
I guess you feel that you are free
because you hit delete


A human powered monorail with the network of rails floating above the ground. Pods fly across the network powered by bicycle gearing.

Citizens everywhere rejoice. Do you want to know more?

Mountain Bike Nirvana

When I purchase something, I'm not usually one to make a big deal out of what it costs. I also usually don't look forward to buying things - the acquisition usually isn't the high point. In fact, when I get something new, I usually face the event with dread. Some people think about the new, sweet little puppy that will come home. I think about cleaning up puppy dirt off the carpet for two weeks , until the little fur ball knows how to ask to go outside. Some think they would be happy with a sweet little kitten who would love then and snuggle them. I think I would be happy when the kitten grows into a young cat and kills a rat for me. I am happiest when I am in the midlife of things - a car that is well tuned, and doesn't break down. A bike that really works great, fits me well. Let other people constantly buy new stuff. I'll go with comfortable. Which is why getting a new mountain bike is a big deal for me. I ride them hard. The last bike I bought - was more …

Civilization V : 21st Century Chess

I'm shaking off the sleep loss from my first , open start Civilization 5 game. I wanted to go over a bit of the strategy I used, and how I am making out. I chose to play as Germany, because I planned to hit the map hard and I wanted a start advantage. Germany has a great starting advantage and a good midgame military unit. Around 1200 I finally designed a winning strategy after figuring out that siege units cannot occupy a city (doh!), and I am about 20 turns away from Victory now. There is one last big battle with Rome. I am considering keeping them alive, so I can see what the space race victory condition will look like. I will probably save game after I blast Rome back to a single hex, or two - save, win the game by military means - and then annex the capital cities of my conquered civilizations to boost my final score. Burning them off the map. Then, perhaps, just do the space race ending so I can see what the endgame animation looks like. When you're winning, it'…

Everything Dies

Everything dies
stars explode
meteors fall
galaxies rip themselves apart from tide

wither on the vine
falling to earth
Pumpkins rot
Toothy Jack O' Lantern grin
biting into itself, folding
its face in mock denture
until black ooze comes from its eyes

What part of a human
is the immortal soul
What part lives on after death

Can I angle my windshield back
so that the bullet glances off
or the roadside explosion
dashed against the hardened undercarriage
Will the fiber in my tire
keep the wheel from getting shot

Is life

If it is
My immortal soul

Is going to hide behind rocks and trees
And fire at you
And you have to wear red
And march in a straight line

And whatever nobility exists
Among all this death
and war
will be taken away
and made with humility
into something worth having
just as long as you remember
To play to win

And walk away
if they walk up to you
with a crown

Thee Lordz ov Ass Hyt

People . Who need. People.

Are the luckiest people in the world.

Regarding the So Called Republican Takeover

The republicans took over the house of representatives, the senate, the white house and the supreme court and held them for eight years. The bush republicans crashed the global economy, destroyed America's diplomatic profile, entangled our country in wars of convenience that have cost us well over a trillion dollars. And their policies left the world markets depleted of over 2 trillion dollars of cash. The republicans made a contract with America, before. Now they're making just a pledge. And what pledge is this? The last time they were in power they completely crashed the government and installed the largest federal bureaucracy in the history of the United States of America. They then proceeded to turn the reigns of power over to US Corporations, which immediately took advantage of the American people, ripping them off whenever possible and in ways we still haven't even discovered. It took the current administration nearly 14 months just to drain the swamp they left beh…

Nothing left of this post... except the word...



Stuxnet is a type of Malware that seems to be directed at Siemens Corporation. Not many people are writing about this, for some reason. The writing and press are focussed on the fact that the majority of attacks and reported incidents seem to be in Iran. And also, that this new form of Malware is very dangerous. It is. Malware is a type of computer virus that masquerades as useful software. It slips by Antivirus programs , usually as an update , patch or fix. There are different kinds of Malware. And there are different vectors. The worst kind, in my view - is rootkit. These are viruses that try to get administrator, or 'root' on your machine. And the worst vector, is when they replace a driver or protocol. I had a virus damage the TCP protcol once, and the only thing I could do, to fix it - was to uninstall the OS on the machine, and reinstall anew. In fact, that is what I would recommend. If you are hit with a very bad virus, and you've run scanners to delete it. …

Advertising began as an art of maximizing the number of customers in your business. At first, it was a sign or image on a wall - perhaps even a pile of rocks that let someone know you had a good or service to offer. You may have even dressed differently than someone else, so that people can see you on the plains or in the cave and would know you offer a product they could use - by some medium of exchange. But without that medium of exchange, everything broke down. Cavemen, for example - had to be able to trade things of value for goods or services, else what would be the point? If you could not pay someone for something, why would they wish to advertise? They can catch far more wooly mammoth and saber tooth tiger - dressed in bear skin, than they can wearing the hat of a medicine man. So advertising appeared, at a point at which goods or services could be virtualized. You could give a gift of berries, seeds, or a skein of dried mammoth steaks - in exchange for the healing services of …


I've written several essays here about social media such as Facebook (one of many possible social network sites), Twitter,etc. I've also touched on the undefinably intense level of evil associated with the tethered network appliance - such as the cellphone bound to a particular carrier, the embedded smartphone browser with general either tied to a single set of sites, or otherwise standards disabled, or the random blu-ray player bound to a handful of vendor websites to receive a general protocol stream. I've never said the two were connected. I've written carefully about social networking because it's defining and shaping a new generation of young children whose exposure to the intense environment of the net - has possibly affected the children in a negative way, and web pages such as facebook, or iphone 'apps' (really , also just web pages with embedded application capability) - are their primary means of undoing the damage. Children have become aware …

Don't Fear the Reaper - BOC/Mass Effect[AMV]



Hard Doggy

It has been whispered
that poets
seem to speak of the world
each word precious
with love
as if soon the world will be gone

It has been spoken
that poets
sing the body electric
by hypnosis
of love
marching to the beat of a drum

It has been written
that poetry
is an echo
asking a shadow upon the wall
to dance

But the work of a poet
is more

A poet seeks the fabric of the universe
sews the lawyer and rock within
throws him from the bridge

A poet undresses us with their words
diabolical in their pursuit of sin
and takes death as part of their wage

A poet keeps the world in balance
sometimes making love
sometimes taking her
hard doggy

The morning after
in the kitchen
she sings
and makes him a cup of coffee
he kisses her on the neck
like a wolf
nuzzling in the safety of a den

He takes out the trash