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Strange Loop - Souvenir Edition >:)

Douglas Hofstadter

Space Weaver - Lisa Gerard

the riddle is simple but the implications are stronger than you think. we are a strange loop.

Yard Sale

I had a yard sale today, actually got all my stuff in a car and headed over to my moms house and sold there. What a success! There were people buying everything in sight. I got off to a late start last night, putting out the signs. I decided to put up signage in a consistent, single path from a main road. I didn't set the signs out all over and hope to catch roads; I was going after one direction, that I guessed would be the best direction the yardies would show. The Hard core yardies got there at 7:30 am, I got up late (7:40) because I got into a big fight with someone last night + ended up fighting until 4:00 am in the morning. I was actually trying to code last night and we got into a dispute about something and all night long we went at it; it was pathetic. Finally we decided to try something called a 'conversation' at the end of it all, and then I fell asleep at the keyboard from the boredom of trying to deal with them. At least I was able put enough on a USB …

Us and Them - Pink Floyd

How to dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Your first step is to realize that there are two parts to worry about. One is the reaction core, and the other is the trigger. The trigger drives a pellet of fissible material into a core. One of the cool tricks you can do with a core is to dope it with heavy water so that you end up with more fast neutrons. Actually the thing to really worry about here is the fast neutrons , they are bad news. Be safe. Ok. Take the trigger offline - usually there is a keypad, the detonation sequence is likely heavily coded so that it can't be triggered by mistake but you just want to take it apart so things will be in your favor. This thing will not likely detonate by default if the trigger is breached. I said likely. Depends on whose bomb. Take out the triggering mechanism that would've driven that little pellet core into the main fissible material. Once you can get past the keypad, its probably just screwed into place in the center behind the pad. Your main problem won't be t…

Mysterious Ways - U2

did you know that this temple, really important - the big one, you know, in israel, y made in a funny way. - they built over it alot? to get there, you have to kneel.. i mean the real way in..

My Favorite Bible Verse

My favorite part of the debate last night between the democratic presidential primary debate was "which is your favorite bible verse". Even more fun was how it was reported. Here is NBC Reporter Chris Matthews on Bill Richardson's response: "And what about Bill Richardson? He didn't even know what to say there.. on that question." And for the record, gentle reader, here is what Bill Richardson said, in response to the actual question: "My favorite Bible Verse is the Sermon on the Mount, because its about equality, and coming together. " As the immortal John Lennon said.. "Why don't we do it in the road?"

Watambi - Joel Crawford

Squirrels! :)

Descent into the Fiery Hell of Blogdom

I am completely aware that I can't really keep a horse. I don't have a big truck. Or a trailer. The cash outlay for an animal like this is prohibitive; Nevertheless, that element of me that somehow drives me forward to do things that don't always make sense, keeps a horse. Its not painful. Why, Does it look painful?

Same with blogging. The hours I spend playing with concepts here are like a garden near my home, that gets way too much care while all around my life frays at the edges. Which brings me back to the horse. A couple of days ago she took a jump with a rider on her. The rider was thrown forward and she bucked back and the person got up off the ground, fairly shaken. So around we go again, and this time the horse gets communicated the fear of the jump even though she took it fine the first time. Horses have awful short term memory and amazing long term memory so that old adage about "you have to get back up there" really does hold true. The horse will…

Your Mother Should Know - The Beatles

Goodbye Amber

I am not sure when, but Amber Dalton's blog just disappeared .. It was called "For this I went to college?". :( Keeps things in perspective, huh? Here today. Gone tomorrow. Amber was an object of absolute fascination - I had worked with DBA's in the past, and one of my closest partner was a DBA. It was a very organic thing. She reminded me of Florida, it didn't matter that it was the lame side of Florida, it was Florida. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Gee. Just like South Florida, I guess. To tell the truth, I didn't know her. Never met her. Spoke with her maybe, what. Once. Alot of "rules" in the conversation. She was nice, don't get me wrong. I know she just hit the delete key when the end came. She was probably miffed that someone backtracked something out of her profile or something. This is totally DBA. They decide to do something, and they do it. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Every DBA I ever met was strongly opinionated and ha…

Cannonball - Damien Rice

retournee a demain, pour vous mon amis. parole et pensee.


Play Minesweeper/ Expert Level - while listening to Pink Floyd "The Great Gig in the Sky". Listen for the conversation between a man and a woman. Mistake lust, for love. Fall asleep in your girlfriends bed and let her lipstick lesbian roommate photographer shoot your sleeping visage and then watch in wonderment as you find it at the next museum installation you both attend, blown up to 10 feet high and covered with the sentence "He mistakes lust for love". Be slightly amazed as nobody recognizes you. Get a coupon folder and put it in your car and break out the coupons when you are eating out or at the grocery store. Stick it to the MAN Go to church. Just do it. And sing while you're there too. In fact, get up and sing as a member of the choir. Wear a white robe. Wear what you want underneath the white robe. Join an elite club in a big city, with a secret meeting room atop a black glass skyscraper downtown. Its thousands of dollars initiation. Pay it then don…

The Doctor is [IN]

A few thoughts on death

I thought I might write a few thoughts on death. I absolutely hate the f-k. He's not thief, nor is he some kind of mystical force. Death is the wagekeeper for all sin in the world. Death will open up the seventh seal.

Death claimed alot of my friends, some of my family, and even some extended family. I don't like that one bit. I dont have any poems to write here. Life is for the living. I do think poetry is great but I prefer the battle epic to the epitath. I was just wondering, do you think he actually does play chess? When I was a female (a blonde) in SL I beat the heck out of a really obnoxious dominant master type (you've figured out I like high stakes games by now?) who wanted me as his slave. I thought it was a fair wager for the amount of money he was willing to put up against it all. I beat him in that way in which you slowly dawn it upon someone that they made a fool out of themself. I have played better people, I think that was part of my secret. Note to self…

Tugaloo Part Two

Tugaloo Triathlon/ Lake Hartwell - is done >:). YAY. My fourth. Second time I've done this race,- I had a real dogfight with someone on the bike. I cleared a new PR for speed, on the bike. I topped 57 mph on the bike. Son of a bitch passed me while I was just staring at my computer in wonderment. Traded respect at T2. I probably put together slightly better time than last year but I have decided that this is the year of the marathon I am convinced that if I can fix my stride (I strike left foot hard , so much so that my left leg is actually bigger around than my right - comes also from when I broke the right one when I was younger too but thats another story) - and shed 30 pounds I will have my 10k and I will have my strong time. I have given menu control of every single thing I eat over to the someone who reminds me far too much of the goddess kali. And since she is +under weight+ its actually a fair trade; I made her eat oysters chocolate and peanut butter today. With brea…

Violin Concerto II - Philip Glass [Kate Moss]

Good Sects

There is this old story about Solomon, how to him complexity seemed play. He cut through problems like a sharp knife. He had a following. People seem to be able to form groups around those that can lead, they tend to enjoy the idea that they can follow someone else to nirvana. But if you ended up with the wisdom of Solomon, you're on the outside. You have the chance of being picked off by a predator, and they would gladly sacrifice you. Take a look at the record. Caesar. Socrates. the list goes on. If you are an agent of change you're different. And if you're different, you're expendable. And possibly worth thinking about. A dangerous place to be. When I was little my dad got a call one day to the E/R. There was a homosexual doctor who had taken Ak47 bullets. His lover and former employer had just gotten his entire group to drink poisoned flavor-aid (not kool-aid). I remember the day they arrived. The helicopters came in low across the horizon. They wer…


I hacked a computer to write this. I'm not actually here. I'm network down. Since my network is gone, I am gone. Kind of like, you know. What they did to Akhnaten? Remember that guy? He was the one who had the nerve to try to say that Egypt should shut down the different sects and worship one god. He was supposed to sleep until he wakes up in the afterworld.. With all of his vital organs in a jar. Hm... some of them might be attachments, then .. would you say?

Hi There. I'm Brian Durex

..and I don't like normal condoms. >:)

Three Things for Saturday

First, I am playing a game with someone. I think he is Portugeuse. So three things to take care of. We must be polite with our game. The first is to time things so that I can sprint to my car and get the bar of chocolate I have there. ... done. 12 seconds. got the ipod too. The second is to take a picture of the rose on my desk. Just below my monitor. Let la personne portugeuse just worry a bit while I have him on the bar. I am not cruel, mind you. Just dominant. I will win. And it has the desired effect. He's second guessing himself now.. The third thing? (edits, uploads the picture, finishes the game) Win the game. . . - Everything wraps - to borrow a term from my summer working for the film industry - at 4 pm ESDT. I plan on some serious play time tomorrow evening. Six AM Sunrise Brick [Bike/Run]/ This will be likely my only training run for the entire Sept. 15th lead up so I have been trying my own new plan which is kind of what I would call an XP version , pair…

March - Antonio Salieri (Variation) - Amadeus

Love is the Seventh Wave (Flatland)

Flatland , by Edwin Abbott - is a romance of many dimensions. The basic idea of the book is that it is possible to traverse dimensions and talk of them in the context of your own. For example, we are using electrons glowing on a screen to simulate three and four dimensional audio waves that would reach your ear, hit electronic synapses against 3 dimensional waves in the fluid of your inner ear, and fire into a pattern of three dimensional spread within the holographic network of your brain to acquire cognitive assembly. Sometimes they will stay locked in a cell. But not quite in prison. There is a great difference. ..between being in a prison cell and being in a cell. >:) Being that we have imagination, we can reference symbolic representations of three dimensional objects (apples, bears, peaches, hot tubs, baseballs, things like that) simply by re arranging essentially 55 million utterances into finite patterns that represent the real thing within your mind. Now, to save s…

Stuff from my Mom

Ok, my mom reads this blog. I find it refreshing that I have managed to ignore her. But I won't ignore it when she sends something cool that lets me be, essentially, lazy and just re-post something she mails to me. My mom, is kind of a hippie. I love her to death but she and I do have different views on things. My view is more or less aligned with that of Lady Sheridanne Kelley's. I tend to see things in terms of , for lack of a better term, absolutes. Whereas my mom tends to see things in relatives. That said, I think I get my sense of humour from her. I don't try to take life too seriously. But I do plan to play with dolly's. or is that dollies. Hey we all have things that dominate us.. Although she does have an effect on me. For example, the absolute side of me is that if I were ever married it would be a end of tomcatting for turnerbroadcasting. But, I would not get bent out of shape if I didn't have everything on schedule immediately after. My brothe…

Two Girls Both Named Amber

Theres this fantastic line from the film "Inside Man" by Spike Lee, which goes something like this "I plan to be spending time in a hot tub with two girls both named Amber". The reason for this post is that I tried to get to know someone named Amber once. Just coming clean, here. I even tried to get to know the same girl, again. When she first met me, at sentence count equal to one, she told me I was a smart ass. Then, when I met her again. She told me I was a smart ass. Hmm. .. this seems to be a trend... :) I wrote about her. To her. Of her. She was not quite an obsession. But man, was she ever my hero. That whole overpunctuation thing? I got that from her. Its. like. this. I do prosody work. Things. like. that. turn. me. on. I think its fun. I really did respect her, once, at least in some sense, and would have loved to have gotten to know her. I would really like to have her as a friend. Don't know if she's right or wrong. I probably am a sma…

Touch Tone

The Whitehead Institute spends alot of time studying traits that pass from parent to offspring in a predictable fashion, following well-understood rules of mathematics. One trait, that interests me is language. Is language innate? I always believed Noam Chomsky was right in this regard; language is inherent to our species. I do not believe language, the capability to generate it, or use it - is unique. In fact, I believe that our species or even life itself is not unique. I believe that life, can evolve from molecular networks. I believe that those networks communicate. The network communication that we can filter and view, is language. When I lived in the Caribbean, there was a place about six miles away - I saw it from my window every day. It was just over the strait; an island where, on the other side - was a very unique place. It was called phosphorescent bay. This place is famous for glowing eerily at night; outboard motor wake glows bright green. It is a form of alga…

Blood of Eden - Sinead O' Connor/ Peter Gabriel

.. And the darkness still has work to do.. ...>.)

Web 2.0

Shine it. Its time to let the cat out of the bag. Web 2.0 is about more than just technology. Its a profound evolution of humanity. And the sword cuts both ways. This weekend I had the benefit of being on the right side of the blade. I got married in SL. I will be damned if this marriage isn't as binding or as real, as a real one. Now, its a partnership. To be clear. So this is the basis. But it is a connection, a web 2.0 type experience that at least to me was truly cool. And scary. I have yet to write about the honeymoon. What about the SL partnership? SL usually means you don't have a first life. Like Wonkette said to me once, SL usually means something is out of kilter with your first life. I think she said , something like "It just goes to show if you don't have a first life, you won't have a second life". Now, being transfixed by such spaces as SL is not +supposed+ to be a form of addiction. My new partner said, regarding this, that humans a…