I hacked a computer to write this. I'm not actually here. I'm network down. Since my network is gone, I am gone.

Kind of like, you know. What they did to Akhnaten? Remember that guy? He was the one who had the nerve to try to say that Egypt should shut down the different sects and worship one god. He was supposed to sleep until he wakes up in the afterworld..

With all of his vital organs in a jar. Hm... some of them might be attachments, then .. would you say?


It was good to see the little orange icon lit up in my pull down menu!!

Now this is a preview of a future only to be imagined by a little Elven warrior woman you know.

You must get it fixed - I am suffering severe withdrawal here already.

/me smiles
oh definitely. the nutso telco blew up a circuit order. it was an existing circuit, they put in a new service order to bring it up. it was already up. deleted the old circuit.
bingo. instant downtime.

grrr... and if you have ever worked with telco you know that at this point they're saying the normal time is 35 days to get the new T1 in place. But for us, they'll do it in 3.

I am moving all of my sites off to offsite hosting tonight. Should be in a coffee shop somewhere.