Two Girls Both Named Amber

Theres this fantastic line from the film "Inside Man" by Spike Lee, which goes something like this "I plan to be spending time in a hot tub with two girls both named Amber".

The reason for this post is that I tried to get to know someone named Amber once. Just coming clean, here. I even tried to get to know the same girl, again. When she first met me, at sentence count equal to one, she told me I was a smart ass. Then, when I met her again. She told me I was a smart ass. Hmm. .. this seems to be a trend... :)

I wrote about her. To her. Of her. She was not quite an obsession. But man, was she ever my hero. That whole overpunctuation thing? I got that from her. Its. like. this. I do prosody work. Things. like. that. turn. me. on. I think its fun. I really did respect her, once, at least in some sense, and would have loved to have gotten to know her. I would really like to have her as a friend. Don't know if she's right or wrong. I probably am a smartass.

Brevity, they say, is the soul of wit. ;)

She considers herself adventurous. She probably is! I don't mean to carp on her. I guess my point always was - "The really pathetic part about all of this is you have to ask the question" . >:) She asked the question... Two girls both named Amber. Glad I knew them both. One question I always had, was, if you have two girls at once, who's on top? when one gets married, one finds out very quickly who is on top. trust me on this point.

In the end, top, bottom. Up. down. It doesn't really matter who is on top, or bottoms. We're all , in one way or another - Inside Man. That is the story..

And in the end. What a story that will be. :)
please note, they used a smokebomb to attract the cops.. thank you


...wonders how to change name to Amber....makes a note of it for later.....
Who is on top....she is?

Also: search "Henry VIII" the first one that comes up is on top.

"Henry VIII clip - Robert Aske. From SCH....sean bean robert aske henry VIII"