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Do it Again / Steely Dan / Remix by the Flying Mojito Brothers


Weak and Powerless - A Perfect Circle


What Am I to You?

I admit I don't know you
and I admit that you don't know me.

I'm out of shape.
I'm not as cool as your husband.
I'm not as cool as your girlfriend.

What am I to you?
A mormon?

A man on the street who wants to share his opinion?

Am I just another reason to pretend
That true love waits

Can you hear the sound
that the mother makes

Can you hear the sound
of my heart
as it breaks

Again and again and again
like a wave
upon a Californian shore

I admit that I don't know you
and I admit that you don't know me

But maybe where we are now
both of us
is a place that we can both feel free

To become who we need to be
Time enough
Space enough

To get things done.

I will return.

I know you are in love
with a city that is worth every feeling you throw at her

I know that you love
your children

I know you love your children
every one

I ask for permission
simply to be here

And maybe, once in a while
add a little fuel to a fire

of an old flame
that still burns.

A woman so beauti…

Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice
see how they run
see the cat chase after them

Three blind mice
their tails were cut off with a butcher's knife
their fur is infested with fleas and lice

Three blind mice
in the bottom of drum
in the iron sights of a gun

Two blind mice
colors of grey and white
color of red

One blind mouse
crawling over the bodies of his wife and son
crawling up the side of the barrel he's in

Three brass shells
hot out of the gun

See how they run
See how they run

Burn the Witch - Radiohead


Burn the Witch - A Song Review

The song "Burn The Witch" By Radiohead, is properly experienced in the visions of Bosch
and the wild imagined landscapes - kiwis with funnels for hats. And it is also a
silly harlequin story held in the soft glow of the reading light of a bed too big
for one.

Thomas Yorke has long been gifted with the ability to find health and beauty even if
it means grasping it from the iron hand of the more Werner Herzog elements of our reality.
This song would be a perfect soundtrack intro into some of the footage of "Grizzly Man",
specifically the last moment, when Tim Treadwell nee Dexter sees the low flying jet
stream push him back and his every instinct shines, mere hours before his death - to
stay in the frame of his selfie. The ability he has to sense the danger to step too
far to the right, too far to the left.. the expression of whipped dog on his face.

The bear that would kill him was close. And it was not responding to
the warm effusion of kindness that an entire v…

It's neat to be it

i am supposedly it
it posts on progressive blogs
it has done this before

how good to be
how good

what of the mystery of faith

you're a progressive that gets things done
good for you

I am just a progressive
a pretender

but hey
I am willing to admit
I am learning the controls
and I might crash and burn

so keep my dental records
it keeps me
from being just


Walk - Foo Fighters


Touching you across nothing

I touch you across nothing
middle of nowhere

I walk between earth and sky
in a place neither sea nor storm
nor land nor wind

Can you feel me growing stronger?
Can you see me learning to become

The Person I Need to Be for Both of Us
More for Me
More for You

Can you understand that love
and the world
with all its life
and possibility

Never goes dark
like three matches in the dark

One to light for you
One to light for us
And one to light my bong.