Burn the Witch - A Song Review

The song "Burn The Witch" By Radiohead, is properly experienced in the visions of Bosch
and the wild imagined landscapes - kiwis with funnels for hats. And it is also a
silly harlequin story held in the soft glow of the reading light of a bed too big
for one.

Thomas Yorke has long been gifted with the ability to find health and beauty even if
it means grasping it from the iron hand of the more Werner Herzog elements of our reality.
This song would be a perfect soundtrack intro into some of the footage of "Grizzly Man",
specifically the last moment, when Tim Treadwell nee Dexter sees the low flying jet
stream push him back and his every instinct shines, mere hours before his death - to
stay in the frame of his selfie. The ability he has to sense the danger to step too
far to the right, too far to the left.. the expression of whipped dog on his face.

The bear that would kill him was close. And it was not responding to
the warm effusion of kindness that an entire village can offer, if you
simply sacrifice yourself within a large Burning Man.

We feel alive. We feel together. And we all stand in the shadows, trip
the gallows. This is a roundup. A warning shot

That the album they are releasing is their best one ever. What a bunch of wise asses.
Listen to it six ten, maybe twelve times. It gets better and better and better.

Then kick your own ass.