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Cookie Thumper - Die Antwoord


Up and Down

I really don't care
if you're alive or dead
if you love me or if you don't

I am not really in love with you
and the reason is simple

I had all my love removed

It took awhile to drag it out of me
but I had help

Thanks to the miracle of modern surgery
they only had to make a small cut
and then they removed it
with a stripper

I didn't ask them
to use local
they had my head turned away
but just before

I caught a glimpse
of ultrasound

Pick me out of the lineup

I'm easy to find.
I have a number beneath.

I am smiling.
I try to sleep .
I'm wide awake.

They won't leave me alone.
They don't take vacations.

I don't care
if you hate me.

I don't care. If you think.
I'm passive.
If I'm.
If I'm.
If I'm.

I don't care.
If you love me.

I just want your love
to bite into my chest
and with elegant stainless grace
push the warmth of your hand
into everything I am

Us. and . Them.

I had a friend.

Who only half remembe…


You know

you're not quite the same now
what's going on?

You know

it's time to talk in hushed whisper
something's wrong.

You know

father says your mother's right
you need to take a good hard look at yourself
and ask yourself what you really want
tell me your goals
let's talk
let's work this out
let's make things right

You know

we really want you to be happy
we're doing this for your own good

this is going to hurt

more than it hurts

I'm getting tired of asking you this.

I get confused.

A daughter.
A son.

But everyone else is fair game.
Even you.

It's a beautiful thing
to be dark within dark
and pain within pain

Cold vacuum
No other possibility

Why would I be kind
Why would I help any living thing

I hate them all
everything that breathes

I despise single cells
and their pathetic feelers
clawing their way through
clear liquids

I want to tie bacteria
and virus

And watch them fall
and laugh at them

I want to cut off your boob job
wipe the makeup off your face

and take you out
behind the doggie diner dog heads

and bite you

Totem of Confession, Solution Part 1.

The solution for the totem of confession begins; your first clue is 66 seconds.

F*ck That - A Guided Meditation



It feels better
biting down

we touch in the way we can
no arms
we breathe by machine

and take vacation in our sleds
planet air
and our thousand year savings accounts

we go to the restaurant
the carp undying
in chinese zero gravity
to look
but not touch

tumors jut
from soft white scales

its thoughts
they say
touch the glass
for luck
and long life
by age related disease
our parts gleam in the halflight

one thousand years old
dreaming of nice girls
and black cars
and sludge coiling around its gills
like smoke.

nice thoughts
nice friends

we remember the clan wars
in zero g
heads do not loll
mouths do not drop open

and sharing dinner together before we both go back
into the black verse
we both look to the glass
and see
the ancient, undying carp
has already forgotten who he was
or why he is here
or if he is even in an aquarium

and we fold space
from Ix

to navigate our ships
through space

most of our body
by electronics
and this
strange …

Diana's Story - An assignment.

You will start with:

Near our house there is an old tunnel through which runs a disused and very rusty railway line. One day, armed with a powerful torch, I decided to walk through it to see where it led to.

Write two paragraphs.

I walked on. Farther. The light of my torch illuminated the walls. The walls seemed to be covered with the roots of trees. At first, I was not sure if the man was an illusion. If the roots or limbs of the trees had formed in the distance to become the shape of a man.

He speaks in broken spanish, and she responds in english. I listen. He talks. His voice seems to come from everywhere. And nowhere. He says that he ran here. But his shoes are clean and his suit is pressed and nice. Then my tourch failed. But where the man is, there is a fire. I sees lettering on the wall. "Chernobyl." His voice is warm and his words are polite and I feels safe. But something is not right. At last his story is done. And then a chill came over her body. And I saw …

Does the News Do Us Any Good?