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I like it when you just talk to me

I like it when you just talk to me
from your heart

What is it about us
that makes everything survive

The worst part was your heart
shaking loose eyeball nectar
from the drive up from that place
near princeton

So we barely touched
and it was selfish

But I love you.

Oh Jesus.
I'm not a mormon.
But if I was.

Lord knows.
I would love to be in your pod.
To walk with you.

To grow old.
To be your anchor.
The place to which you always return.

My princess bride.

Good Vibrations -Psychic TV


Just one more thing..


I Love You.

It's the truth.

My Dream Girl Don't Exist - Neutral Milk Hotel


Feel Good, Inc. - Gorillaz



I had a conversation
where I wanted to show someone
something about depleted steel
so I pulled out my knife
and showed them the handle
and closed blade

I encouraged them to take it, hold it.
Try the feel.

But then something strange happened
as we talked
the person said.

"Give it back to me"
and at first I was surprised.

They held onto it.
And I smiled.
But enough being enough,

I told them.

If you do not give me back my knife.
I will call the police.

I asked for it five times.
Finally they returned
my knife to me.

Wiping away their fingerprints

shaking like a leaf.

I suppose.

She wanted leverage.
she could use
to claim
her paranoia
was real

Out of her depth
and rolling in wealth



I thought as I reflected
I would laugh
but only a sadness fell upon me

She had sent me a letter
all but confessing her love for me
and I explained carefully

That I love someone.
That polyamory.

Is about honesty.
I asked if she told her husband.
We w…

Alain De Boutton - On Melancholy


Open Wound

I have no ink
no tattoos
only scars

They tell a story
of the time I went home
with my hand holding in my insides

They whisper of the day I was left alone
in the desert
to die

They show where the metal wounds come
from the sharp edges of mountain bikes
and where the road rushes up to meet you
from the skateboard that you ride

There is one from when I was very young
and the knife missed
and so I am not blind

There is one upon my ear
where the clip of the gun
smashed through the window
and cut my earlobe

I drove away in reverse
as fast as I could

There are scars
and broken bones

And a broken heart

Wanderlust - Bjork


A Day in the Life of A Town - 1952


I crashed my car today and it hurt

I crashed my car today and it hurt
the front torn up
it struck a black car
and slid under it
knocking off their spare tire

I crashed my car today and it hurt
my child in the seat
I tried to start and drive
but I did not get too far
and ended up on a truck

I feel stupid
and sad
and embarassed
and a little scared, because I need that car

I give my child a ride to school
on the back of a motorcycle

I try to fix a car that is almost completely destroyed

I want to try
I want to make things better

I'm sorry
I hurt you

Blackout Days - Phantogram


Worrying About My Bacteria

Let's quietly let our neighbors
do their own thing
they are shy
we keep to our own

And the Bishop at church sits at his desk

You did not go today.
You made a sandwich.

You did not confront your fears.
You faced them.
With a soft puppy.
With soft jaws.
And a faint smell in its fur.
That you barely recognize.

You eat the sandwich.
And watch Maze De La Roche.

She stands there, short hair.
Loves you for who you are.
The failings of her sex uncrecognized.

She hates to be touched.

I am guessing she was never lesbian.
She hates touch.
She mistrusts.

She wants to be pure.
But the bacteria circle around her.

And even in isolation.
When the puppy smell is gone.

She no longer has a use for you.
the wicked intimacy of child's play
inside her intestines

and fire works against her skin
she sees the sing she has become inside

and it burns

The Zephyr Song - RHCP


Décollage - Thievery Corporation

Nous avions trop fumé,
un peu plus que d'habitude
J'ai la tête qui tourne,
décollage dans la lune
Et nous avions passé la nuit
Décollage dans l'espace
Décollage sur la lune
Et quand tout s'est arrêté,
la musique m'a pris
Et je sais que tout va être
Tout va bien avec le son,
j'ai surpassé mes peurs
Et je sais que tu vas être
Décollage dans l'espace
Décollage sur la lune
Décollage dans l'espace
On regarde quelque part
Je sais, j'ai pas envie d'être naïve
Quand j'ouvre les yeux,
le monde est parallèle
et je sais
La foi est un seul œil
Décollage dans l'espace
Décollage sur la lune

Charleston EDM

the past
it's the cat's pajamas

I feel
You feel
soft silk
and skirts
and comfort at last

You deserve it

But you're also at work
for the first time in your life

Don't blow it.
Let the EDM unfold
its chords rip through space and time
teaching it how to bend
and grow

Let space and time
show us how to really go

Your Skin

Your decent boob job

I'll take three

Learn how to bend
The willow teached
A great storm is coming

No need
For the He's At Home

He's Here.

Let's burn him.

Let's burn his dog.