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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac/Final Fantasy[AMV]


The ancient greeks had a saying: Every virtue is a median between two extremes. This is to a large extent , true. Americans can be over the top. Everyone can. After 911, we went over the top. We developed some of the most intrusive laws ever created - the Patriot act being the shining example. A government that already held too many ties to corporations - suddenly found itself with a former CEO holding high level meetings to define policy. How do you think they were driven? Do corporations act in the interest of a nation, or their shareholders?

And so it goes. Insurance companies hire people to draft legislation, and take elements of reform that were intended to finally end the medical industry insanity in our country, and instead expand a law - which will soon go into effect - to a level of complexity that defies perception. It's centerpiece: you are required to buy insurance.

And a few days ago, with rain approaching - I decided to head over to an indoor pool and go for a swim.…

Sigur Rós - Sæglópur

Russian Flowers

Perhaps once before night
I kiss your cheek

You smell faintly of vodka
and the black sea

Perhaps once before I fly
I wipe my tears


I close my eyes and say goodbye
and the darkness falls away

I stand in a place we have both never been before
The sun rises white
Its light blue

And our eyes tuned
to azure ray

I reach up and out and into my own heart and dispel the blackness there
and find that I can breathe the air

And you and I are strong again
We turn and touch each other's skin

And once before the night
the blue light of our star
catches the fall of your hair
and I remember you
as you really are

and flower
that blossoms out of the aeon

a memory of green

Teresa V

A viral revelry
your music wends its way through me
a symphony of memory
wrapped in the innocence
of sleeping children

Your eyes your skin your heart
the flat of your abdomen
and my calm hand
next door tv flashing blue frames on the wall

You and I forever and ever and the
older we grow and the more we know
the less we show

We are who we are
not vampire
made of stars

And at last I admit
that I can do without
your innuendo and my drama so many years driven in between us
cutting through my heart and breaking my bones

Who am I, Teresa?

I am a dragon.
I am a song.
I am a man.
I am a fool.
I am a poem that quickly changes its tune.
I am the alpha and omega.
I am a lover.
I am a friend.

What am I, Teresa?

I am a monster.
I am the passive aggressor.
I am the prayer.
I am the wind.
I am the star.
I am the darkness.

Catfish to God.

Dragula - Rob Zombie

Love and Kisses

It's funny how
part of my body
remembers you

My cat wants me to forget
bringing fleas
and disease

Its sharp white teeth into my leg
does not dispel

Memories of Green

I want to feel the cool earth
and the touch of grass
and your scent

To close my eyes and feel alive
and be a part of you again

And so I move next to you
and curl around you
and we sleep
and dream