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Search. Evaluate. Execute.

The road bent up around me
and flying above the ground
my wet fur froze
and the wheel released
skidding across the mountain road

Ten miles out
in raining ice
the air cracked open wide
and let me in

I gnashed my teeth
and my body went soft
but the ground did not yield
I rolled when I hit
and it felt like I was coming apart
for the second time

And in the universe next door
a nun's habit flew off
as she rode up the hill
the driver

looking into each intersection
his soft, failing eyes -
at last, reshaping and reforming themselves
forced to search
and once found

to evaluate the danger
that exists in all cars
to someone on a motorcycle

they travel in their shining metal
eyes dull
seeing and not seeing
and all will kill you

But the road holds its own
black surface and pothole
and so see everything
make your eyes focus outward
and strong

you execute
your plan

and in a universe next door
a siren wails
and the torn, misshappen body of a man
that was once a man

And he.
Is not you.


Things to do while Listening to the Ramones

1. Dance
2. Writhe
3. Jump
4. Drive
5. Fly

Hatred. Asexuality. Void.

Most of the universe is a void. Black nothing. It's cold, and not alot of fun. Sure, things happen out there.But to an earth bound species, whose lower tracts still teem with symbiotic bacillus, and are bound to consuming organic food in a 1 g gravity field in order to survive - the void and weightlessness tend to force our hand and make it difficult for us to have birthday parties where you can blow out all the candles on the cake without igniting an oxygen tank somewhere.

Within that void, I am sure the forces of asexuality are alive. Sexuality is an important part of humanity: without it, there would be no Bettie Page.

* shiver *

Hatred, however, is a driving force. Like love, hatred has an agenda, and specifics.
Where love brings people together, hatred drives them apart as fast as it can. It's the manager's special at kroger, gas station sushi of the partially hydrogenated grocery store from hell. There are alot of images that center around hatred. Horned devil peop…

No Cup Is Safe



no matter how much the natural world
with all its rabbits
and birds
and squirrels

can be cute overload
a black snake
wending its way up the trunk of a tree

between you and me


Tiny Dancer - Elton John/Almost Famous[AMV]


Imagining You , With Velocity

I am imagining you
without clothes
I like what I see

I picture you
underneath the sky
stars shimmering white
earth beneath your feet

Sometimes at night I dream
of you without clothes
the faint scar beneath your breast
my imagination tracing your form
recognizing every change

And at high speed sometimes again
I cannot bring myself to look upon you
not so much by form
but from memory
and concentration

the plan tearing itself from its controls
I pilot homeward

The wind pulling at our clothes

Your pants fall to the ground

Where they belong

Moonrise Kingdom


Why I Can

I can
because I try

I can
because I am

I can
because you are

I can
because the sun

shines upon the brave

Sure I make mistakes
who doesn't?

but the good thing about you
and I
is that we try

Freedom Is A Breakfast Food


Why I Cannot

I cannot
let go

I think it is because
as EE Cummings would have said


I know my nerveless grasp
one day
will relax

But not now
It's not safe

With you
There is complexity
and parasympathetic sexuality
a nervous tension I am not familiar with

but you smell good
and you tastevenbetter

and you
are the reason
if anyoneeverneededone
that I am a hopeless romantic
and from eros
and chaos
and dark winged night


and the pilot strong
who knows the waters
carries on

that my soul is

I will take the sun in my mouth
and leap into the ripe air
with closed eyes
to dash against darkness

unless you love someone
nothing else makes sense

Yellow - Ken Nordine


From Nothing

Confession is good for the soul
so much of life as an adult
is built upon the shattered ground
where ee cummings
laid down beside the spring chicken
and the red wheelbarrow
covered with rain

honesty brings us together
and tells us where we stand

The will to fight
can be found
in anything
except of course

Never mistaken for urge to kill

We are walking
from Hell to Higher Ground
that keeps a homeopathic remembrance
of people who died taking their own advice
like Walt Disney, frozen in ice
murmuring in his sleep

So vault across the timeless reach
and smuggle my brain
in a genetically engineered uterus
connect me to computers

and social media
that has no way of becoming
Light from Dark
take me to the blind side

and take the time
to look

at where we are going
and how far we've come

And thank God for women
with heart

who save you and me and everyone else
from the nothing

we have become

A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harem