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How to talk so that your teen will listen. How to listen so that your teen will talk.

The first step is to get rid of facebook.
Its blue pages and stiff edits have fallen far.

Most teens that are into anything
are into DeviantArt

The next thing is to banish your fears
and don't be afraid
to punch them in the arm
They're expecting it
They'd do it to you

Talking to a Teen involves high stakes
They're on the front lines
They're the ones that take the hit

So be prepared to lay it down
and keep it short

Don't overexplain
just help them out

So that they'll come back
After all

The most you can hope for
is one or two words
that point them in the right direction

They'll take their own
They keep to their own.



The bottom of the barrel dark and sticky
something within telling me all along
it would all settle at last
to the bottom of the lake

Tell me of my fears
and yours

The ones that paralyze
the terror
close your eyes

And tell me of the dark times
Show me the statue
that still stands
of the blessed Virgin

Tell me of the man
or woman
betrayed with a kiss

Watch it all fall
slowly sifting through dark waters
at last to the silt
bane of cave divers
and treasure hunters

And then the sky will burn
down upon the lake
and like so many others
it will disappear

And the gray stones will come
pushed by the ice
to compress to anthracite
the layers of black
and darkest gray


Be. In my heart.
And follow me.
As I travel through time

Can you hear the sound of the ticking clock?
Its hands unwind?

We are in the long run.
And pressure builds
crashing down upon once golden pond
screeching rock against rock

And it all turns clear
that you are the one I want

And upon the neck of a woman
in any lig…

Chop Suey - System of a Down


Lit Motors

High speed gyro stabilizers are these wheels that spin at unreal RPM. If you've ever grabbed one, the axis has this huge tendency to resist being pulled off its centerline.

Speed, energy and force are all related. Energy is , from a workingman's perspective - the potential for work. It's force times distance. Think of energy as the amount of work you need to do to make something happen. A rock on a hill has alot of potential energy, because it sits in a gravity field that wants to pull it into the center of our planet. You've added energy (distance) to that rock by pulling it away from the center of the earth. The higher the hill, the greater the distance.

Once, I was up on a hill with some friends of mine - near Mount Ranier. Rocks started to cascade down off the side of the hill. Me and my friend ran from the rocks. The girls just stood there. My wife remembers this as the moment I abandoned her. I remember it as the moment I got out of the way of a very big rock…

Lady In The Dark

It was two in the morning
and she was walking
or trying

But we ending up running.

We were not far from the Thirsty Scholar
it felt good to hold her
in my arms

We held tight
maybe cried

She was so beautiful
and tall

And too soon.
The Lady in the Dark
said goodbye at Dawn

So he left, tired.
And had trouble
operating the door

With a promise he would return
driving off
he didn't even notice the hours

Secretly disappointed
he figured out the latch


The film "Absentia" is based on the premise that matter itself can be traversed.

We stand on the ground, and do not fall through - because each atom of the molecules that make up our foot - are excluded in orbit from filling the outer shell and either
passing through or bonding with the atoms of the earth upon which we stand. We might be largely water, and organics. With just enough inorganics to guarantee things like blood salt and iron defeciencies that if cleared up make you look like superman on your mile split. Take away life giving water, and it's ashes to ashes and dust to dust. How is it that we simply don't fall through?

Wolfgang Pauli discovered that the substances follow very specific rules regarding how atoms fill out their electron shell. If you think of a Hydrogen atom, its outer shell fills fairly simply. One electron in the outer shell. The shape of the orbit is roughly spherical. It wants one more, but once it gets that, its geometry is complete and…

Dogs - Pink Floyd


Dark Shadows


Your Brain on Nature

I worked hard today
Played basketball
painted a room vintage yellow

My fingers were covered with spackle

I swept the drive
and worked outside
and felt the sun on my face

I suppose
it is kind of like
taking a walk

Except I raked leaves
and carried boxes

And then locked myself into a room
and painted it
until dark

I took the kids to get Sushi

I was tired and happy
And when everything was quiet
I went Outside*

I looked up to the moon

And nature whispered to me
that somewhere in that same light
I will find you

Did you know that all light from the moon is polarized?

It's true.
And there, I was.
And there are you.

We are in some ways, you and I
the enemy of fear and credulity

It is my faith that gives me something
worth sleeping in
on a Sunday

After writing a poem
to a woman

I have loved my entire life
and I will love when I am gone
But fortunately I love now
A woman very much alive

And I am willing to fight

This is your brain on nature
This is the picture

You and I at Niagra Falls


Nightfall Dial

Shabbat is a time
when no work must be done

It is a sacred time of rest
That falls upon
a Saturday

He never really knew why dialing the phone
was considered work by some
but he was pretty sure
it wasn't.

This, of course, by his Rebbi

And so
in the amber light
as the sun set

He calls her number
and gets her voicemail
then hangs up
before the answering machine picks up

He speed dials her again from his droid
the sound of the tones ricochet in his head
and then, connection

And her voice answers again
a shibboleth
then she says
leave a message

And so he hangs up.

There is a moment of silence.
Amber light has faded from the sky.
Night has fallen.

He speed dials her number.
Listens to the message.
Then hangs up.

Outside his home
faintly against the darkening sky
the sound of her voice on the phone

It is her voice.
He is alone.

He hangs up before the tone.

Dials again.
And hangs up.


The voice quits. Just at the last word. Enough to clip
the final syllable. But he hears it.
He kno…