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Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk


they take in light

We see so much in our world
So Much in others

Turn the camera to me
And take a picture of my chest
Spending all my time Internet Dating
Caring for others that I do not know
Around the World

Look into the mirror
And see what I see
Maybe the rolling hills
So impossibly, perfectly green
The improbable blue sky
And you
Your hair catching the light
You have too much weight
Your nose is too big
One Breast
Is a different size

But you see yourself
through your own eyes

Soft Silent Light
Like a wave
Animal Mind
Boiling off electrons like so many charge coupled devices

We look for it in the dark
It brings us all life
And still
Not finding it
We grow white
and eventually
we become blind

were the first thing we invented
because light doesn't make a sound
and so
we used it
to sneak up upon things
and girls
and sunrise

Last night I saw
Four Eagle Scouts
Standing together
Unprecedented, for the…

The Rhythm of the Heat - Peter Gabriel

California Five Point Four: There Will Be Blood

I went out one summer to live and work with my Uncle. He was a driven man, kind of like the main character in "There will be blood" . He lived in Malibu, and we had a house on a hill up there. Alot of hippies. Dry grass on the hill. Eucalyptus trees. A kind of desert environment. Cold at night. I used to sleep outside most of the time. It was kind. We worked in the film industry for a summer. He was a technical director; a cinematographer. I was pretty much just a standard college age kid, I spent alot of time dressed in black. I worked hard. Ate bagels. Read lots of books between sets. I remember he said something about California - he said. "I don't care how high you get , the thing about California is that its a democratic state. No matter how high you are... look around... see those hills? That was all earthquake. The land is so young, here. And anyone, high , or low. Can be taken down in an instant. Thats why I love this place". Yesterday …

Ronald McDonald Version 1.0

The World

Why is it that we're interested in Alternate worlds? Isn't this sort of like the question of polyamory - being able to love more than one person? Why have more than one reality? More than one world to live in? The obvious answer is that the first world has to be broken in some way. Thats not always the case, but for many - it is the case. A morbidly obese zamboni driver builds her business online as a sexy real estate agent with a perfect figure. A woman falls in love with a latent homosexual she meets in a gay bar, then tries to find her romantic dominant. A computer programmer wants to gallop across the open plain, sword high over his head - even while he sits in a dark office - isolated, and quietly seated at a machine. Then, the first world might be broken in other ways. A society that sees itself as a beacon of democracy slowly realizes they are a warmongering race with an industrialized military complex. An evangelical president slowly comes to realize that he has…

Un-Cuil (pronounced "uncool")

A trio of Google employees launched a competitive site to the main google search engine. This site is a cash grab. The search engine is categorized by pre-sold keywords, that are also pre-sold tabbed to corporate interests. Basic search terms are not indexed as individual XORs but rather, they are 'ANDed' and so the search phrases have also been sold off behind the scenes. The innovation in the engine, which is probably based on the same kind of filesystem trick that Google uses - seems more likely in how they digest the websites and form coherent summaries of them. The nature of the search is entirely different. Less results, or no results at all. Some words are Exclusive-or, (which means one, or the other, but not both), some OR (one or the other) , but also - they are looking for , almost - a category. The initial results are completely different than Google returns - they try to look for the most general match, at first. Since they have national media on them, they m…

If I Could Fall In Love - Lenny Kravitz

Escape Velocity

Such a normal thing, you know, to be bound
the storm is threatening
our twilight drive through harlem
you look like Bettie Page to me
Everyone is bound in one way
or another
some happy, others not so

close together
strange beauty of truth
baby, if I'm the bottom
your the tops

falls upon us like the sound of rain
it likes to listen to indian music
half awake , on a cold morning
it listens to the sound of the waves
a sort of trust
like a child, latching
makes you feel you're not alone

Like soft, strong climbers rope
there's the attraction
a soldier's faded image
remembering the time
you first heard 'don't look back'
by boston

here we are
keeping our lips tight, together
lest they blow open from the force of the wind
and turn you aghast, into a drogue

the sun says
come to me
and the earth says, yes
and runs a little farther still away
come to me
and the earth says yes
straight to hell
firing the last stage
I am fr…

A single Cell in the Sea


America will bottom out , market-wise, pretty hard. She will hit bottom in the next six months. Depending on how hard she hits it, the repercussions might last as long as two to seven years - and a sort of dust-bowl type depression might be on the way shortly afterward. Why she's in such bad shape, has alot to do with the fact that she's been extending herself on one or another device nearly every ten years since the eighties, and there are none left: special purpose entity transactions, junk bonds, high risk mortgage backed securities, wars of convenience, mark to market transactions... there's nothing left. What will it look like? First, there will be people who will not be able to work. They will work for almost nothing. Some businesses will be put out of business because the raw materials and cost of making the product exceeds the price they can sell it for. Other companies will drastically cut their workforce. The IT department has no value add , anymore. Mana…

Don't Fear the Reaper - Final Fantasy [AMV]


we were circling her
she was young
her light smelled good

I had long since gone black
I wouldn't let anything away
the swarm around me was nice
but I wanted more
and so did my friends

they held her down
I was the first
I entered her
in space
no one can hear you scream
I saw her back arch
I smiled
she was ready for me
she struggled
and tried to pull free

We play rough
Her arms tear apart
I drive deep into her
my friends still had a good hold on her
the superstrings tightened around her shoulder
forged in the hopes and dreeams from
the sleep from which you do not awaken

a cool jet of milky stars shot across her
and then the next
and the next
and she lay there, spent

I walked away saying thanks
she was so stretched out she would never be the same

And her heart
like mine
turned black

She didn't sweat
she glowed

the simple rotation from another dimension
of dominance and submission
And at our feet stars are born
The brightest I swallow whole
Love of the father

With Love - The Beatles


Ok, this is a true story. I was picking up some engineering schematics from a place that does blueline today - I needed copies for work, and these mothers were like, as big as a table so I dropped them off and then 30 minutes later I got a call that the blue line drawings were ready. Well, the way you get to this place is , normally you have to drive past it, and then double around the road and drive back to it. There is no access on the side of the road I am coming from (north to south). But, I could park a quarter of a block or so up , and walk over. And I have no real fear of walking, so I decided to do so. I am walking back with these engineering drawings under my arm and I turned and noticed, tucked out of the way, a personal trainer outfit. And suddenly it struck me. I said to myself. Dude. You did three Triathlons last year, Two Full Marathons (the ING Georgia and the Atlanta), a Duathlon... It just clicked. I could do an Ironman. I thought. Wow. That would really be…


Planarity is my Anti-Drug.

Level 19

Medals on my desk

I was talking to a marathoner at work, yesterday. I haven't run in so long, it was amazing to just go over what its like to put in more than 30 miles in a week. He's been complaining that the weather is muggy and its not fun to run with the smog and heat - and in the back of my mind I began to realize exactly where I am with my training. When my wife left to India, I suspended triathlon training. Sold the bike. I haven't done more than a 5k run in like. Six months. What I have been doing, is playing World of Warcraft. And working. I rescued my company from near-disaster, twice. I have made huge strides in our product development. I have a picture on my desk of a satellite view of Florida, and I hang the medals around it. My hole-in-one ball sits there to the right of it. Rescuing a company from financial disaster, averting a Chapter 11 bankruptcy or foreclosure, are things they don't give medals for. So there's nothing there to show for that... What w…


The priest began the sermon
by synchronizing her words on the screen
with japanese animation

A two thousand year old tome
was open on her podium
the future is unwritten

Like the city by the cirque
where the river fundament flowed
and sin flowed into the dark abyss
a new world and a new faith flowered
online bliss

the passengers ask the conductor - what time is this?
where are we going?
As if being online was something that we had to learn

Information storms raged across the horizon
lightning seemed to fill the sky
Why did we have to be there, instead of here?
Can we divide our soul into three equal parts?
Three men visited me that night
They were dressed in black
Each one had a message for me
And then I danced around the home
And I left over the horizon
where we can still understand time
and where how
and why
are two

In my dream I disassembled my weapon
and laid it upon the bunk for inspection
I saw the parts, and vectors
and all of three space before me
like some…

Happy Fourth of July

I plan to get on the Harley Davidson, boot up "The Carpenters" on the iPod, and cruise down the road wind in my hair. Black leather. Chrome. Loud pipes. A kiss for luck and we're on our way..

Dead Souls - The Crow [AMV]

Killing God

I grilled burgers for the kids tonight; the sky was a pale dark. The flames leapt up on the grill. We had a picnic on the porch of our well appointed home. This summer, we have been very close - all of us. Its been fun. My daughter had picked up "The Golden Compass" at the library earlier in the day, and the talk drifted to watching it. I told her that the author of "The Golden Compass" was a gentleman who said that all of his books were about Killing God.(and I quote) But I didn't say this outright. I started the discussion by saying something else, perhaps more of what the author intended in his statement. I started off by saying that we like to think that organized religion, and the profession of faith - is a benevolent thing, when , in fact, its not always the case. And that ideas like those we find in "The Golden Compass" might be very valuable to learn. After all, I said, it was the organized church that pressured the Roman Pilate to c…