Escape Velocity

Such a normal thing, you know, to be bound
the storm is threatening
our twilight drive through harlem
you look like Bettie Page to me
Everyone is bound in one way
or another
some happy, others not so

close together
strange beauty of truth
baby, if I'm the bottom
your the tops

falls upon us like the sound of rain
it likes to listen to indian music
half awake , on a cold morning
it listens to the sound of the waves
a sort of trust
like a child, latching
makes you feel you're not alone

Like soft, strong climbers rope
there's the attraction
a soldier's faded image
remembering the time
you first heard 'don't look back'
by boston

here we are
keeping our lips tight, together
lest they blow open from the force of the wind
and turn you aghast, into a drogue

the sun says
come to me
and the earth says, yes
and runs a little farther still away
come to me
and the earth says yes
straight to hell
firing the last stage
I am free

sent me pictures of my boy
I keep them here now
dog eared
well loved

never truly free
they haven't found a way to kill me
every path leads to somewhere
free to choose
beyond the sky

he is never going to die