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Hunger Strike - Temple of The Dog


I'm Good, I'm Gone. - Lykke Li


Date. Rape.

So I pretty much don't care
if you're female or male
alive or dead

You're a warm body
you could have been anyone

Empty dream
Stretching its wings.

It . Has a need.
And will satisfy an emptiness inside
from you.
Finding the center.
Of you.

Chew it through.
Hours it dreamed of this moment.
Hours it wondered what it would be like.

To destroy you.

And it tears space
and time
and leaves tears
of cold black darkness

And I blame you.

My teeth bite your skin
and your blood runs black dead and dry
this is my design
I feel so alive
I want you so bad
Nothing will stop my hunger
Nothing denied
and Prey
burning bright
in the forests of the night

Hammer and Egg sandwich
Don't want blue eyes.
Want black eyes.

Shatter you into fragments of jade
like an egg shaped geode smashed against the desert

What immortal hand or eye
could frame thy fearful symmetry
What immortal hand or eye
copped a feel.

And I blame you.

It's alright
trust me
You know me
You've met me
Nothing …