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I Don't Necessarily Like This Song

So, I was playing 5 in a row after work today - waiting for something to finish up so I can leave - and there's a song running through my head. And I don't necessarily even like this song. But it won't leave. The song is Filthy/Gorgeous - By the Scissor Sisters. Is it something about the animation of the game? I wish I knew. Will this song ever leave my head? Off to the Airport...

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - The Postal Service


The Atlanta Braves Wild Card

In order for the Atlanta Braves to make it to the post season, they must prevail against the Philadeplhia Phillies. Even if they do so, there will be a one game playoff following - assuming that the St. Louis Cardinals do not lose their game against the Houston Astros. Why do I make this assumption? Because only queers and steers come from Texas, and last time I checked those Astros aren't wearing any horns. They will likely fall down like a house of cards against the onslaught of St. Louis. They'll be blown down into ash faster than a Texas prairie home. The entire state is led by someone who can't even do the math to figure out global warming is happening - they just don't have a chance against the calm, cool, collected St. Louis cardinals. The problem for tonight is that the Braves got stepped on , in a big way - last night. Getting stepped on, by anyone - is painful. But when they do it with baseball cleats on - it really hurts. The Phillies took apart the b…

The Arab Spring


This is a project that the open source guys at Mozilla are a part of - I'm not really sure what it is, but I think it's based on the concept that you can set up a page to be , sort of your 'internet desktop'. It's fun to see how other people use the net. This is mine. I noticed - in passing, that the buttons 'share on facebook' and 'share on twitter' are of little to no use to me. I've already shared them. Here. The essence of this 'share' is that it can be hit by you without having to login, backed up, indexed, read, and kept as a journal or ignored. It will not be washed over with advertisements or lost in a stream of polysynaptic 140 character utterances. There are some drawbacks, of course. You can't instant chat with me, and interrupt whatever it was that I was doing. You don't have pictures of me on a 'wall', that you can use to look at . If you want to see me, you can use my always on - organically pow…

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night - B.E.P./ Univ. of Montreal Project


To Hear Your Banjo Play




The Seyfert Historian Speaks

In the beginning
the planet that orbitted the distant yellow sun
produced little

Small trilobites scurried to and fro
happy to be nothing

Passing through the storm
the sky lit up with fire
and the earth was undone

was torn down in an era of greed
men were elected that were not of reason

but instead
they required those who elected them
to use faith
and in the undoing of democracy
the cynical destruction of governance
and the loss of the body polity

There was an Arab spring
and some of them learned
that democracy still burns bright

The year two thousand two hundred and ten
The Al-Jazeer
An image of Bettie Page painted upon her nose
Arrives at Alpha Centauri
Faster than light

They regenerate, every twenty years
bathing in a liquid bath
that removes the myriad imperfections
a combination of telomerase
and secret ingredient X

And slowly as their ships spin
to distant galaxies

The great computer begins to take shape
connecting us through the aether

Which one day


The world was gray
the sky dark
I looked up
The clouds rolled in like a wall

I stood in place
feeling small
looking up at the storm

No thunder
nor lightning

Just the cool calm wind
that whispers
of rain
and September

Something wicked this way comes

A Game that Solved a Genetic Engineering Problem

Today on CNN , an article was released that states - a group of gamers playing an online puzzle game have solved a major problem in the development of an immune deficiency vaccine. The name of the game is Foldit (which you can play from this link), and it's a game that generates tetris-like configurations that, if you can match - will correctly fold a 3D shape into the proper configuration and give you a great score. The puzzle is, in fact, a virus. And its solution - that is - the way that it folded - was a major obstacle in the development of an AIDS vaccine. Quest complete. +2200 Reputation with Sanctum. Here's your new mount.

Thoughts about Dying, Death and Video Games

I have a lunch hour game that I play, which is supposed to make me forget how hungry I am - and it never works. I play it and keep wondering just how well this game describes the process of death itself - and needless to say, it's an annoying game to me right now. Here's what it's called: "Five or More". The premise is that you have a field of squares, and you're starting out with three colored balls. There are a total of seven different colors, and three drop down each time you move. You're allowed to move the balls next to each other, from anywhere on the board - until you get five or more, and then they'll disappear. However, more pieces keep coming each time you make a move and it's not five cleared. Here's what it looks like.

As you can see, two blues are dropping - there are three blue on the board. Pink is lined up for four in a row, so as soon as a pink colored ball hits the playing surface, you will clear that line. It's …

My Friend the Rose - Francoise Hardy



is in opposition
to life

To win the chess game
against him
you must learn
to rage against the machine

is a process
that began in the morning
by sickness

It will continue
its viral disassembly
of you
your mind
your heart
your body
your soul

It is a process of burning things down
that the stars create
tearing apart what was made right
into pieces
because they are needed
by the dark

It is a sickness
infecting us
Your head
Your bones

You feel it in your sex
that's the place it grows

A Worker's Confessional

My productivity is nearly zero
I can't seem to solve any problem they give me

I surf the net, when I can't seem to focus
and it doesn't help

I check social networking sites
and mail accounts
I read Craigslist
Sometimes I get lucky and find a deal
or something worthwhile

Gas is expensive and I drive
Every day to be here
And somehow they pay me
But I'm not sure exactly why

And then, as I write
I remember that I actually have something to do
Maybe a blog is just an internet version of graffiti
But focus returns
and I stop writing
and quit surfing
and go get done
what I need to do

But I swear to God there are times
when I seriously wonder
if the internet is helping anything at all

But I'm leaving at five
and thankful
that you're
that kind of girl

kind of girl..


They watch in the dark
and listen
They feed on
the slow, the weak, and the unsuspecting

They hunt together
but sometimes alone
They move through the woods

Once , I saw one
just at the edge of the woods
and it turned toward me
eyes glowing

I decided to build a trap
in the middle I hung a piece of meat
springs and rope were used to drop a cage

When I checked the next day
Yellowjackets had swarmed around the brown steak
and eaten it

So the next day I put a plate
of warm, soapy water
below the meat
and the insects fed
and then, lazily dropped in the water
and died

It's now the third day
They're still out there
but at least we've worked out the bugs


Who are you
Why are you here?
Did the grace of angels bring you
Did the wind guide you here

Where did you come from
Where are you going?
What time, do you have. My watch says 12:12
I didn't make that up.

The night is so dark
The stars are so far and few and distant
Empty space grows as cold
as death

Are you my lock
or are you my key
Why do I respond
to your touch
Is it the body
or the soul
that feels love
Is it both?

All is fair in love and war.

A beautiful liar comes from afar
Never laugh at the person drowning in the river
that you have not crossed yourself
They say

Without you
is there an us
a we
a them
a they

Without you
is there

Here is a secret:
The sound coming from that box over there
is a daemon.

to escape.

Contagion: A Review

Stephen Soderbergh, Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick form the highest echelon of filmmaking. They are , in my view, unassailable. Of the three, Soderbergh is the least consistent - followed then by Kubrick. Malick never misses. Kubrick sometimes. Soderbergh has been off and on, his entire career. There's a four hour biopic out there he did - that, I am pretty sure you'll never see. And that's ok. Soderbergh's latest film - Contagion - does not miss. In my humble opinion, this is his best film - even better than 'Sex, Lies and Videotape'. Very rarely has any filmmaker succeeded in building a window into our society, and having it open just wide enough for us to see our future +as we are building it in society+. This film is a commentary about who we are, and how we operate - on so many levels. And it's also a really cool , end of the world - type film. It is a thriller, a story of how we connect with one another - and to a certain degree, sci fi - al…


See. this. film.

Tough Mudder

I've done a few tris, and a marathon. Part of why I did it , was just to see if I could do it. Training for an iron man takes so much time (literally 20, 30 hours a week) . But I am known for it, I guess. At least around the office. A colleague of mine suggested a new kind of race , that he'd heard about recently. The Tough Mudder. I've heard of similiar races in New England. I can't recall the name, but it was something where you ran up a hill carrying a big log. The race itself seems pared down to a sort of test of both endurance and pain. It will never be an actual sport; it is more of an event. Someone once told me that things like this are part of who we are in the 21st century. They said that we are isolated ourselves from nature, and that when we return as return we must - we drink ever deeper from the wellspring. The tough mudder might be more like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. We should not ignore things like this. My feet itch…


In my window was a vine
stained glass
the grapes were purple
the bars white
the vine a deep brown
leaves green

Light filters , the grapes glowing purple
a little bit of twine
Someone in the room
mentioned the name of someone who died

And the room seemed to darken
as I realized
is a one way journey

there was silence
and quiet enough to realize
that everything that person had done
or said
is not entirely gone

the danger
I think
comes in the simple things
that grow
swinging their tendrils into a spiral
blindly at first
until it finds something it can grow upon
the covering the hillside
and everything in your backyard
even your sleepy basset hound

Everything is the same
to Kudzu
it covers
slow moving cars
your long lost copy of catcher in the rye
its roots penetrate your coffin when you die
cutting through stone
and wood
piercing roots
through silk sarcophogi
feeding upon deathmask
and the tattered …